Postpartum Discharge Instructions 2.0

in this video we will discuss the kinds of changes that you can expect to see in your body and the measures that you can take to care for yourself in the weeks following your vaginal delivery in the next few minutes we will discuss diet and activity bathing and wound care breast care medication use warning signs and when to see your provider hi I'm Josh I'm your nurse I'm here to talk to you about some discharge instructions I'm gonna start with diet and exercise in the next few weeks you're gonna have to drink a lot of water and eat foods with a lot of fiber like fruits and vegetables okay and when can they get back to my pre-pregnancy weight well they say it's safe to lose about 1 to 1/2 pounds per week but you should wait 3 weeks before you start dieting for any sort of weight loss oh and what about exercise for exercise you can gradually increase your activity little by little start with walking you shouldn't lift push or pull for 2 to 4 weeks ok and just try to rest frequently especially when the baby's resting ok you should feel less discomfort every day from any stitches you receive perennial stitches will dissolve in five to seven days surgical stitches may need to be removed you may shower with the stitches or clips on drip plane or soapy water over the incision and dry gently with a clean towel so I'm a little barracks to ask but when can I resume sexual activity well we recommend nothing in the vagina for at least six weeks that includes douching tampons and sex but after that you can resume normal sexual activity whenever is comfortable water-based lubricants might help because there may be some vaginal dryness due to the change in oh they gave me a pari bottle what's this for you can use the berry bottle to clean yourself after going to the bathroom and also I want to remind you to always wipe from front to back to help prevent infection while we're talking about hygiene I want to just remind you to change your pad on a regular basis because leading can occur for up to six weeks and don't be alarmed if there's a color change because it naturally goes from red to pink to white you know stop all together oh I'm glad you told me that I want to worried about the color change your breasts and nipples may have changed in size or shape during your pregnancy wearing a well-fitting the supportive bra that lacks underwire may be more comfortable as your body adjusts to these changes if your breasts are tender or uncomfortable land in your back and apply ice packs do not apply heat and do not use soap on your nipples as this may remove the natural lubrication if you have any questions about breastfeeding which is recommended you can talk to the lactation consultant at your hospital I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about your medications we want you to keep taking your prenatal vitamin for at least six weeks if you experience any pain you can use Tylenol or ibuprofen but before you start anything new please consult your primary care provider hi Tabitha hang back hi so you and Tommy have been cleared for discharge I'd like to tell you about some warning signs while you're home which should mean it's time to call a provider so we want you to look out for a heavy bleeding which is anything more than one pad soaked in our lookout for big clots which is anything bigger than the size of a golf ball and report any foul odor from the vagina do you by any chance to have a thermometer at home that you know to use yep I do okay be on the lookout for a temperature over a hundred point four that would mean it's time to call your doctor if you experience painful hot swollen breasts this could be a sign of a breast infection it's normal to feel emotional or sad in the first few weeks postpartum but call your doctor if your baby blues lasts over two weeks so just to go over what you said I should call my provider if I experience any signs of heavy bleeding infection or signs of depression that's correct and assuming everything goes well you should still have a follow-up checkup in four to six weeks so I can assist you to make an appointment for doctor thank you we hope you've enjoyed this video presentation about your postpartum self-care if you find that you have any other questions or concerns about your self-care please don't hesitate to ask your nursing staff we're here to help thank you and good luck this video presentation about your postpartum self-care if you find that you have any other questions or concerns about your self-care please don't hesitate to ask your nursing staff we're here to help thank you and good luck you

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