hi guys welcome back to my channel so today we're talking about postpartum essentials so it's been two months since I chase and I really have some things that really got me through from birth till now that whole postpartum period that I wanted to share with you guys so I'm gonna list from pain to breastfeeding and everything in between and I'm gonna tell you guys why I think you guys should really do need them so this is not in any particular order I just basically put pain bleeding everything right now and then I'm gonna do a breast feeding so we're gonna start off with pads so I've got these toys overnight pad they look like this I'm gonna show you what one looks like okay so these are how they look these are the overnight ones so they're really big but you really do need them like this these are really comfortable and they hold all the blood and all the stuff that come up after having a baby I don't think that goes along at the pad is the underwear so I've got these highways compression on doors and I think that they were really helpful because they held everything in place especially since I had a c-section I needed something that was higher I'm not pressing against my foot and also holding that big hiding place so that was our perfect underwear and it's right here for you guys to know I'm also gonna link it below the next thing I found really helpful were these flushable wipes because you have so many things coming down all over the place is so messy you can bend you can you just don't feel like clean these wipes really keep you clean because you get to like get everything that's the tip see the dryness you won't get and I found them really helpful so I got these at Walmart I think and these are the hypoallergenic so these are really good to keep in the hospital around so being in the hospital you really do want to be comfortable and I think that pajamas are to carry you don't want to carry like dressy clothes or clothes that are gonna be hard for you to get on or not gonna be comfortable to be in for the whole time because trust me just want to be comfortable and especially when you get home you still want to be comfortable and you don't want to be doing too much clothes so I think the John's are the best thing so the next thing I got was this pyjama dress from Victoria's Secret and it really helped me because I had the cup and I didn't want to wear like shorts or anything to rub against the cup so this was really comfortable to have so I also got this set from tiny I've worn it so much so it probably looks so old but these are like the best thing so these pants came off like really high and these are so comfortable because they're so soft and I wore these like almost every day I had to like wash and wear them again because I really just love how comfortable they were and they were easy to take off easy to put on easy to breastfeed in because you could just unbutton those buttons and take off your nursing bra so how could I forget you really do need socks because it gets so cold and when you're in a hospital that you need something comfortable on your feet and something to keep you warm so I got these cute little socks they'll give me the hospital stuffs which are good too because they have the things underneath that prevent me from tripping or anything but sometimes to have your own socks on you feel much more comfortable so I got these cute ones from Target and they have like a bunch of different designs and I'm gonna link everything below so you guys can take a look okay so we're gonna move on so what I needed for breast feeding so I know some of you can't risk read or don't plan to breastfeed so you may not need these things so this is really geared for people who really want to breastfeed doctor gave me the first thing I needed were nursing bras so I got these cute ones from Motherhood Maternity so basically they're like bits of sports bras with the crusts in the back and you can just open them and breastfeed so these are really helpful because they were comfortable and they were easy to open in the hospital and even when I got home so I've got Lisa in a bunch of different clothes I think I got them for eight dollars on Motherhood Maternity and these are I like the lifesaver okay so you can tell that I live in this one all the time so this is also a nursing talk so it has the same thing where you can open it and nurse but it's just a shirt so I had this in the hospital with like some pajama bottoms and these are also really comfortable so the next thing you need are these nursing putts so along with the bras you're gonna be leaking so once the milk comes milk is gonna be everywhere and you're gonna need pads to keep inside your bra so that you can keep dry and the milk is not spritzing there so I thought these nursing pads and I've gotten it from Target I believe so they look like this and you just insert them into you bra so that you don't leak and it's table dry and everything because trust me when it comes it's gonna come and it's gonna come really heavy and you're gonna want these putts so when you actually start breastfeeding it's gonna be really painful so you're gonna need something to kind of soothing nipple because when the baby starts into soap and they're trying to learn how to get the milk it's really painful and it's gonna be painful from a couple weeks because it's like continually going on that nipple and until he latches properly it doesn't really sue so I got this nipple butters from Earth mama and it's like really smooth and buttery on your nipples so its moist it's continual moist and you really do need a nipple butter you don't have to get hurt mama but you really do need something to put on your nipple to kind of soothe it during the beginning breastfeeding face okay last but not least you really do need a breast pump so when you milk is starting to come in even before it comes in they tell you that you have to be pumping so in the hospital they will give your hospital great pump but when you get home you need to continue pumping until the milk starts going properly even after two-story milk so I've got this pump from my insurance so if you do have insurance you can always inquire about getting a pump through them because I got this 100% covered it's the Mandela they do have the upgrades but I got the basic pump and it's really been good ever since birth till now then do tell you that in the hospital you should hustle to a great pump but when I came home this pump was fine and once my milk started to come in I started pumping I wasn't getting a lot in the beginning but the more you pump is the more you get and you really do need a pump two story milk and just to keep the flow coming of breast milk okay guys so that's just a few things that got me through the postpartum period if you use these things comment number lower for that stuff things comment down below I just really think these things are essential and if you're not sure what to carry for the post box on fire these things are really helpful during that period don't forget to Like comment share subscribe and see you next time


  1. Great video! 😊 A boppy pillow really helped me with breastfeeding. After I have my c section it was really difficult to lean over with my heavy boobs 😂Looking forward to more videos!

  2. I used depends disposable underwear after my babies (both c section) I could rip them off without bending and throw everything into the trash.

    I gift them to new mothers in my circle now as they were such a great way to catch all the mess after birth.

    I even use them now whenever I have a period and travelling on a long flight.

  3. Hi boo I watch you and your carzy husband all the time I love your baby I talk about him all time .postpartum is real girl but I never try them pad before

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