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The only thing thinner than my patience is my hair today We’re gonna be discussing My experience with postpartum hair loss after having a baby if you’re into all things beauty and baby make sure that you hit that subscribe Button and that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything The reason that I look like crazy is cuz I just got out of the shower and I feel like you can really really tell that my hair is like thinning when When I get out of the shower, but I also wanted to kind of show you the natural texture It’s hard to see because of the lighting in here Let’s go back to the beginning When I was only a little nugget I came out of the womb with a full head of hair I am Mexican and God blessed me with thick hair all over My body especially a lot of my upper lip growing up I just always had hoards and hoards of hair as I got into doing hair in 2006 like once I realized that you could thin hair out it was a whole new world for me because I had like hair that Was manageable a hair that could have styles it wasn’t just like thick and bulky and coarse Not complaining, but when you have a ton of hair and you want to do certain hairstyles Or you want to look like somebody else. You know you see a movie star or whatever and you’re like I want to look like them, and then they cut your hair like theirs, but you have too much So you don’t look like them. It’s horrifying in high school my first experience with postpartum hair loss I it was in beginning of my career I remember I was shampooing a client and her hair was coming out in clumps And I don’t know she could see the expression on my face, or if she was self-conscious about it herself But she was like I don’t worry about it I just had a baby your hair falls out after you’d have a baby, and I was like whoa It’s a hormonal change and your body’s going through a lot, and you know you have a baby for nine months You brew this baby, and your hormones get ready and then all of a sudden one day You don’t have that baby anymore cuz it’s out of your body, so it’s just your body’s like No hair falls out. Oh. Oh so that’s the other thing. I told you I wanted to show you the texture I actually really like how it is now It’s just kind of curly, and if I actually put stuff in it and let it air dry It’s actually very very pretty so I don’t mind that but my hair changed from straight to curly like overnight so be careful Which for because I’ve always been like that I want curly hair and now I have it because my hair just changed like Jess I had zero curl in my hair before I had my son Zilch around five months is when we started to Finish up buying the house, I remember Specifically there was a specific moment in time. We were going to close on the house we were going to sign all of our papers and my husband and I got into the car and he Looked at me, and he’s like What’s wrong, and I just started? Bawling, and I’m like my hair is coming out in clumps Clumps handful gobs of hair and He was like oh my god Does that happen and I guess it happens? It’s happening to me, and it was horrifying, and I started to notice That over here And I try and get in this light, but over here, okay? So you can see it, so like right here this whole thing was just like gone this whole area was gone and the reason that I noticed Super neat is because I’m on television and I always parted my hair this side, and I’m watching and I’m like oh There is a quarter-sized hole in my hair missing just missing oh Great, and I’m like okay. This is fine. This is normal This is natural and it never stopped so now we’re at ten months And I feel like maybe it’s slowing down a little bit like the amounts that I pull out Except now at ten months because I’ve had so much hair loss you like you can see you can see my scalp, which you can never see before and So hard with these lights. I really wish I could get you guys in here, but to give you a good example Okay, so I have if I put my hand down here you see like all these little hairs I don’t know if that’s breakage or new growth. I think that’s coming in but so my hairline Started here. I used to have like a widow’s peak So if I put up this piece of paper, that’s what’s missing all of this behind here Well yesterday, and I don’t think I took a picture of it, I went to the U before I start filming I always ask the people in the control room if I can see the monitor so that I could see myself Because they just want to make sure you know like my whatever if I’m wearing a blazer that it’s straight that I don’t have anything On my shirt my hair looks good I just want to you know do a overall check and they flipped on the monitor, and I saw my hair, and I literally Almost busted into tears. I was like just shut it off and they’re like are you okay? And I’m like you know what there’s nothing that I can do about it. I’m here I have to work like I have to do this But I was like I cannot believe that’s what I look like I don’t really suffer in the self-confidence Department I’m pretty much a person’s like you don’t like it Okay, I just wanted to put a hat on and go home I was just like oh my god, and I know I’m complaining and I know there’s other people that watch my videos I’m thinking of one person in particular who went through like severe Hair loss not due to pregnancy due to something else and I’m like why are you complaining like? Why is this a problem? This is just something that was bothering me and I figured that I come on here and because that’s what this is here for this is for us to communicate as a group and as a community, and I also want to know if you lost your hair if it came back because I posted a blog and in that blog as soon as I googled postpartum hair loss The first thing that came up was this little blurb, and it says that you know between six and 12 months You will start to Get your hair back, and I’m like well Maybe that’s what this little new growth is up here in the front fingers crossed I mean it is promising every everything that I looked through it was like you know your hair will come back Don’t worry about it, and I’m like yeah, everybody told me that my body would come back, too But anyways that’s my postpartum hair loss rant I Guess that is it for me and this pointless ass video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you’re into all things beauty and baby make sure that you subscribe and you hit that notification bell So that you don’t miss anything and started discussion in the comment box down below Whether you lost your hair if you got it back if you didn’t how it makes you feel Anyways, if you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe with the world so we can achieve world domination and Don’t forget that you can follow me on other social media accounts I am doing more Facebook lives, which have been really really fun We did it get ready with me and there were quite a few people in there, and I had such a good time I was so happy with it It was my first get ready with me live loved it, so if you don’t follow me on Facebook You should so that we can do things live I am on snapchat I don’t post very much, but if you want to follow me on the air at San Ramon shot anyways Twitter YouTube Instagram Facebook and I will see you next time

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  1. Girl I freaked out so bad when I started losing my hair after my first kid. I didn't know what was going on. I called my dr. she was like calm down you're not dying. 😂😂 I thought I was! It didn't happen as much with my second, thankfully! Love you!

  2. I have 3 kids and with all 3 i lose a lot of hair. With the last 2 my hair grew back in, but straighter. I use to have coils of curls, not they are more like waves. My youngest is 9 months, and i lost the most with him. Im waiting to see if my curls come back, I doubt it.

  3. I had twins 5 months ago, currently losing a lot of hair. I was told to continue to take prenatal pills and/or multivitamins to help stop the hair loss, it's definitely slowed it down.

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