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  1. I literally feel the same exact way , i had my daughter last year and your hair is exactly like mine. Specifically in the front !! I have been striving to find what else to do to get my hair back right

  2. Yes I’m having postpartum shedding after I had my daughter. She is now 7 months. When I had my son I never had shedding 😩😩. I’ve started using Haitian Castor Oil and it’s definitely growing back! Thank God!

  3. It's your diet sis.. your body is telling you that it is deficient in certain nutrients.. its literally that simple.. exercise is also a huge factor. Peace

  4. I have a 2 year old and am currently pregnant with baby#2. I cannot give the difference between the two genders and the hormonal effects. HOWEVER, I can give the differences between these 2 pregnancies. Sn: both pregnancies have been stressful with outside influences so i see no difference there. Anyways, during my first, my hair grew crazy amounts and was so thick. I did have the postpartum shedding for a few months. So far in this pregnancy, I have been shedding in clumps during wash and style and my edges are short and frizzy. I'm trying low maintenance/manipulation styles but they don't seem to be doing much help.

  5. I saw your onion juice for hair growth videos…did you continue doing this treatment and if so, did it help? How long would you say it took you to grow your hair back with the castor oil?

  6. I love your story. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I too am experiencing the exact same thing. I've have 4 kids, 3 sons being the ages of 18, 15, and 1. 11 months after giving birth to my baby boy, I gave birth to my baby girl. I started noticing things that I hadn't noticed after having my sons. 2 months after having my daughter I noticed that my edges (even the nape of my neck) we're coming out. My daughter is now 4 months, soon to be 5 months the end of this month and I'm shedding like crazy still. I've taken the hair, skin, and nail vitamins, used castor oil, Virgin Hair Fertilizer, wild hair growth, peppermint oil infused castor oil, aphogee hair care treatments, messages and it's still coming out. I had thick long mid back length hair. Now, it's shoulder length and extremely thin. I don't know what to do but I'm glad you're getting results. I pray I do also. Again, thank you for sharing.

  7. I feel you sis. I had my second son last year January and began to lose my 4c natural hair around the perimeter and the centre of my head! I cried so much and was tempted to bald it off but I've just been wearing my hair in big lose cainrows, and wearing wigs. My hair is actually past my shoulders but I'm soooo frustrated with the 2 inches of growth around my temple and centre of my head, that i just don't want to deal with it and wear it out. This never happened to me with my first son, so I was shocked at the amount I lost and how long it went on for. It only calmed down just before his first birthday last month!! I loved my hair before but hate the way I look now.

  8. Going through the same thing!!! My entire hairline is a thing of the past!!!!!!! I have bald patches literally!!! I am about to cut it all off

  9. Gurrrrl I did a video on this… I feel like cause I had kids in a row my hair hasn't been good in a while… But now it's something else…. Thank u for sharing sis

  10. Our son just turned 4 months today and when he hit around 3 months my 4c hair started falling out in clumps around my edges. It's very depressing bc I've been natural almost 8 years and my hair is down to my mid back. This is our 1st baby and had never even heard of post partum shedding until it happened to me. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will grow back but I did just order an electric scalp massager bc of good YouTube videos on using them for hair growth.

  11. I’m currently going through the same thing! I have 2 boys that are 10 years apart. In my first pregnancy and postpartum, no hair issues. I didn’t breast feed him at all…I think that’s worth noting. My 2nd who is currently 6 months old has given my hair hell…and he is exclusively breastfed. I think that’s the main difference with my situation.

  12. That's exactly what my hair looks like at the moment…the edges are growing back…
    Started loosing balls of hair when baby was 6 months….he is now 9…and it's evening out….im not loosing alot of hair…
    I kept taking multivitamins…and doing the scalp massages.

  13. I'm not sure if the gender of the baby has anything to do with it, because I had the shedding with my last two children (a girl and a boy). I didn't have the shedding with my 4 oldest though. Also, you really don't have to do much for it to come back. It will naturally come back. Your body is still working on getting back to normal. Believe me, I know hair loss is traumatic, but try not to worry and continue to do the hair practices you are doing.

  14. Hi Layefa I had some hair issues. And the hair shedding was one of the issues, and the edge thinning.this treatment is proven to work.I have been using this treatment for the pass 6 months and I have see a drastic change to my hair. You said you rather ready made…. It is natural and ready made put together to get the desired result you are looking…..for. you cut up and blend 1 medium size Onion.with 3 tables spoons of water. Strain to get onion juice add 4 tablespoons of pure coconut oil and put this mixture in a squeeze bottle. Shake to allow the oil and juice to mix well. Apply this solution to the root and the entire hair to the end when the whole head is covered, put on a shower cap and leave it on for half an hour, and shampoo and rinse hair well….. I also made a mixture of coconut oil, shea butter oil, affrican black castor oil, and I massage it into the root of the hair. 3 times per week. I use this onion treatment 2 times per week. You can do it once if you cant do it twice. You will surely see result.. and of course your hair grows thicker and longer faster. In a shourt time.

  15. Thank you for sharing this. Even at over a year postpartum I’ve experienced the same shedding. It can be so disheartening, but I know the growth will come back. It’s just taking a little longer on this second pregnancy. Appreciate you Layefa xBx

  16. Sorry you are going through this. I went through a lot of postpartum shedding after my son. It started at 3 months post partum and I would say it continued till about 14 months post when I stopped breastfeeding. I lost all my hair around my hairline. It basically took my hairline out and pushed it back about an inch or more. And then within my hair, it was coming out in clumps every time I washed. I think back and wonder if it would have been that bad if I did not stop taking my prenatal vitamins or if I was not breastfeeding. Who knows? Anyway, 2 years later and my hair is doing much better.

  17. I can totally relate to how you have been feeling about your hair postpartum. I have a son and a daughter and with both of them my hair shed just like yours did. I lost all the hair on my frontline and edges. I hated it so much the second time round that I cut my hair extremely short as I did not like having a long ponytail and this sparse front on my head. I will say that your edges do grow back but for me they have never completely recovered. The Castor oil is good and I was advised to add peppermint oil to the oil to help stimulate the hair follicles.
    I am about to have baby no. 3 and I am so worried about losing my hair a third time. I'm seriously debating using wigs and trying to maintain my hair underneath. Would you advise using wigs or do you think that contributed to the shedding due to friction?

    I love your channel and your transparency as a mother. You certainly inspire me on my motherhood journey x

  18. Is that all you use in your hair? I’m actually having the same problem and I feel like all the stress that I’m having over it is making my hair fall out even more.

  19. I’m really glad you shared this with us, because I can totally relate to this my daughter is nearly 2 and the struggle is still very real with the edges! You look gorgeous loved the makeup in this vid

  20. Thank you for sharing your hair journey ….very true one almost just show their best on the tube .so it's quite scary ..well done to you ..Am sure your hair will grown back in abundances..you didn't mention diet perhaps also concentrating on this may help …see you on the next video x

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