Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding When Baby Turned 3 Months Old!

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this video is because of an email I received from Trina and Trina goes on to say that she
is having excessive shedding after she’s had her child her child is 3 months old and this
is her second child so she doesn’t understand why with her first child she didnt have as
much shedding a lot that she does the second child and what can she do to get her hair
back normal because she so afraid of losing all this hair so Trina I’m going to help you
along and help you to understand that this is perfectly normal and I’m going to tell
you some things as the why this is happening so first off after you have your child about
3 to 4 months when a child turns 3 to 4 months old you’re going to noticethat you will be
losing a lot of hair and for some women this can be at an alarming rate some women don’t
notice as much or is not affected as post partum shedding so this is just a natural
reaction to your body after everything is going back into place and becoming more balanced
after your child which leads me to the second thing is that why you’re pregnant you have
a higher level of estrogen in your body a higher level of estrogen will prolong both
phases of your hair growth cycle normally the growing phase which is the anagen phase
so you’re going to be growing your hair and its going to look thicker is to get longer
and its going to be full of body and then it also minimizes the telogen phase which
is the fallout phase this is due to an increase in estrogen in your body so about 3 to 4 months
after you have your child all of your hormones and things balance itself back out and then
the telogen phase kicks in and you start to see hair shedding coming out all over the
place and remember this is not the same case for everyone some women don’t notice as much
for some women is very severe but this is perfectly normal so my third tip is that you
can help the situation by making sure they are eating right in that you’re taking in
your vitamin now depending on the best way that works for you some people do great with
taking their vitamin if it tastes good so if buying some adult gummy by works for you
to make you take your vitamins then go ahead and do that or take regular capsule vitamins
to get in the nutrients that you need this is going to help your skin to look a lot better
to give you that glow this is going to make your nails grow longer is going to make you
more healther as well as help your hair grow back a lot better so this is a normal process
Trina after you have your child and I know you didn’t notice it as much with your first
child in this is an independent scenario it just depends when you have one kid some people
have a lot of different reactions crave different foods and things like that so I would love
for you all thats watching to share your comments and your things about how was for you after
delivering your child and how you got over that hump with your hair and even your body
and things like that so Trina thank you for your email I hope this is helped and hope
is also up everyone else was watching before any of you go make sure to sign up for your
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14 Replies to “Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding When Baby Turned 3 Months Old!”

  1. My hair is falling out as well. My son just turned 4 months and now my hair has thinned all over and my edges are extremely thin. It's taking a toll on my confidence honestly.

  2. My son is 3months also and my hair started shedding more than usual so i got me some msm supplements because i found out it prolongs the hair growing phase and makes hair stronger,ever since i barely shed hair now

  3. My son is now one years old however I had bad postpartum shedding my entire hair line was bald. But don't worry it will come back after about 6 months. It happened with my 8yr old too

  4. Same thing hpnd 2me. Aftr 3 months..shedding really bad for 2 months..edges gone…now almost 6months later edges cmn back. I kept tkn preggie vitamins and massaging my edges with Jamaican black castor oil about 4 x a week…hpnd same way with 1st pregnancy…I didn't understand why tht time..thought I was gonna go bald…my hair was growing super fast but….woaaaa no edges r thickness…it goes back 2 normal

  5. My son just turned 2 months. I am so terrified of postpartum shedding! I am searching to see if anyone was able to bypass this major event. I am taking my vitamins and massaging oils onto my temples. I am so afraid of balding anywhere! I know it's just hair and it'll grow back, but I love my hair. It's my best feature.

  6. I had twists in that I installed when my little one was two months and took out when she was six months so though I knew I was shedding, it wasn't until I took them out to re-install that I realized how bad the shedding was. When does it come back??

  7. wow that's y my hair shed so bad? I had no idea…after my second child I had my tubes tied 3 months later, then all of a sudden every time I washed my hair, I look at my hands and there was all my shed so bad that I had no choice but to chop it all off. I wore a low cut for a while then I decided to grow it and go natural. it's been 3 years now and my hair is to back shoulder blades..I thought the relaxers did it that's y I went natural…I still shed now but very little when it's dry.

  8. I was wondering can i get my baby hair back like when I was little. only have baby hair on my edge. it's like when I wet my hair I can see it a little bit what products I can use to get it back like when I was little

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  10. This is my third child and I've noticed alot of shedding and it really freaked me out…im also using a birth control (arm implant) and i feel that places a part as well

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