Postpartum Heart Failure – Melanie’s Story – MN Go Red 2016-17

– I go red because no new mom
should ever have to be told they need a heart transplant. (tranquil music) When I was six weeks postpartum
with my second child, I started feeling a tightness in my chest when I would inhale. I just couldn’t lay down. Every time I would lay down
or even go past vertical, I would jump up out of bed because ultimately I couldn’t breathe. And I think as a new mom, I
was just so into the moment of caring for my baby and
caring for my three year old that when it was time
to take care of myself I just didn’t recognize
any of the symptoms. (tranquil music) When I got to the hospital,
they took me right back and they checked my O2
stats and I was very low. I had doctors in and out
and within about two hours they told me that they were thinking I had symptoms of heart failure. (tranquil music) At first I was really scared and terrified because they didn’t seem to
have very much positive news. (tranquil music) 10% is very low, considering
a normal person’s ejection fraction is 55 to 65%. (tranquil music) At the time when they told that to me, I happened to be holding my new born baby and my three year old was
bopping around the room and I just remember thinking “this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.” Now I’m three years out from my diagnosis and life is looking fairly normal. I went through an extensive
cardiac rehab program and I’ve improved. My ejection fraction is up to 50% now. I’m still hoping to regain my last 5% for my ejection fraction so I can say I’m fully recovered and I hit my goal. (tranquil music) We need to take care of ourselves. And don’t be afraid to
take care of yourself. And I think we need to give
ourselves a little grace. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t super women, we need to go to the doctor. (laughs) Take care of yourselves. (tranquil music)

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