Postpartum Hemorrhage NOELLE S575

– yeah we've got a hemorrhage here we've been came in – could you do a lot about the spigots underneath their probably yeah literally big okay it is right this minute but I'm holding it it's wide open and it's 30 in the bag and Leah's gonna start a second Ryan okay what labs did you want with those or help I'll keep my hand here did you want to go so did you want to see the bleeding you want me to get you some gloves sure and I'm gonna rub your tummy while you're opening I'm gonna lay these right here okay I'm gonna push go in there I can start that IV okay when you're done get under that side attack I'm gonna run down the hall and get more good okay I'm gonna let you do this okay I don't think she had any tears okay that's 600 up inside if she doesn't we need clearly you're sure the operating room to see where the bleeding is coming from that's right I don't care a week the risk of her own chart are limited but if we don't do this I think you're going to have okay here's your tape possibly thank you notion and possibly be you know confusion of blood okay okay okay put your hands on your chest Jamie more than a movie yeah I know I'm talking to you you got her there we are that's take any heart problems whatsoever this is on this goes down then Terry you're doing nothing else in the bowl cricoid pressure okay okay now I'm gonna have you drift off the staple well I think you're gonna get a breathing tube but when you wake up you'd be in recovery room and you'd be doing fine oh good off the sleep now see in a recovery room give her the time of day and I give you the succinylcholine one breath make sure I can ventilator okay seas gonna look for missing okay and you can carry thank you got it very you're gonna probably have to be disloyal higher yeah her there's a blood on the way and Leal I want to be able to weigh all of our watts and bloodlust in this room so we'll have a running so just like that I'm gonna put the bed down I'm putting the foot down fuck up from over there we'll slide it under here stay with you guys it's underneath the foot board right there good yeah okay it's a bit high enough yes you want me to get the emergency blood that wins gonna first do it I'll prep her okay I'm gonna get out of the way do you want me to keep fundal checking or okay you stay out of the way we're gonna have a deviated pause since this isn't afraid I'll go get her I do that you're telling her okay Oh Jamie I'm sorry okay I've got a consent in my hand what's her blood type no we're anybody know was a font a positive and we're print I'm not I'm Bessie and let me double-check on that she's gonna have a quick exam under anesthesia seed and I want the back read balloon on my table okay we'll get it I think we know everyone's names we've got Terry circulating we're the answer selfies Marcos struggling I need my chart reven running trouble studi anyone any concerns about the safety of this case I expect you to speak up I'm gonna start by looking in here come here our lives directed at the end of the table here please oh yes it is eight pods for the blood type right here Oh clay her platelets are 116 yeah all right coag's per chance is the fibrinogen back home that's up okay PT and PTT okay holding yeah yeah they look fine okay with your extra hand you're gonna have to fill this syringe for me if there's a second 60cc syringe candy that could help you but I don't know if anyone has time to we're giving this down to a dull trickle down here so maybe you forget this balloon blown up it'll slow down Danvers I'm just gonna take a minute and check the position in this Bakri and see if our uterus is contracting down we've got our pet going in pretty brisk right Jim okay yeah she seems to be firming up around this Bakri balloon a little bit better look we're not seeing much flow out of the battery right now it looks like it's down to a trickle now the fur Lux is going to stand I'll check her several times tonight and then I'll gradually let the back rate balloon down take it out by tomorrow probably you

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