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  1. That hospital sounds appalling. I hope to god nobody else at that hospital has to go through such a careless experience.

  2. The same thing happened to me but I received 11 bags of blood! They didn't do any testing first and went straight for a hysterectomy to solve it. The hysterectomy didn't work and I was still bleeding bad and they found out it was my artery and they embolized it. I'm only 20 yrs old! I have a lawsuit against that stupid hospital thank god. Glad you're okay!! 🙂

  3. I will tell you how my postpartum hemorrhage happened.  I had a c section and shortly after I began sweating a lot and started blacking out.  They left the placenta in me and tried to hide the fact that they did. then my doctor left me with a rude ass nurse who didint believe me when I told her I was hemorrhaging . I was crying for help but no doctor or nurse would help me. It wasnt until the next morning they told me I lost so much blood I needed a blood transfusion! they let me bleed for so long and did nothing until i had no choice but to have a transfusion. I almost died.  I have no memory of my daughters birth or first hours of life. I was so sick and anemic the first month of my babys life. I missed out on so much. I have been trying to find a lawyer who will take my case for malpractice but so far no luck. 

  4. I know you were feeling pretty sick and can't think of everything but if they didn't weigh all your pads in the ER you should/could have demanded that they do it in your own best interests or asked your husband to tell them to.  I've had to be pro-active too many times in the ER with injuries and I''m "only" an EMT.  Have to tell them what I want done!  Esp, in a busy ER where they have many pts at one time.  Boy you were pretty starved for O2 there for a while, no fun at all.  What about having let hubby use the breast pump for you to give to the baby?  Ok your deal is all over but other women could take note.  What gauge needle were they using for the blood, over 18?

  5. Wow…what HORRIBLE medical care!  It's shocking they didn't recognize what was going on and act immediately!  I would report negligence.

  6. Wow I can't believe the pediatrician didn't call you an ambulance or care for you! Glad to hear your story and that you are ok

  7. I am so sorry that you had such a scary experience, that must have been terrifying for both you and your husband.  I am absolutely shocked that the pediatrician didn't call an ambulance for you right when you started bleeding, and that it took them so long to get you the care that you needed.  I am a nursing student and listening to your story, I am shocked at how poorly the nurses and doctors attended to you in such a life-threatening situation.  I'm happy you are okay, enjoy your beautiful baby 🙂

  8. I am so glad that you are doing much better. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must have been like. Thank you for making this video Brandy! 🙂

  9. Wow. I'm so glad u are alright. What an ordeal! My sister had the same thing happen. It is very scary to see all that blood come out of u. U r blessed. 😉

  10. Bless! it is good to hear that you are ok and Noah is ok as well. It must have been very hard Brandy you have gone through a lot and come out strong as always …. big hugs and stay blessed.

  11. OMG, Brandy! I had no idea you went through all that. How scary it must have been. I can't imagine all the emotions you had to have gone through. SO glad you are alright!! Hugemongous hugs!! And it's great to see you posting videos again.

  12. Glad you are posting again. I decided to keep posting but to be careful. We can't let one person with a problem ruin an entire community of supportive women. What a terrifying experience, I am so glad you were able to think fast and get help. It sounds like a scary time, glad you are OK.

  13. Oh, my goodness!!!! I am so sorry you hd to go through that! But yes, thank you so much for sharing! You hear alot of stories about postpartum hemorrhaging but you never know what really happens or what to really look for.

  14. I'm so sorry you had to go that, I felt dizzy just listening to your story I can't imagine how scared you were. I have a question though, I know it's normal to bleed quite heavily after giving birth, but how do you know what is TOO heavy?

  15. my mother died 4 years ago because of a postpartum Hemorrhage it happened right after the delivery. turned out it was all doctor misconduct and I'm so glad to hear that you were okay because postpartum hemorrhage scares me.

  16. Brandy, so glad you are well and here to warn women about this. It is important to share things like this with one another because you never know you may very well help someone out and save their live. Cant wait to watch your future vlogs and see your precious miracle baby, Noah!

    If you could, I would like to request a video on how you older children are reacting to the birth of Noah. If my memory serves me right they are teenagers. We are seriously thinking about adopting & have 14 &17

  17. I am so happy that you are ok now. I know how you felt about giving the baby formula. I had to do it for 30 hours after I had gallbladder out at 3 weeks old. OMG she got so sick that the doc she was enable to have formula. I felt so very bad just she had to go through that. I almost fainted at the DMV, the whole room went dark and I got dizzy. In the ER I turned yellow, & my pee was burnt orange. The gallbladder stones blocked my liver. Even my eyes were yellow.

  18. Thank God we are alive .i have this too lose than 24hour after the birth of my twins on the 8/5.it was so scary for me and my hubby was not with me i lose a day in my head .my babies birth i dont remember most of the things that happen again.i was so sad but thankfull for a second chance

  19. You are one lucky person and you know that!! My friend's wife hemoraged to death after the birth of their second daughter. She was only 25. I'm so glad you're still here for your son.

  20. Thank goodness you are okay. It must have been so scary for you and your husband. Sweet Noah needs his mama!

  21. im so sorry you had such a scary experience 🙁 it was pretty scary for us too, i had a piece of retained placenta and had lost an est. 800cc at home and another 800 during the D&C, got 2 units of blood during the procedure, a bakri balloon and spent my 1st night as new mom alone in the icu. i was completely fine until the ob did the u/s in the er and when the word D&C came out of her mouth i completely lost it. i was terrified of surgery, it sucked big time. we were both very blessed! love you!

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