Postpartum Journey- 12 Weeks

hi everybody melissa here back for the 12 week update to my postpartum journey series I got little Jude here and he is kind of sleepy I only have a little bit of time to do the video so we'll see how far we get okay so last week week 11 the video was about stress I was feeling super super stressed and anxious and like kind of angry everything was like really getting on my nerves so what has kind of changed since then is that I've gone from being what I caught last week postpartum stressed or postpartum angry to actually being postpartum depressed I had an episode a couple of days ago where I went to the thrift store I found all these cute clothes tried them on not a single thing fit and it's really like I just started crying when I got home and that turned into like a three or four hour crying fit and it was that point that I realized like okay this is the thing I need to pay attention to so that's like not so great but there is good news I started treatment yesterday with an acupuncturist here in town and I don't know I already actually feel better hold on I'm gonna turn this swing off because it's making noise yes so I went and saw the acupuncturist for the first time yesterday she did the needles she gave me ABS and it's only the first day but I already feel better honestly like I already kind of feel a little bit more in control of my emotions yeah right um so we will see that's gonna be you know a few weeks of going every week and trying to get everything stabilized she's gonna help me with the depression she's gonna help me with some tingling that I'm having in my and which comes from really tight muscles in my neck and in my arms um she's going to help me with I've got some bladder issues from my pelvic floor being weak and my bladder being slightly prolapsed so she thinks she can help me with that as well um and so yeah I feel pretty optimistic about that one I also feeling good because the last week I started walking pretty much every day there's a park near our house and I take the Doodlebug first thing well not first thing in the morning but in the mornings we go on a walk and it's making me feel really good it's making me feel more powerful because I was just feeling so weak and tired and just yeah and like the walking everyday I think is helping me feel a little bit stronger it's helping me emotionally too because running used to be my go-to like mental health strategy I can't run right now there's no way but I am able to walk and that's helping a whole bunch and what else am i doing well I'm doing this core rehab a series of videos they're online videos but they're fantastic because it's really just I'm learning so much about how diaphragmatic breathing can help with your core right so through diaphragmatic breathing you can develop a connection with your pelvic floor which I've never had in my life never know like even what my pelvic floor was or that I could expand and contract it and that my breathing affects its health and I'm learning like how to sneeze and laugh correctly so that I'm not creating excessive intra-abdominal pressure on my bladder and I'm learning how to do isometric exercises that are strengthening my core and I think you know if I keep up with this that in a few weeks a few months I may actually have core strengths like I've never had before so that would be really good so anyway um yeah you know there's ups there's downs my belly's not where I want it to be I don't know I'm just I'm not as far along as I thought I was gonna be especially like if you watch my two week postpartum video I just really thought that I was just on the right track I'd lost 17 pounds I was everything just seemed like it was headed in a certain direction and it just kind of stalled from there and anyway just dealing with like body image issues and all of that I think it's an opportunity to I don't know learn a lot of stuff learn patience learn about my body and like grow in certain ways we'll see I don't know yet so that is the update for week 12 I'm gonna keep this series going as long as I need to probably cuz I mean I don't know it kind of seems to me like it may take months to really build my strength up and get to where I don't feel like I'm still recovering from labor all right um give this video a thumbs up if you liked it please feel free to leave comments and questions and I'd love it if you subscribed all right thanks bye

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