Postpartum Jumping Progression

okay that's number one that's your first progression when you are getting back into postpartum with those you're still going to think about your core breath you're going to think about really protecting your pelvic floor at the top of that movement so the next progression to that just a little jump at the top okay so I still don't recommend those and so you really you know if you're if you're having any kind of incontinence at the top of that jump that's a really great reason to stop um if you're having any pain if you feel any bulging down there another really great reason to stop everybody's time line everybody's progression is going to be completely different so this is how we're going to begin to learn to listen to our bodies okay so I would still even recommend that even 1-2 months postpartum you just got really got to give your pelvic first time to heal so the third progression to that would just be a good old jump squat so with that I'm still really coordinating my breath okay and on the jump up I'm exhaling and when I exhale it drops my pelvic floor up and I do get a little um I do get a little safety net there by exhaling and pulling everything up the other thing you can do on your jump kind of like postpartum reading when we're working on postpartum running I sometimes tell clients to lean forward we never want to lean back and be boom Tuckers right we always kind of want to stay forward and again this is just staying in an athletic stance so you can jump even that slight movement forward that's going to protect your pelvic floor on the way down okay it keeps everything neutral and keeps our ribs tucked over our hips as best we can so that's a good little jumping progression that you can try when you are returning postpartum

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