Postpartum Loc Update

guys welcome to my channel welcome to the cadets channel so yeah this isn't a long video this is just a quick update on my locs as you guys can tell I've been AWOL for quite a while but yeah if you've watched my last video you will know that's because I was carrying two of you for human beings in my belly and I just took some time out from YouTube because I looked hideous but because I just wanted to enjoy the journey in private but needless to say my hair has been going strong as you guys will know if you've been with me from the start of the channel I only use three products of my hair and that is all from my haircare line which is the coated pets repairing hair burn serum the link will be down below the codes of EPS repairing leave-in moisturizer / conditioner which is made from wheat protein that again will be in the neck down below and the consumers african black soap crumble so if you know you will know that I wash my hair only when I read twist which is every two to three months so if max I wash my hair six times a year that may be too little time for other people but I find it works amazingly well for me so when I wash I used an african black soap crumble so i basically make it into a liquid form and then i apply it to my hair in the shower and just wash it out and then i follow on with the repairing wheat protein leave-in conditioner which i used to keep my locks nice and moisturized and then i use them as having hair growth serum to stimulate new growth so yeah this is how my locs look they look amazing and right now because I have just retwisting them to a week or two ago and this is their current state I'm still amazed at how much hair I have this is it when I bring it to the right this is where we're at when they French leary twisted their about here but yeah I have got a lot of hair and which was to be expected because I had a lot of hair anyway but as you guys know I suffer from PCOS and yeah that can cause major hair loss but I'm so grateful that my hair has been restored literally starting my lot journey was one of the best decisions I made for my hair and I absolutely love it because I get to wear my hair all the time so yeah we will do be discussing more things hair as well on this channel being a twin mom and LOC journey it's all gonna come together and I just want to thank you guys yet again for staying on this channel with your girl and yeah I will see you guys in my next video for now take care and God bless

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS On Your 2 Beautiful Bundles Of Joy!!!!! I’m So Glad To See You Back!!!!
    Your Hair Looks Amazing!!!

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