Postpartum morning routine? What’s that?

all right so here I am outside first thing after my feet hit the ground this morning took the baby to the potty was even though she's young she is doing on the Malaysian communication so she uses the potty and then did not brush my teeth not shower not eat breakfast I was like a neat nature so me an era outside and she's falling asleep it looks like you happy down there yeah she's definitely falling asleep motion puts her to sleep but we slept pretty good last night we went to bed like ten I woke up once that five or her breakfast and then well that's sleep and now we're up that's I think it's close to nine I don't think it's 9:00 or maybe it's nine something anywho I look at the clock cuz it's Sunday and we're gonna handle day he easy like Sunday morning but yeah this is feeling really good I'm trying to figure out what my morning routine could look like now that I have a little one and so I'm thinking good morning and so I'm thinking that this is a easy way of working out it's not the same as push-ups and sit-ups and all that stuff she's yawning yeah it's not like a good yeah it's not the same as my morning dance party but while weather is permitting this seems like a a good solution and it gets her chilled out gets her outside because if I don't get her outside when I get home from work with God then she probably won't leave the house and that's not good because God doesn't like taking her on the car unnecessarily and I'm always like I want her to see the world I wanted to know that she has a tribe of people or know that she's not just confined to the Nightfort walls but the walls of our home so this seems like a good catch-all workout get the baby out get connected to nature because that is something that is very therapeutic for me I don't know if I'll do any grounding this morning doesn't seem to still be wet that's a really good time to wear out when the grass is still wet but um yeah just getting outside I like humidity I know I'm strange I like we have weather and humidity but it's nice and he made out it's like 77 so it's not burning hot there's birds chirping I think the squirrels are still asleep I don't see any squirrels out the plenty of birds oh and this little squirrel keeps yawning ain't no squirrel eagerly yes they hide to the video yeah oh yeah so I want to enjoy my walk do a walking meditation and I'll talk to you

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