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– Hello, hello, I’m Kristen, and today on Millennial Moms, I’m gonna be telling you the five things I found most useful after giving
birth to my daughter Chell. When I had my daughter Chell,
it was an all-natural birth, and while it was one of the
best experiences of my life, it really took a toll on my body. I’d say it probably took
at least two or three weeks for me to start feeling like I’d recovered even a little bit. So, during those two to three weeks, these are the things
that I found most useful. The first thing is a feeding journal, now this doesn’t need to
be anything too fancy, I just used a plain old notebook. All you really need is a way to keep track of how often and how long
your baby is feeding. One thing I do recommend though, no matter how you decide to
keep track of that stuff, find a method that allows
you to do a little bit of journaling too. The last feeding of the day, while my daughter Chell was breastfeeding, I would write down in the journal all the new things she
experienced that day or the new things she did that day. All those little
milestones are so precious and so important to capture, and having a feeding journal
is a really good place to capture those. The next thing I recommend
is a huge cup for water. This was given to me by the hospital where I had my daughter, and any of you who watch
me on my main channel know how much I love this thing. But seriously, you are gonna
be drinking so much water after you have a baby, and having a huge cup
like this where you only have to fill this thing
up maybe three times a day instead of a little glass that you have to refill all the time, very, very valuable. The next thing is gonna
get a little personal, but get yourself a Perry
Bottle or something similar. This thing was my best friend
after I had my daughter. If you have a baby the traditional way, everything is gonna be
quite sore and painful, and going to the bathroom isn’t the most enjoyable experience,
so having a Perry Bottle that you just fill with warm water, use it while you go to the restroom, it makes everything
much nicer, much easier, and it’s not that expensive, so get a Perry Bottle, this will be well worth
it in the long run. Since we’ve already talked
about going to the bathroom, I’m just gonna continue down that road and tell you my next item, Stool Softener. Now, going to the restroom
is probably the scariest part after having a baby. A lot of women are afraid
of this while giving birth, that’s nothing. After you give birth, this
process is terrifying. They should give you some at the hospital, but make sure you
already have some at home for when you return
because you’re gonna wanna continue to take this until
the act actually happens. The next thing that I
found extremely valuable after I had my daughter was an E-Reader. Now, after you have a baby,
during those first few weeks, many, many hours of your day are spent just sitting there breastfeeding, and those moments are magical, and I want you to cherish them, but there’s a lot of your day that you’re just sitting there, so having an E-Reader,
something that you can do to occupy your time,
can be pretty valuable. I found that my phone
was amazing for this. I just went in iBooks, or whatever, and downloaded a whole bunch of e-books. So, during the night when
it was dark in her nursery and I was sitting there feeding her, I could actually pull up
my phone, open up a book, and read a few pages. The last, and arguably
most important thing, is to let people help you. Please, if you have a support network around you, embrace that. Let people bring you food,
let people do your laundry, your dishes, whatever it may be. You’ve just been through
something amazing, you’ve been working very
hard, so take a break, take it easy. Let people worry about the other stuff, you focus on you, focus on healing, focus on your baby, focus on that bond. I definitely went over five
items, but that’s okay, because those are the things
that I found most useful after I had my daughter Chell. If you like videos like this, give it a thumbs up, and live me a comment
down below telling me if anything on my list surprised you guys, or what did you find useful
after you had your baby? And for more videos like this one, be sure and subscribe to Millennial Moms. But above all else, guys, have an awesome day.

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