Postpartum Overview

Your body goes through many physical changes
during and after pregnancy. As a result many issues may arise whether it be stretch marks,
not producing enough breast milk, and sore nipples during breastfeeding. Managing your
health post baby is not only critical for your health, but your baby’s health as well.
Compounded medications can ease your transition after your delivery and you can start feeling
like yourself in no time. In addition, compounded medication can provide customized medications
to meet you and your baby’s needs yet is safe for your baby. In regards to stretch marks, although there
is no proven way to prevent stretch marks, your compounding pharmacist can prepare certain
topical products you can try to improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin. Breastfeeding not only Protects your baby,
but will Benefit your health. with that being said, many moms choose to breastfeed. But
for some women, this may not an option. Some women have problems with milk letdown which
is the inability to lactate due to not having enough of the hormone, oxytocin. If this is
the case, your compounding pharmacist can compound oxytocin nasal spray to facilitate
lactation and helps your baby get the nutrients needed. With breastfeeding, comes the possibility
of sore and cracked nipples. Your compounding pharmacist can prepare a special ointment
that soothes sores and cracked nipples. In addition, if needed, your pharmacist can prepare
a medication if you have developed an infection. Talk to your compounding pharmacist on how
he/she can help you and your baby journey off to the best start.

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