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  1. Hey everybody! 👋
    Now that I am 2 weeks postpartum, I wanted to pop in and write a little update! (I might still make a video on this with more details though!)
    The freezer meals and the snacks have been soooo helpful! Plus the postpartum basket in the bathroom! I recommend using the cotton organic pads instead of the Always brand of pads as they are more comfortable and I’ve been told that the plastic in Always isn’t the best for recovery! I really liked the Always discreet though, particularly for the early days when I had more bleeding and for overnight (super comfortable too).
    Hope this helps 😊😊

  2. Awww Ayla I literally didn't know it was possible to adore a youtuber as much as I do you!! (And I'm new here) Your channel is so wholesome and it's real life, raw, beautiful and emotional in a good way, definitely touches my heart for sure. Your daughter is so beautiful and im fascinated by the whole embryo adoption process to be honest. I'd rather listen to your channel and your story then watch some other Youtubers flexing new cars and houses the average person could never dream of affording. You guys deserve all the success in the world. 😘💕💕

  3. I loved sleeping towards the wall. I can’t sleep knowing someone can see me sleeping lol. Me and my fiancé had to switch so I don’t hAve to crawl over him 9 months pregnant 10 time during the night haha. Due in 2 days!
    And watching you do all that was exhausting. I didn’t go all out. I’ll just deal with it after lol. Just ready to have my body back

  4. I am absolutely terrified of giving birth to the point where i am 99.8% going to adopt instead of having a child of my own

  5. This is my second child and I never heard about padsicles .I will definitely be making them . I officially have 6 weeks to go!

  6. Yes I normally sleep on the left side but since moving in with my finance I’ve had to move to the right side because he was too stubborn to move lol. It’s very weird being on the right side of the bed.

  7. I suggest putting the diapers in the opposite way. Bottoms up. Much easier to grab in your sleep deprived state.

  8. I'm not pregnant. Not even close to being pregnant. Currently involuntarily celibate, yet I felt so compelled to watch this video. help.

  9. This was super helpful!! I’m 8 months right now and got some awesome advice from this video!! Thank you and congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!! 🥰❤️

  10. I didn’t have any of this for my first child. No crib, no padsicles, no freezer meals. All I had was a bassinet, diapers, and wipes. And of course clothes. Honestly I didn’t know how to prepare for my first, but now I do 🙌🏼 and I think those padsicles are a great idea because I suffered post partum

  11. I’m having my 5th in July and I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten this prepared, but I totally should have!! I’m 6 months along and have a little time still but I should start gathering some postpartum items now I suppose. I subbed btw, I enjoy your personality 😊

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