PostPartum Recovery | 11 Days Post

get everyone my name is Mary today's date is May 16th and it was 11 days since I gave birth to my daughter I really really wanted to make these posts or time updates for you guys every single week but to be totally honest with you guys it's really difficult for me to give my daughter to anybody else to hold or to put her down in her crib because I love her so much I'm so strongly bonded to her and she's been downstairs for not even half an hour and I feel like crying just from being away from her but I promise you guys that I filmed this videos and I really really want to I really want to because I feel like they could be helpful to people so that's what I'm doing calm down she's fine she's asleep she's with my father and my stepmom I don't need to be worried about her at all and I'm not worried I just I miss her because I love her so much Oh all right let's get straight into the video I'm going to try and talk to you guys about everything that I think you might want to know about but I'm also going to be quite quick so if there's anything that I've forgotten tweet me and I'm more than happy to answer you on Twitter I'll try my best chance you want Twitter all right so I feel like my recovery at this stage I feel 100% fine and it's been quite easy and fantastic the first week was a little bit difficult I did have bruising swelling I did have those stitches because they had a slight tear so there's pain associated that it wasn't it wasn't the greatest feeling overall but my recovery still I feel was quite quick even with all of that in mind something that really really helped me with when I was in pretty intense pain was to have a very hot shower or a hot bath get myself as clean as possible and then to put a towel out on the bed and instead of putting on you know the super thick pad that you have to wear and then the big underwear and then a pair of pants just laying on a bed on a towel for just half an hour to an hour and just letting your body just like breathe I only had to do this a couple of times and it's like my moat it made the healing process so quick because I wasn't wearing this thick pad and you can't wear menstrual cups and you can't use tampons when you're doing your recovery for the first six weeks you need to be on complete pelvic rest so you're not allowed to be inserting anything up in there so you have to use pads if you want to you know catch the blood and wear clothing and also for those who don't know I I didn't know up until like halfway through my pregnancy I was unaware of the fact that women bleed for four to six weeks after giving birth it's like 9 to 10 months worth of period that just needs to all come out of your body it's all the lining of the uterus it all needs to come out and so it's like having a really really long period and it can be really heavy for some people it can be really light for some people for me it was heavy for the first couple of days and then it eased off and I've got quite a normal medium average flow right now and it's really not a big deal at all I really don't like wearing pads I really don't enjoy it but I am using pads because that's what you need to use I don't want to hurt my body's recovery in any possible way by using a metric or tampons or anything like that so that's that aspect of my recovery sound the next thing that I feel like I should talk about is my boobs I am breastfeeding and breastfeeding can be extremely extremely painful to some people and there have been moments in the past eleven days where it has really hurt for me the first pain I guess was before I was producing milk when you are just producing the cod I can never remember words when I'm trying to think of them I believe it starts with the letter C at least 50 comments now we'll be here writing out all the letters but you produce a substance similar to milk before your milk comes in and it's packed full of antibodies it is so so good for your baby but it's thicker and it's you know you don't produce as much of it so they need to kind of like feed and be attached to all the time and your first few days your baby's probably not going to latch on incredibly well definitely definitely talk to a lactation Talton if you can because it helped me so much like my baby did not want to latch on to the left side at all she just didn't want to so she was always on my right side and having her just always be on one side and as I was giving me really chapped nips and it really really hurt guys it really did and now every time she lunches on there's like a second of pain and then it's totally fine she latches perfectly on both sides she drinks so well I mean she's she's wonderful and then the next pain that comes with breastfeeding is when your milk does come in and you get a lot of it if you guys have been watching the daily vlogs that we've been putting up on the channel cinnamon toast can then you would have noticed when my milk came in because my boobs just got so engorged and it's freaking hurt right it's really hot because they're just so so full your overproducing you go from having like no milk or very little milk to having so so so much and then it balances itself out in a couple of days after that so now it's fantastic I'm producing plenty of milk for her but I'm not over producing to the point where I'm getting like engorged and it's painful or anything my boobs really don't hurt anymore the only time they hurt is if she is sleeping for ages and ages and she hasn't fed in a few hours and then they get you know full and saw but that's really the only time a lot of people have asked me if I feel stressed if I'm getting enough sleep or if I've gotten the baby blues or anything like that I feel so fantastic mentally I feel very very happy and content I love my babies so much I mean my bond with her with as soon as we got home I think is when my bond got really really strong and again if you watch the family vlogs my partner's been putting up you should have seen that coming home moment where I just burst into tears and I just it was so a primal I guess I just it was a very emotional time and I'm getting emotional thinking about it again because it was just so beautiful what I was still happy to have her home really the only thing that you could associate with the big blues with me would be that I do feel teary but only when I'm talking about like how much I love her it's not like a sadness for no reason for me I have gotten teary out of the blue for no reason before and that was we were in the car going somewhere going for her checkup and there was nothing wrong she was totally fine we were just sitting in the car talking and I got teary for no reason but that's really it and remember that the baby blues is different Chris Portland depression baby blues happens to about 80% of women and it happens within the first two weeks after you have the baby and it's purely 100 percent the hormonal change the hormones are influx to such a degree that you will either just cry or feel sad for no logical explanation that's the baby blues right postpartum depression is when the baby blues don't stop and then you actually you know you stop caring about showering eating looking after your baby really some people don't bond with their baby and that can be a factor with their postpartum depression it is an individual different for every one sort of thing but just because somebody has the baby blues doesn't mean they'll have some sort of a depression baby blues is something that goes away very naturally and normally within two weeks postpartum depression goes away much quicker and easier with the help of medication and it's a more long-term more serious thing so a totally treatable normal thing is that does happen to you I'm hoping it doesn't happen to me it doesn't look like it's on the cards for me but who knows when it comes to mental health but I feel very very bonded to my baby and very very happy with life and my life is so perfect and so beautiful and I'm very lucky that my baby lets me sleep a lot I sleep when she sleeps we are Co sleeping which is something that I didn't think that we would be doing but I never ever ever want to put her down and she doesn't want to be put down either so you know the I've been reading up on the fourth trimester and out for the first three months it's very very normal and natural for your baby to just be kind of attached to the mum 24/7 and that is pretty much how it is for us I mean she's either on my boob or just with me for about 90% of the day and then I mean her daddy is wonderful he's really fantastic if I ever need to put her down then he will hold her for me because I don't want to put her in a crib I want to give her to somebody who can hold her and look after her for example every morning I have a shower because at night I sweat a whole bunch now and that also is a medical thing like after you have your baby all of these fluids need to escape your body and one of the nurses told me that something like it was over 50% of the fluids that come out of your body not the blood but all of the like other I don't know I don't know how to describe it but you perspire it out you sweat it out so at night I've been sweating a whole bunch and I wake up feeling very dirty and gross and so I go and have a shower wash my hair and in that you know half an hour to 45 minutes that's when Layla's usually with her dad and it's fantastic it really really works for us there's been a couple of times where in the very very beginning when I was in pain because I had you know swelling bruising I had a tear so I had stitches those times when I was in pain when I just couldn't I couldn't function my daddy would take her and look after her and I'm trying trying my best to give him as much opportunity as possible so he can bond with her you know hold her and look after and bond to its head because it is not someone knocked on my door for a second but I don't think they did what was I saying oh it is so much harder for fathers to bond with their children than it is for mothers to so I'm trying my best to give him as much play time and funding time you know as I can but I'm so strongly wanted to her and so attached to her that it's difficult to me emotionally to get you know give her to other people and so um that's something that I just personally need to deal with because I need to give him equal opportunity to love her and look after her and everything is what I'm I'm having myself so a lot of people are very interested in weights and weight loss and what my stomach looks like so I'll show you my stomach here I did just you a very big lunch but this is all my stomach looks like you can see that my uterus is still not shrunk back to its normal size yet that's normal it takes about six weeks for it to shrink back all of the way so it looks like I have like a little like a bigger gut I guess that's what it looks like it's very squishy and soft and I kind of like it Ken made a joke in one of his videos in one of our daily vlogs about how I'm you know struggling so much with my weight he was being sarcastic but he did not say it sarcastically so I fully understand people who thought he was being very serious about that I'm 135 pounds this morning so if I want to get back to the way that I was pre pregnancy I have about 20 pounds to lose but I really don't think I'll mind I think the biggest thing that I'll be sad about if I don't lose that weight is none as my clothes fishing team like they used to because that I'll have to go out and spend money on new clothes and I hate doing that I hate going out and buying you know spending money on clothes when I have so many if I feels wasteful to me I really really love how my body is I love how powerful it is you know if I was still 115 pounds right now I probably would be struggling to produce as much milk as I am I probably would be struggling to feel as content and happy as I am because I would be lower in energy and I would need to be eating a lot more often and she doesn't really give me a lot of free time to eat because even though like I said she sleeps all the time I'm still holding her all the time too so it's kind of it makes things a little bit more difficult that is where ken has been the most helpful is he brings me anything I need which the main thing is my water bottle all the time I'm like can you please fill us up and bring me by full water bottle please constantly 24/7 I'm always always drinking my water and he's bringing me food all the time unfortunately he's not good or he does not attempt to cook meals is what I should say he doesn't attempted at all what you would rather do is just go and get takeaway and I don't like eating takeaway food every day I like it as a treat but I really don't like every day so that's made things a bit more difficult – is he has had to step outside of kids bugs in order to cook me proper meals when I'm hungry so I don't have to constantly be eating burgers because I don't want to be eating burgers all the time we have introduced our baby to our dogs and it went fantastically I personally was a little bit nervous with one of our dogs very meeting our baby because we've had Betty since she was six weeks old she's very strongly bonded to ken and I and she can be quite skittish and she doesn't really like to share things because she had a traumatic experience with a dog that we used to have which we unfortunately no longer have I really really really loved her that other dog that we had I was very strongly attached to that dog – but um that dog had aggression issues that were a neurological that we couldn't fix with training and she really badly attacks our Betty dog and so I thought that Betty was going to have some trouble with the baby but she's completely proven me wrong she's so perfect every time we let her inside the first thing she wants to do is come over and smell the baby and she was really great you know she'll stop when we tell her to stop and she's really well trained feels really nice and then the other dog our big dog boss never had any worry with him in the baby because he's just the sweetest sweetest thing in the world here he does need to learn to not jump and it's my fault that he does still jump because i encourage him because you know I I love big dogs jumping on me but that's definitely a fault is mine and I need to not allow you to do that because a few jumps on Layla when she's a little bit old enough you know old enough to walk and stuff then that could sorry for the lawnmower noises that could be quite disastrous so we do need to get a little bit better with his training so that you will not do that but personality-wise he's so sweet he's so loving and both of them have been really fantastic with her I really really honestly can't think of a whole lot else to talk to you guys about I really wish that I had been taking some kind of notes or something over the course of my recovery so that I would know what shocks you guys about but all I can think about right now is going back downstairs to my baby because I miss her so much I miss her so so much I have to quickly film another video because my merch actually was released today as well so I need to film that video edit these two videos and then I can go back downstairs so that's what's going on with me for the rest of the day I hope you guys are having an absolutely amazing day stay safe and I will talk to you next time bye

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  1. Honestly, I've been around this channel since the start. Not the very start, like I was probably only in the first few thousands. Yet, I never imagined she'd have gotten this far, and had her own child. She did really well in my opinion, wish you luck in the future <3

  2. #supermaryface Mary we miss you! post the dayli vlog in here too.. and the recepys and learning, ecc ecc and baby moments and Snakes/tarantula/skink/dogs ..please (and sorry for my terrible english)

  3. Mary! Have you had a boob job? I was wondering if you can still breastfeed after getting them done. If anyone could answer I would greatly appreciate it! Much love~

  4. SuperMaryFace Hey um I hope everything is good. I really really did not like all the recovery talk. Seems so rough and um difficult. As a guy, it just freaked me out and thankful to be a man. That being said, I find your voice riveting, and your eyes so beautiful its worth listening to all the details of the crazy stuff that happens to a woman's body. Love

  5. hey mary, I know you are not doing cosplays RN but it would be amazing if you could make a video with your tips for new cosplayers, I really want to cosplay but I don't know where to start, I'm super overwhelmed by all of the amazing cosplays out there

  6. Seems like Mary's channel moved on Ken's for now. it's okay. <3 We love you and gonna wait for new videos here as long as needed! :"3 We are super duper happy for you, Mary! *hugs*

  7. Mary got it right LET YOUR SNOOCH BREATH AFTER THAT BABY. air is the BEST healer. and Mary, I bled for 8 weeks after my son i had a c-section he was 11 lbs. remember your peroids after your recovery WILL feel weird. like starting all over again.. Everyone goes threw "baby-blues" i had post partum. i am one of the ones that had a hard time bonding, two years later after seeing my doctor my son is my world. Lots of well wishes and welcome to the Mommy-Club. P.S. calcum! take calcium supplements you need to re-supply your body now. I lost over 40lbs by just taking calcium after my pregancy

  8. I cant wait until Layla watches these videos when she's older so she can see how much she was loved even before she came into this world πŸ’•

  9. hi Mary! I send my love to you and your daughter! I just wanted to tell you and reassure you that being closely bonded with her and not wanting to leave her side makes me so happy, because it reminds me of the relationship with my mom, which is very strong.
    Also I have a story: When i was still a baby, my mom's childhood best friend, who i call my auntie Daina, came from out of town to see us, and because my mom had the same feelings you do now, she wouldn't put me down. So, when my mom left the room for some reason or another, my Auntie Daina snatched me up, ran to the back bedroom and locked the door, and just held me, whilst my mom cried for my Auntie to give me back on the other side of the door. When we all look back on it, we all laugh, but at the time, my mom was pissed!

  10. Mary, after I had my son it took me MONTHS to be away from him so I understand. He is almost three and it is still hard . . . so that is one thing that will NEVER go away. congrats and I wish you three the best!

  11. I really appreciate all of your videos! I'm not an expecting mother, but I am a woman who never really got to experience anyone pregnant around me. I never really understood more than just what's in a book. Thank you so much!

  12. You look so good!

    Also, was wondering if you'd ever heard of the term PURPLE crying? It's the period of time beginning at 2 weeks until 3 or 4 months when babies cry more than at any other time (for no apparent reason). PURPLE stands for:

    Peak of Crying: Each week your baby may cry more. This peaks around 2 months of age.

    Unexpected: The crying starts and stops with no explanation.

    Resists Soothing: The baby doesn't stop crying regardless of what you do.

    Pain-like Face: The baby may look like they are in pain even if they are not.

    Long Lasting: The baby may cry for as long as 5 hours a day.

    Evening: The baby may cry more in the late afternoon and evening.

    I learned about it in a child development class and I think it might be useful to know, just in case you feel completely overwhelmed by mama emotions when she cries and you know you've done everything to try and help. It's totally normal and all babies go through it at varying degrees.

  13. I have no interest in being a mom but hearing how happy it makes you is infectious! You are such a light <3

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