Postpartum Recovery Phase I: Hip extension Isometric

the next isometric movement I'm going to demonstrate is hip extension so hip extension is it looks like this the important thing with this isometric is to get your glutes firing and get them all firing so I'm going to demonstrate the two key positions that I want you to practice but know that you can do them in kneeling in half kneeling and single leg standing down the road there's no limitation it's just the act like knowing what you're doing can be applied across relevant positions for you so the first one I'm going to demonstrate is on your stomach so you may need a pillow you may not I'm going to use a pillow the feather girls I'm doubling up I know that my back artists in the when I'm laying face down so this helps prevent the excessive low back arching so that goes here I could use a towel roll or I could use my hands what I'm going to do again is gentle Kegel just gentle prior to the next prior to the next part which will be squeezing your butt cheeks together now as you squeeze your butt cheeks together make sure you're not contracted too hard that the upper abdominals start to come in are you the six-pack muscles so it should not be a straining it shouldn't be too much effort so like squeeze my glutes no movement in my back occurred a rounding no arching I'm just squeezing and holding five to ten and trying to build equal squeeze in both sides and when I let go the other option is to bring your toes together bring your feet together and you're pressing your heels and squeezing your butt at the same time so try and both see what feels right okay next position would be standing standing is an important position that you would use your gluts and what you're going to do again gentle brace and your butt's wheezes no movement in your low back five to ten second hold repeat

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