Postpartum recovery phase I: hip flexion isometric

the next exercise I'm going to demonstrate is the hip flexion isometric I'm just going to demonstrate this and sitting but know that you can do this length face up with your legs resting on like a Swiss ball or a physio ball whatever you call that or several pillows so your hips are resting in a 90 degree angle today demonstrating in this position out of all the ones that I've demonstrated I think this is the most aggressive because it is asymmetric so that means that I want you to try a lot less a lot put in a lot less effort pay attention to what you're feeling because if you feel like you're straining you're bearing down or it hurts then it's too much okay so gentle Kegel and then you are using your hand as a barrier and just thinking about my feet lifting your hip up into your hand so very light you should feel this both in the front of your hip but also deep in your abdominal wall so the really important prerequisite for this would be the the sense that you can contract your pelvic floor muscles in addition to that abdominal drawing maneuver your belly by moving inward tortures by

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