Hey guys! Today I'm going to be sharing with you all
the things that I could not have lived without during my postpartum recovery. This video isn't going to include any breastfeeding
essentials, I'm going to be saving that for a couple weeks from now when I move into my
breastfeeding series, but it's going to be focusing on all of the things that I used
to help me in my physical recovery from labor and delivery. I'm not a fan of regular underwear, but you
can't have anything riding up, that's going to irritate that area: even if you don't tear
or get an episiotomy. You're still going to be very swollen and
sore down there. I'm sure most women out there have regular
underwear, but it's kind of nice to just go out and buy yourself regular underwear anyways,
that are designated for this. I went on Amazon and got a 6 pack for $13
of these black (black for obvious reasons) bikini underwear and it has the little string
on the side. These actually served 2 purposes because I
was able to do my DIY maternity photo silhouette because you have to wear all black. I wore a black bandeau and then I wore this
pair of underwear and it came out really beautiful. Your first bowel movement after having a baby
is going to hurt. It's just the way it is. Your hormones are making you a little bit
more constipated. They're starting to regulate and also, even
if you didn't tear or get any stitches down there, you want to help your body out a little
bit. Definitely get your doctors approval, I'm
not a medical professional, but I got the Equate brand stool softener. It's only a couple dollars. I brought it with me to the hospital and I
took it right after labor and delivery and then I took one a day for about 4 days. Don't take more than that, but then also,
I didn't want to take it for too long, to where my body was starting to become dependent
on it. Usually you don't have a bowel movement for
a couple days, but because I was taking these and I took action, it was not that painful. It was really nothing. As far as pain relief, in the hospital, they're
going to give you a can of this Dermoplast hospital strength pain relief spray. It has aloe and lanolin and benzocaine and
menthol in it. It cools and relieves pain down there. You're going to go to the bathroom and then
use this for water (I'll cover this in a second) and then you spray this. Shake it up really well, so you're making
sure not to waste all your aerosol. Spray from front to back to front. This comes in a red can: make sure that you
get the blue can. The red can is for first aid and the blue
can is hospital strength pain relief. I went ahead and I grabbed myself a can before
I delivered; I got it online. I think it was around $8. Last time (with my daughter), they gave me
this spray as well in the hospital, but I ran out. You can bring it home with you, but I ran
out and I didn't have an extra one at home. So what was nice, is I could have one in one
bathroom and one in another bathroom and I was in no way concerned about using too much
of it because I already had it in the house for me when I got home and I was in my postpartum
recovery phase. You're also going to get a peri…perineal
bottle. There's a couple names for it. It's just a little squirt bottle and what
you're going to do is (they will explain this to you in the hospital), you're going to fill
this with warm before you sit down to go to the bathroom. Then you're going to go to the bathroom and
some people say you're suppose to squirt yourself as you go to the bathroom so it doesn't burn,
but what I would do, is I would go to the bathroom, then I would take the warm water
and I would spray that whole area: front to back, everywhere. Get all of your pee off. It rinses it off because it could create an
infection, it can burn you. You want that to be completely off, but you
obviously can't really wipe yourself down there. So you rinse off with this warm water and
then you take toilet paper and you just pat, pat, pat. No need to wipe, do not wipe, you're just
going to pat it a little bit dry and that's when you go ahead and you grab your spray
and you spray from front to back and make sure you shake up that can really well. If you have several bathrooms, there's a 3
pack of these on Amazon for $5 and if you're living in a house with stairs, you want to
have the one in your room and then the one in your main living area bathroom. It helps out to have a couple of these, so
you've got different stations: different bathrooms set up for you, so you don't have to constantly
be bringing things around the house with you. Another form of pain relief that they had
at the hospital for me this time, was witch hazel pads. They did no have this last time, so I didn't
think to buy myself and extra little container for at home. This is the Up & Up brand, this is what I
got. I did not get this until later. I brought the Tucks pads home with me and
as they were starting to run out, I had to order these on Target; I have the Target Red
card, so I get free 2 day shipping and 5% off everything that I order. So, I just go on the app and I order it and
it comes within a couple days, but I wish I had gotten these ahead of time so I wasn't
panicking and I wasn't being frugal, just using one little Tucks pad at a time. This is a 100 pack and it was only $3.59 at
Target. Anywho, they're cooling hemorrhoid relief
pads, but that's not their only purpose. They reduce inflammation, they help with pain
relief and they ward off infection. You're vulnerable to infection, so these really
are a great thing for that and I'm going to show you here. I would do the water and the spray when I
would go to the bathroom: I would put two of these just like that, in there. It kind of just covers that whole area and
that with the spray, really helped to relieve the pain that I had going on down there. The hospital is going to provide you with
every size pad that there is. I mean, you can only wear pads: you can't
put anything up there after child birth for 6 weeks. They also have ice pack pads. It looks just like a pad and you crack it
and it's an ice pack. Because you're swollen down there, it helps
to alleviate that swelling as well and this was my #1 thing, I loved these. You can take anything home with you that you'd
like. Anything that they have in that recovery room,
you can pick and chose what you want to take home with you. So, I took all of those ice pack pads home
with me, but I did a little bit of research and I found a 24 pack of these on Amazon for
$30. Now, for me that's pretty outrageous/expensive. It's worth it for the recovery process, but
because I had those on hand in the hospital, I kind of had it made. There's DIYs out there, of how to make padsicles:
I remember watching a couple of those when I was pregnant and being like "ehhh, I'm okay"
because I really had a lot of confidence in that pain relief spray that I had in my first
pregnancy, but if I didn't have the witch hazel this time around, I don't know… I remember it differently I guess. I don't feel like the pain relief spray by
itself was enough for me. So, the combination of both of those and that
ice pack, were so perfect. Another obvious one is ibuprofen: you want
to make sure that you've got ibuprofen on hand. Your doctor may prescribe it to you in the
hospital and obviously, any kind of medication that I ever mention to you guys, get your
doctor's approval: run it by them. I took between 400-600 milligrams of ibuprofen
about every 6 hours. If you alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol, it'll
continue to have that effect without you having to continue to up your dosage. I think I only did ibuprofen for 4 days (the
ibuprofen and the stool softener), for about 4 days because I don't like to get my body
use to things, to where it starts to need it to function. I only bled for about a week and a half. In the hospital, I wasn't even bleeding that
much. My doctor, who came to check me before I was
discharged the next day, and 2 of the nurses… they have to check you down there and make
sure that you're not at risk for hemorrhaging (if you're bleeding too much, that's a bad
sign)… they all said I was bleeding very lightly and I think that the things I did
to prepare my body for labor (I actually have a video on that), I think that they were a
contributing factor to that, but after a week and a half, I didn't have to wear anything
down there anymore, but I continued to just wear regular underwear so that it was breathable
and I could continue to recover down there. Lastly and this is something that's not that
circulated, you're going to be sweating so much after you have your baby. Your hormones are going to be all out of whack
and trying to level out: especially when you're sleeping. You're going to need some kind of fan. If you don't own a fan, or if you've got a
fan in another room, you're going to want a fan in your room, pointed at your bed, or
at least in that general direction because when you sleep, you're going to be soaked. I just have a little Honeywell fan. It's small, but extremely powerful. Actually, you can see it behind me here: it's
on top of my weight rack right here and it's like this big, but it's really powerful and
I would just point that at my bed and I'm telling you, you are going to sweat it out. This is not just my personal situation, it's
just what happens when your hormones start to regulate after you deliver. If you have any questions at all, please don't
hesitate to drop them down in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
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of experience that I want to share with you guys, so definitely go ahead and subscribe
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  2. Be careful with using Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen together for to long it can cause your body to make a toxic concoction.

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