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  1. Such an great video thanks for sharing these tips! I feel more prepared to go into labor! Looking forward to your breastfeeding video!! And the shower thing makes total sense! 💛

  2. for me they checked my pads as well but after birth i wasnt checked down there at all even before discharge. i thought that was odd.

  3. did u have any problems with birth bc of ur placenta being in the front?? i am due in august and my placenta is up front.

  4. My worst pain postpartum was my back and the top of my back and front of my tummy felt so sore and painful like everything was going back together so uncomfortable that I would cry sometimes !! Lol I though it was the epidural that mest me up but no all that pushing and laying in that hospital bed for 2days just made me so sore ! I feel a bit better now they also prescribed me Motrin and Tylenol . I was also very emotional and would cry especially I have a hard time having her latch so I pump and also give her enfamil but it makes me very emotional 😭 being a mother is so hard but so worth it 💜💜

  5. Omgoodness…i thought i was the only one who missed my baby being with me anywhere i went when i was pregnant. That was emotional for me aswell. So glad im not a weirdo! Lol jess your a wonderful mother and she is the sweetest girl! 😊

  6. Definitely keep those cold packs from the hospital on hand. I needed them the first few times we were intimate after baby.

    As for the tailbone, get a donut to sit in. I had to sit on one for a month, maybe a little more after baby

  7. I had opposite births with my two babies. Baby #1, I got the epidural, an episiotomy, and had a great, quick experience. Baby #2 I had her 15minutes from walking into the hospital, crowned on the toilet (trying to give a urine sample), tore, and had no meds. DEFINITELY prefer the first. Recovery wasn't super hard either time. But the pad the hospital gave you is honestly TINY in comparison to the ones I got. I used the discreet diapers with this baby too, best decision EVER

  8. I found you a few days ago from your birth vlog! I’m about to have my 2nd and I’m loving your videos! Congrats on your baby! (I’m due in 8 weeks with my 2nd) I looked a mess for at LEAST 3-6 months after having my first! Haha! You look amazing & I agree, getting ready made me feel better when I could muster the energy to do it!

  9. How long do people usually bleed. That’s the only thing I’m worried about I hate having periods and this will be the ultimate nightmare period

  10. This was such an honest and amazing update. Thank you for speaking so honestly about everything!! I will be a keynote speaker at a big conference away from home one month post partum, so it's good to kind of see how things are going for you after a month. (Baby will be coming with me!) I'm glad you've had a good recovery!!

  11. I gave birth at Winnie Palmer. Which is literally a hospital specifically for giving birth… and I didn’t get half of what you got. The ice pads would of been amazing to have.

  12. I had the same pelvic pain in front and with my tailbone. The one thing that helped me was craniosacral therapy. It's amazing to for helping you relax and just feel so much better mentally.

  13. Wear a hip binder. It will help your healing. Also if the tailbone doesn’t feel better, get an X-ray. Could be broken.

  14. I'm due in 2 weeks and your videos have helped me so so so much! To prepare and just be calm cause I feel like I see so many videos all over the place making everything look scary lol thank you !

  15. Try to get into a chiropractor it will help that pubic bone so much and make sure it is in perfect place so it doesn’t start shifting. Next time take men’s brief underwear better than the mesh ones.

  16. You are such a sweet soul! Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. You are undoubtedly helping and inspiring so many! 💗

  17. Hi Jess and Elliana. I am so happy to hear you are doing great. Although you say you are tired and sleep deprived, you look incredible. Elliana is so adorable, and I love how peaceful she looks while sleeping next to her momma. Thank you again for sharing all this information with everyone. I think this would definitely help out a future mom to be calm their nerves by hearing how smooth your postpartum recovery has been. I realize everyone is different, but if they watch your pregnancy journey, and see how well you took care of yourself, then they may have a similar experience. I look forward to more vlogs. :0) Regina Hugs to you All!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved using the depends too. Know that you don’t have to bottle feed if you don’t want to. Three of my kids never used a bottle. I’d just nurse them before running to the store for a short outing. 😉 But our fourth little guy had some health struggles and I wound up needing to breastfeed, pump, and supplement with a bit of formula to get him enough calories. The “Comotomo” bottle with slow flow nipple is the one my son uses and he hasn’t had any confusion. It’s normal to feel all the feels postpartum and give yourself extra grace because having a rainbow baby adds to the emotions you experience. 💕

  19. Aw! She is just the cutest!! Makes me so excited for my baby girl to be here. This was so helpful and informative. Glad you’re doing well Jess! 💖

  20. Nope, my oldest is 20 and is 3 1/2 hours away at college and I’m still tired!😴 I still have to keep him in check not to mention the littles running around! A mother’s job is never done.😅

  21. congrats!! she is beautiful! Sounds like your hospital was a amazing . Take care. 🙂 Nap when she naps.

  22. Please do a video on the epidural! I love your videos & that’s one of the things I’m most nervous about because I don’t do well with needles. 😩

  23. I agree. I wouldn’t wait too long to introduce the bottle. I made that mistake and my daughter wouldn’t take it until she was about 6 months old. Lol.
    Also, I think you’re doing amazing so far. You were definitely meant for this! I’m already a mom but you inspire me to do better everyday. 💗💗

  24. Thank you for sharing! I’m 20 weeks and it’s so nice to learn this stuff. I do have some fear and anxiety about labor and post partum but hearing you makes me feel better! Your baby girl is so sweet. I love her sweet little hand on your chest. It makes me so excited to have my little guy here soon! I want to feel him. I know it’s sad to try and use the bottle but think of it as Chaz’s time to bond with her and get that type of moment. Love you mama!!

  25. This is bringing back all the memories from my postpartum time almost two years ago. I can relate so much to everything you shared. I remember feeling sad in the shower right after her birth too. You are doing a great job Mama! Enjoy this precious time with your sweet baby.💗

  26. I bought those adult diapers after you recommended them in one of your prep videos. I had my son 8 days ago and they are the best things to use right after! I did use the mesh ones in the hospital and then switched to the adult ones when I got home. And silly me, I only brought two of the adults ones to the hospital. I wore one home though and that was nice.

  27. Great video! I personally would recommend introducing the bottle now so your husband and baby will be used to it so you can go out.

  28. My hospital gave me these huge pads 10 times bigger than yours they looked like diapers but I loved them since I lost so much blood

  29. You are very informative with with everything. This video would have been awesome with my first born, I know it'll be useful to others. I totally agree with everything, although I didn't have epidural, recovering was similar. I just wanted to know if you still have the baby pooch? Also if you can do a day in a life video? And food ideas/what you eat in a day after having a baby. Thank you and good luck with your baby girl.

  30. My hospital never had mesh panties or pads that big. I used regular pads and bad to stack them side by side in my own underwear. I was hoping they would and when I brought it up one nurse didnt know what I was talking about

  31. Thank you for making this update video on postpartum! I watched your prepping video and commented to make a updated video like this. This really helps me get a feel what I need to prepare. Thank you for all your information and details. I am nervous but you look happy and great! Which motivates me to not be too nervous. Haha. Thank you such great videos!

  32. I had my sweet babygirl January 25th 2019 and we named her Eliana Marie she had a head full of hair as well!! 💖💖 it is such a beautiful name!! She was definitely our answered prayer!! Your sweet girl is soooo adorable! 😍

  33. I had the same experience with the body pain it honestly feels like I strained all my side muscles it was soooo achey which btw I totally blame the epidural (don’t regret) I had my first 100% natural and since you have control of all your body and can actually feel where the pressure is your able to push exactly where and how your supposed to, I recovered way easier without the epidural but o diet want to go through the labor pains again 😂😩

  34. Hi jess I love all your videos & your an amazing mother & women 💃

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