Postpartum Shedding?

a video is going viral revealing one of the lesser talked-about effects of postpartum on women extreme hair loss this video you’re looking at right now is racked up over five million views as women comment share and relate to this post pregnancy reality this is a Utah hairstylist who posted this video working with a client who is suffering from post partum hair loss and this is very gently tugging on these strands and it’s coming out in such severe clumps dr. Nita yeah I mean it’s common for people to have postpartum hair loss and so the technical term is telogen effluvium and so basically what happened it impacts about 40 to 50 percent of postpartum women so what happens is you know when you’re pregnant you have this surge of hormones and because of that you stop shedding as much hair so that’s why pregnant women who they’re all beautiful by the way they have like this glowing skin is glowing hair is thick hair is long they’re loving life and then they have their baby and then those hormones decrease and as a result you go back to that normal hair cycle and when that happens all of the hair you would have lost during that nine months during that nine month period it kind of comes out all at the same time so it seems like it’s a lot but really it’s your body catching up so it seems intense and it can really be you know disheartening and scary for some women when they don’t expect it it usually happens about three to four months out after you have your baby but it can happen any time but after about three to six months then you know the hair growth starts and you should be back at your baseline by about a year so the only thing is there are other medical conditions like a postpartum thyroiditis that impacts about 5% of postpartum women that can cause you to have excessive hair loss but you also have things like anxiety and all that stuff so sometimes people think it’s like stress just from being a new mom when really it’s a medical condition so that’s kind of one thing that you have to think about so if it’s disturbing to you if you’re concerned about it if you’re having additional symptoms then just talk to your doctor and they can reassure you are they can determine if you need maybe to have a thyroid function and test or something if it doesn’t come back after about a year then you may want to see a dermatologist for sure to make sure something else isn’t going on and also practical things like you know use a nice shampoo a nice balanced diet don’t brush too hard when you’re brushing your hair just things like that to keep your hair healthy well pregnant women they have their hands full I mean literally every part of their body every system of their body is affected during pregnancy drue though and but if you think about it it is to give the precious gift of life yes it is and that’s the important part of this [Applause] you

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  1. I had this! I notice it slowing down at 6 months and stopping at 9 months! I clogged the drain of the shower multiple times! it was honestly frightening!

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