Postpartum Strength Training-1 Part-1 (the mommy series)

hi I'm Courtney Micah Trudeau founder boobs and baladi thanks so much for watching our postnatal workout video if you are just newly postpartum I would recommend before you even watch any more of this to go back and watch a prenatal workout video just for the next week or so to get your body back into the routine of exercising because these workouts are gonna be a little bit more intense so you might not just coming back if you just got clearance from your doctor you might not be ready specifically for these videos so you can watch a couple prenatal videos and then move into the postnatal with that said today we are going to need a mat when it comes time for abdominals we're gonna need set of weights that you're gonna feel comfortable we're gonna do sets of 12 so you're gonna need a weight that you feel comfortable lifting for those amounts of reps as well as some water and keep you hydrated I'm I would have liked you to to already have performed warm-up so stretching moving around getting those muscles warmed up for about five to ten minutes I like they're gonna be hips width apart I'm gonna step back just a little bit so you can see my feet and we're going to begin with squats remember when we squat down and we come up we don't ever want those knees to go over our toes so when we go back you should be able to wiggle those toes all the weights on the back those legs these workouts – I'm trying to make them to be about 15 minutes long because now this your mom you're probably not going to have as much time that you can allocate to exercise as you did prior to baby coming and if you have more than one kid then even the more reason why we're making these video short so if you can get one set in now we play another another one I'd like you to get in two to three sets of the post they don't work out if you can't do all three of them backs back then save another one for later you don't have to do them consecutively just try and get them all in or as much as you can in one day and we're gonna go into lunges next we're gonna start with our right leg first so we're gonna stay on our right leg when we lunge it forward we're gonna push off with that right leg lunges for dip yourself I'm gonna show you from the side now obviously to get our bodies back to where they were pretty it's gonna take some work some hard work and dedication on your part so just and everyone's gonna go at their own pace so I wouldn't put you need to go back to looking forward one more and then we're gonna go to the side we're gonna lunge it to the side I wouldn't put too much emphasis on losing it by a specific day you know looking at it thing if I don't get my body back in you know three months I'm gonna be so mad everyone's body's different everyone's gonna react differently to losing the weight so some people it seems to come off easier than others I personally think if you are nursing that's gonna be a big help it was for me because you bring an extra five hundred calories a day which is a lot pregnancy only needed an extra 300 calories makes your butt's going out so we don't want those knees going over your toes so nursing is awesome for that reason I'm plus I for the baby – we're gonna lunge it back now okay when we go back now we're not pushing off with that right leg anymore we're just going down and up I'm gonna show you from the side down and up down and up try and keep it to about 90 degrees so I might get a little out of breath – during this workout video which I guess I should be because it is and it's hence workout and if I'm not sweating are not out of breath right brain is switch legs so now we're gonna do our left we're gonna lunge it forward push off remember with that left leg and bring it back so um you know just do your best to lose the weight and just to and I personally think you shouldn't make it so much about it number but just looking in the mirror and just saying you know what I feel good about myself and I'm being healthy that's the best that you can do five more and four three two and one we're gonna go to the side and same thing that I mentioned in the prenatal workout videos is that consistency is going to be key make sure butts going out you have to exercise you know if you're just getting back into it start off you know three days a week and then add more but once you have gotten back into the swing of things try to consistently stay at five days and you can do different things during the during your five days you don't have to at well you shouldn't do this video the whole time because we're lifting so still cross train one more and we're gonna lunge back we're gonna bring it back and up so remember when you go back that left heels up going to 90 degrees shoulders back up nice and tall and cardio is really gonna help cardio is gonna be key that's why we're mixing in versiv cardio and these workouts because we really want to get that heart rate up burn that back and one more great so now we're gonna go into power jacks we're gonna stay low when we perform these then getting that heart rate up a little bit so we're gonna start low okay butts up more of the way down those heels you can keep those arms out in front of you make it a little bit more comfortable now soft knee out and it's C I'm not jumping hard just go out and I'm staying low the whole time low low reads it out so if you want to put music on because then you apologize you're gonna be hearing me heaving over here doing great we got ten more okay ten nine eight seven stay low six five four three two and one we're gonna go back into squats but this time when we come up we're gonna go up on those toes squat it down and up down and make sure that you come up control that movement keep that core engaged when you go down all the weights on the back of those heels we don't want knees going over toes make sure you catch your breath cuz next we're going into jump lunges and those are difficult I'm not gonna lie so after those you might want to maybe grab a sip of water especially if you're nursing you want to stay hydrated last one and again with these if you run do the full set that's fine too so we're going to jump lunge it sing with the right leg I'll show you a couple views from the front and then I'll move to the side so we're gonna go down and up two three four back heels up five I'm going to go to the side so you can see five four three two one switch legs now left 10 9 right heel up 8 7 6 I should feel those legs for show you from the side three two and one good job kick it out if you want to grab sip of water now is the time grab a sip of water we're gonna grab weights next again make sure you have a set that you can move comfortably for 12 reps so after you get your step we're gonna grab our weights okay um actually while you're sipping your water I mentioned this to in the prenatal workouts but the posture is really important when you're lifting so I want to show you something so see from the side see how when I'm standing up nice and tall my back has a natural arch right now look what happens when I lock my knees see the curvature in this lower back see how it's got an exaggerated curve that's gonna put more pressure on your lower back and we don't want to do that so what I'm gonna do is keep my knees nice and soft my knees are nice and soft my hips are tucked under pelvis is nice and neutral so now I have a natural arch in my lower back okay now then adeno brings in over-exaggerated lunch so make sure whenever we're lifting knee soft okay grab our weights step up a little bit more but it's the only thing I don't like about working outside working out outside especially especially when you get sweaty so knees are gonna be soft we're gonna start off with hammer curls which means that palms face you okay we're gonna bring it up and down make sure we're not putting too much of that energy into holding onto those weights so you're not grouping them too tight okay we don't want to have those white fingertips slowing it down allowing for maximum muscle recruitment all the way down all the way up doing great remember to keep breathing focusing on those biceps because now you get to lug all the baby equipment everywhere so we need to make sure that those muscles are strong three more and three two and last one great upright rows next palms face you and we're gonna bring those elbows into a v-shape okay keep those hands in towards you soft knees okay pelvis nice and neutral see how my elbows are in that bean shape and bring it down okay you don't want to lift though those shoulder blades up you want to think about keeping those shoulders pulled away from those ears okay spine is nice and straight up and down four twelve good ten nine eight seven six five more four three two and one perfect now we're gonna hinge I'm going to show you from the side I'm gonna hinge forward okay knees are nice and soft bent a little bit more than they were before because we want to make sure that that backs nice and flat you want to keep that neck nice and long and our weights are gonna come out right in front of our chest okay so you're my weights are here now we're just gonna squeeze those shoulder blades I'll show you from the back keep going okay eight nine ten two more one and two perfect I'm gonna show you again from the side we're gonna keep it hinge then this is the same position okay elbows are gonna stay and towards the sides we're gonna do tricep kickbacks we're gonna extend those arms and then we're gonna hinge neck stays nice and long extend and hinge you want to keep that back nice and flat for ten nine eight seven six five four three more three squeeze those triceps when you go back and last one weights are down and we're gonna go into abdominals next I'm gonna grab my mat you can grab a sip of water I'm going to adjust the camera and we're gonna get into that core work next build it back up keep it nice and strong

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  1. This workout has been a lifesaver for my postpartum body blues. I can fit it in between morning nap and do another set after my LO goes down for another nap. Just completed day 2 and I got in 2 sets w/ abs Thanks again

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