Postpartum Tailbone Pain

Hey guys Heather London here creator of Bodies
By London and The Yummy Mommy Revolution and today we are here with Dr. Nareeta Stephenson
from Starwberries and Sunshine healing centre in Port Coquitlam and Dr. Nareeta is the specialist
when it comes to pre & postatal chirpractic care. Hey Nareeta how are you doing? Hey,
thanks for having me. Ya, I am happy to be here. Now whenever I see a new Mom, I’ve seen
hundred of Moms over the years and they always complain about the same thing tailbone pain.
So we are working the core and leaning back and EYAH every single one. So I send them
to see you and I was hoping we could talk about a little bit about why that is and what
they can do to help themselves out and alleviate that pain. We can talk about that, I would
love to. So what happens during pregnancy is all the ligaments get really lose, we have
that lovely hormone relaxin that kicks in and helps the pelvis spread and makes lots
room for the baby to come out and then the other thing that happens too is during labor
the tailbone actually swings and moves during the contractions as the baby comes out of
the birth canal. So sometimes what happens during the trauma of that process, we don’t
always go back the same way or there is extra stress and tension there and our muscles kind
of get all whacked out too. So it’s a really good idea to get it checked by a chiropractor
shortly after birth so that you can make sure everything is going back the way it should
be. Well thank you so much Dr. Nareeta that is the best information, now we know why our
tailbones hurt and what we can do about it. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. And we
will be seeing you again. If you like this video today, be sure to like it and share
it on facebook with all your peeps. I’m Heather London creator of The Yummy Mommy Revolution.
Remember, it starts with you! pppphhhhhh. That’s an elephant. Oink, oink
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