hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to film for you a post partum update I am four months postpartum I'm gonna give you a little peek of my c-section scar and yeah let's go ahead and get into this video so first off as you can tell I mean really weird filming please I am in my bathroom and that's because Ben's asleep in the swing Ellie's watching the iPad and some of the things that I'm going to talk about I don't really want her to hear so yeah so I I'm gonna try to make this video quick but I want to talk to you guys about some things I posted on my Instagram that I had some TMI stuff and I wouldn't I just want to put it out there because maybe somebody else is having the same problems as me so and four months postpartum and I have had my first period now it started September 23rd it was incredibly light only lasted a couple days and was really weird but I do feel like it was a period because I had a little bit of cramping and it was I mean having enough the first day that I was like okay that's a period but didn't last long prior to that is the TMI stuff everything have been going great I've been feeling great c-section wise and everything I mean since my like postpartum checkup and of course after that postpartum checkup we resumed you know grown-up activities and I don't know um it's weird to say but I I had some issues during sex mostly after though it's really weird with burning like when I would go pee afterward it felt like I was peeing eternal Hellfires like it was awful like I was almost in tears but during it wasn't really that bad now I will say that we needed some extra help in the lubrication Department but who doesn't from time to time okay let's be wrong so I google it and it says that dr. Google says that breastfeeding can affect you in that way and I didn't really have that with Ellie so it was weird everything's I'm new and different this time I don't even know what to think but I was starting to like worried that I had an infection but I actually been checked for infections at my postpartum appointment because I was still having discharge at that time you know like will distract you it didn't have anything then didn't have a UTI because like then the next day the next morning like there was no more burning and like if it was UTI it would have kept going so I know where I was like I don't know what's wrong with me and I started to google and I saw the breastfeeding camp back this that dryness and burning and all of that and so I'm like okay maybe this is okay actually even saw some forums where other moms were just talking about it and they talked about Reap lens which is actually for like postmenopausal women but a lot of them used or during breastfeeding so I was like ready to buy this stuff I thought okay we're gonna get it and then all of a sudden things were different things were different in the fact that we didn't need as much help and when I went to pee afterward it didn't burn I also noticed that I was more interested in those type of activities and that I don't know I just felt different okay so that happened and then a couple weeks later I wanted to kill my husband one day no really I could just tell my temper was short there were like little things that would just get under mine on my nerves and like I had very little patience with Ellie and like man I just feel like like I'm PMSing and I don't know maybe I'm gonna start who knows sure enough I did later that week a couple days later so I'm like okay that must be why things have been proved sex-wise everything's back to normal now feels normal everything's working normally so I feel like it's a it's a hormonal thing that maybe I don't know that breastfeeding can affect that I am still breastfeeding that was the thing so Benton had several well a couple weeks where he was sleeping through the night consistently and I think that's probably what kicked my body into cycling and either ovulating I don't know if it'll happen again I don't know when it'll happen again and yeah that's pretty much it um so that's my TMI I don't know let me know am i weird maybe I'm just weird but things feel back to normal now that I had a cycle so hopefully that would continue I don't really like care about the cycles and that's where I'll get into this how'd a lot of people ask are you guys gonna have another baby and you should know the answer to this because I can't I had my tubes removed during my c-section and I had a tubal ligation which they actually remove the tubes my doctor said that they do that nowadays because or she was doing that because it can eliminate part of the risk of ovarian cancer if it starts in your tube so I don't care I don't need him I don't want him yeah we are done six pregnancies four losses two babies here one of each gender we're done especially after the trauma and craziness that it's taken to get here to have them were done but I've had a lot of people ask me like are you sure you're done yep I'm sure there's nothing we can do about it now uh-huh like it was a permanent deal I don't think people realized I guess that I had that done and I thought I talked about it but maybe I didn't talk about it or maybe I talked about here not Instagram I don't know but yeah so no more babies for us with that I had somebody else asked me the other day what was your girl baby name because I said which ever gender we didn't have I would go ahead and reveal it so this baby will never happen for us but if you like the name feel free to take it of course Ellie starts with an E and Benton starts the B and my husband is Brent and obviously I'm Emily so like the ease and the B's okay we didn't really intend for that but that's just how it happened in the names we liked and we then when we were looking for a second baby names we kind of liked that idea so baby girl would have been named as May rose and es e pronounced as May rose and I still love that name I love my baby bitten too I just I love having one of you two it's really cool to get to experience both so yeah another little fun bit there I don't really know what else to tell you post pardon wise other than the TMI stories and that I'm healing how I'm feeling I'm feeling good I am back down in weight to what I was when I got pregnant with Ellie which was 142 and I weighed 156 when I got pregnant with in so I'm way below that way below my pre-pregnancy weight with him and I've done nothing other than breastfeeding and the first few weeks I didn't really eat much lightest and how much of an appetite I did that with Ellie – I just don't have much of an appetite when I'm like nervous and new baby and everything but I had my appetite back and I still I'm maintaining at that so I'm I'm happy with that um we are still breastfeeding exclusively I was just texting my mom telling her how much bitten is Wang and we'll know the official number at his well-baby check on Wednesday but he on my scale is sixteen point four pounds with um Ellie I looked back and she was like 13 pounds and some ounces at four months so he's definitely a little bigger than her and that's fine he was below what she was at two months and that having the tongue-tie fixed and everything it's crazy how much he's taken off so I am so thankful for that and having his reflux controlled it's just really it's really been good for him obviously growth wise he's really like a weed so I'm really happy with my c-section scar it's low enough and it is a little purple it's a little raised times but it's just not bad I'm still happy with it it's low enough I'm never going we're anything that you're going to see that cuz I'm probably never gonna wear a bikini anyway because it stretch marks on my stomach but yeah this is just better than I anticipated and I'm glad I'm glad about that so guys I think that's all for this video give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it let me know if I'm the only one that has these weird postpartum things going on and yeah just let me know how you're doing it I know a lot of people have had babies right before or right after bitten so I'm anxious to see like where you guys are in your postpartum journey because it is a journey um I don't see an end for us and breastfeeding but we'll see what happens you never know it's gonna happen guys thank you as always for watching and I will see you in my next video you


  1. You are normal in the dryness with breastfeeding..and also it’s normal to not be all that interested in the adult stuff when breastfeeding. Also have you learned of a Facebook support group for birth trauma?

  2. Ive had burning after sex and I think it's from friction because of dryness. Glad it's back to normal for you! Breastfeeding made a lot of stuff weird for me too! Also, love the baby girl name! I have an almost 2 year old daughter and am currently pregnant with a boy! I'm so excited to have one of each also!

  3. I went through the same "dryness" for a while as well but all is good now. I'm also exclusively breastfeeding but haven't had a period yet.& Ezra is 8 months old. Whhooo! You look amazing!!❤❤❤

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