Postpartum Waist Training

hey dolls welcome back to Lux curves I'm Tatiana and today we're gonna talk about postpartum should you waste train or not are there benefits to binding your stomache postpartum is it dangerous what should you do so to start off I'd like to share with you a little story so Lux curves here this is our waist train brand I developed this brand off of the suggestion from my mother so as a teenager I always had this not always but I developed this belly fat which is very self-conscious about you know of course as a teenager you got a lot of emotions and you don't know how to handle them and I was very emotional about having this belly fat especially since I've always made sure to eat very healthy to exercise I always took care of my well-being and so my mother recommended waist training to me although she did not use those words she didn't know that something as fancy and advanced as this exists why she recommended that was because after she had given birth with my brother who's older than me and then myself she would bind her stomach with cotton I call a cloth of cotton a very long cloth Oh cotton she would bind it several times every single day for three months and she said she's received so many benefits from that and she claims that the reason she was able to bounce back to her pre-baby body figure was because she did the the abdomen binding and so she recommended that to me and of course you know being from a new generation I went on the computer and I did some research and I discovered waist trainers and so that's how my journey with waist training began it started with you know trying to fix that lower belly pooch which it helped immensely and then it went on to really helping me with my posture and my hourglass figure etc so that's what happened so waist training was something that my family has done for generations not for the way to get an hourglass figure but to actually help them support their stomach postpartum that was the original idea and you know if you're watching this and you've never heard of postpartum binding it's not new it's been around for decades even doctors recommend this so not doctors all over the world of course every doctor is gonna have their own opinion but in places like Australia and Europe it's very popular to you post partum binding in fact if you had a c-section it's very often found that your doctor might give you a free postpartum binder because they know the benefits that this can have in terms of your recovery and so I know in Australia if you've had a c-section they give it to you for free if you don't get it for free oftentimes you can buy these at the gift shops in the hospitals and so it is a personal preference you know it really is up to you whether you want to try it or not I don't know if anyone who've had you know horror stories from postpartum binding as long as you get doctors approval you should be fine but the benefits are that when you wear a binder postpartum it's gonna help just make things more comfortable for you after you give birth you've gone through a lot your body has gone through major changes especially if you had a c-section if you had a c-section that's a major surgery you know you're cutting through that stomach and you're getting into the uterus and it's just a major surgery which requires a lot of recovery and taking care of yourself so the postpartum binder is going to bind just like a waist trainer around your stomach and around your core area it's going to help to support your back because it is vertical it provides you know the way that it compresses your core helps to support you know better posture alleviate some backache and most women just really like the feeling of being hugged so after giving birth you know you know your stomach kind of folds out oftentimes you can developed as diastasis recti which is muscle separation the abdomen muscles abdominal muscle separation very common and what it does is you know after giving birth your stomach's just kind of hanging out and so the binder can kind of compress everything pull everything back in and just really help you feel held together and supported now if you've had a c-section it's even more important because you know with the c-section scar you know even breathing can be painful because it's expanding and then compressing that area where you have that scar and so just kind of pulling everything in together helps provide a level of comfort reassurance that you know you're not going to get maybe an infection really making sure that this area is clean that nothing is touching it preventing anything from poking you in the stomach if you have you know toddlers so that they don't come and touch your stomach in that area you have kind of a shield there and so a lot of women develop a lot of comfort through using a postpartum binder now we can't claim anything because there's not really been any studies done but a lot of women find that it just helps them get back their pre-baby body and in our lux curves waist training dolls facebook group where we have over a 11,000 women who waist training with lux curbs most of them a lot of them have children and they use the waist trainer postpartum and they find that it does help kind of with bringing back the the skin bringing back everything to where it was and helping kind of close the diocese is recti now if you haven't had a c-section of normal vaginal birth away sternum can still benefit you and still support you during that recovery period now I want you to think about this if you've ever seen or had a friend who's done any kind of plastic surgery say for example liposuction in the stomach or a tummy tuck which is another very popular surgery after giving birth a lot of women are undergoing tummy tuck procedures to help kind of get rid of that loose skin and help kind of bring everything back you have to wear a post surgical garment and so these post surgical garments go by the names of thatha's in Latin American countries or post surgical comments in english-speaking places or waist trainers you know they also some doctors recommend waist trainers just as is but the reason behind these post surgical garments is to compress the area that has undergone surgery and because when you undergo surgery your body starts to have inflammation that's a natural reaction of the body and so when you compress that area it helps to reduce the inflammation and helps with blood flow and so for example if you did like I think like liposuction they will make sure that you are compressing your legs to prevent blood clots you have to think of it you know as I said before a c-section is a major surgery just like you're having a tummy tuck you know it's almost it's almost you know it's not as quite as intense but it is still you know irritants you're making an incision in that area and you need to treat it as you know I need to recover from this and really take care of my body so if a surgical doctor recommends to wear a compression garment to help with swelling to fast-track recovery to help with blood flow then of course you know after giving birth those same benefits can apply when you've had a scar in that area so it just makes sense to me you know I think that when you google it if you use the term postpartum binder or postpartum girdle you'll see a lot more positivity instead of using the words waist trainer for some reason waist trainer has a few negative connotations associated to it I think just because of the way you know celebrities have been endorsing it and using it as just something that's going to aesthetically shape your body when in fact some of the best benefits are not just the aesthetical benefits but the way that it supports the body now these are not postpartum binders these are waist trainers but they kind of do the same thing the thing with a postpartum binder is that you can wear it almost immediately after giving birth after you have doctor's approval you always want to have doctor's approval of course because you can't treat every pregnancy the same some people undergo complications and therefore you know when you can start waist training is going to be very different than when her best friend starts waist training after giving birth so having said that these are waist trainers that you can wear four to six weeks after giving birth having doctor's approval so the reason that you can't wear these ones immediately after giving birth is because they're a little bit more intense than the regular postpartum girdles so regular postpartum girls usually don't have any hooks they have velcro they're very adjustable it's the the materials are different and so it's much more comfortable and safe for a woman who has just gone through you know these really big changes in her body these ones are really going to help support you and provide you with a level of compression that you might require or desire four to six weeks after giving birth so I do recommend waist training after giving I recommend that you know in the beginning just use a postpartum girdle and then if you find that you like the way it feels you like the comfort that it provides you like the compression then you can move on to something with a little bit more compression four to six weeks after giving birth and of course always get doctor's approval you know I I'm not a doctor I'm not giving you my advice I'm just sharing with you what's worked for the dolls in our Lux care waist training community so I think that's all I wanted to share with you you know it is a personal preference some people love it some people hate it so you don't really know until you try it and I think that the benefits definitely outweigh any of the negative effects of postpartum binding I don't really know of too many some people just find it's harder to get outfits that work put the the girdle some people find that they just feel uncomfortable with it and if that's the case just don't use it you just you want to make sure that you're comfortable you never want to be in pain and just make it a positive experience for yourself so hopefully this video was helpful for you guys congratulations if you have just given birth and you've had your baby what a beautiful miracle I wish you all the best and I'll see you in the next video hey thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel and if you've already subscribed there's this little gray and thousand Bowl if you hit that then you're gonna get notified when I release new videos and if you want to keep watching I pan picked these two videos for you to watch right here

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  1. I absolutely love your weight trainers Tatiana. After my c section I used a girdle and now I use your waist trainer. My separation has completely come together now and I’m getting my figure back. Sending you love πŸ’–

  2. What if it has been 4 years? I have a 4 year old and recently figured out that I think what is going on is diastasis recti. I have dieted and worked out and my tummy just sort of still sticks out and I never did anything after I gave birth as far as like binding or wearing any type of compression garment. Will it work to help fix diastasis recti even a couple years later?

  3. I will be buying one soon, from ur website ofcourse …. I'm waiting untill payday πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I'm still confused on wichone to get but I'm getting one. I have 3 children under the age of 5 πŸ˜₯ but I still get told it don't look like I had baby's but trust n believe I did I just need to get a small pouch looking bump on my belly flat πŸ˜”

  4. Hi I'm so glade you came on! maybe you can help I just started following Luxxcurves on Instagram the one model had on a luxxcurves waist trainer in black with the luxxcurves name on each side I've been searching the web trying to find that waist trainer with NO LUCK!.."PLEASE HELP"!πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜Šβ€

  5. I've been waiting for this video! I'm having my 3rd baby but first C-section and have been lucky to have my body bounce back fairly quickly the first 2 times. Thinking of trying the waist trainer for my postpartum journey this time around. Love your videos! ☺

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