Postpartum Weight loss journey Update | Week 1

hey guys so basically I have no idea how to do this weight loss thing like I am a serial binge eater dude so I just been trying to like be thankful for the things I've called myself that are healthy I'm a morning person which is awesome no matter how much did I get I'm gonna wake up early in the morning working out early in the morning is perfect for me because I can like take a shower and get dressed and get on with my day could've by myself I love to jump rope so doing it like that burns a lot of calories so if I do like two reps of the work I'm doing so that's like ten minute workouts and then do some ab workouts because I do love doing my eyebrows for like a bleep workout if I don't sleep and I'll be fine but it's really this diet and I know it's his diet because push huh when I say I'd be Benji eating like soon see it but three o'clock p.m. I am a problem you know one bag of chips how many five bag of chips and it's really like when I see somebody else eat something that looks good and I can't get it got crazy fruits and on a healthy stuff like I really liked when I was wrong vegan I really did enjoy the food but everyone around me made it really difficult weight cuz I don't like putting inch on my body I don't give it I'm addicted it's truly a drug in his crazy cuz after I'm done eating it every single time no matter what I tell myself before you Netley I regret it so much I can feel my body get heavy I feel like my stomach in it you constipated dude like drink it I have milk and stuff that stuff is wrong for your body and cuz overeat getting bloated and my skin was like it's just not worth it to me this summer my goal is to end this binge eating I don't know how I really don't but I know that if I set this out of my goal it will happen I'm just gonna stay committed to it because I finally found out what my actual problem is other than like the fact that I've also been sedentary being a home like a stay-at-home mom but now I'm about to start my school and one kids already know that's coming burning calories especially since some days I'll have to catch the bus so that alone is gonna burn a bunch of calories he's trying to stop drinking unless it's all like really really big occasion cuz yeah are you drinking can I go out with some people and that's not cool like I'm already have one so yeah I'm just eliminating alcohol I'm going to try to incorporate more bubblegum eat me away from I just snacking on everything it's something else I was really been hoping is that I've been like I've been eating my son's leftovers today that's what I did like I didn't make no meals for myself at all now one more for myself this is whatever he like whenever he was hungry I'd make him something to eat and then whatever was left on the plate is what I eat and I think that helped a whole lot cuz when I went outside today like y'all I burned so many calories like I was so hungry hmm your name like getting out in the Sun makes me thirsty so the no drink like a whole bunch of water especially when I workout first thing in the morning I don't need nothing yeah so we'll see I'm gonna keep you guys updated this week and see where we go hey guys so this week I decided that I would just do a jump rope routine there's only 5 minutes but I do two sets of it so technically ten minutes and then I do like some ab twist and just working my obliques cuz I do have a muffin top obviously I also I just want to start off really simple I don't wanna go so intense that I freaked my mind out and I don't want to work out again so I'm just trying to something that I actually enjoy and jumping rope is something I really like to do so I'm gonna continue to do that for this week and then next week I'll probably add one more set so I'll be doing 3 sets until I get the 4 sin square Phi see how that goes I'm really just working on my binge eating right now that's a day with my son and awesome video and all of our pages across from that one hey guys so as soon as I walk with this along I've drunk some water I mean it oatmeal no I like my own moves dude I know it's disgusting but you know some oatmeal um something I realized I really work for me this week was eating my son's leftovers so when he asked for food instead of making him and I'll plate I just make him a plate and then I eat whatever here I left over and that cut he might know so much and I just felt so much lighter I went back and watched my video with the weight loss journey and I realized I didn't measure myself correctly on the top like the bottom was 27 and a half which was correct but the top I said 26 and a half and I was off because I measured below my belly button so the actual measurement is above my belly button it is 23 and a half inches yeah so my belly by 23 and a half inches the bottom is 27 and a half inches look again I was off so I don't know where I started off on the top by know what the bottom is pretty much the same 29 inches um I didn't completely wash my eating I just was a lighter easier this week yesterday I had a lot of errands to run which was great because I burned so many calories I could just feel it when I was on my school I would take the stairs instead of I was just taking the stairs like I can tell you something I'm going with so much week because I'm gonna be busy I'm working a job or I have to move around like I have no other option like and my goal with that next week is to not eat all day really like I mean I'll snack around maybe a little bit here and there but I'm more than likely gonna just sleep during the day because I work overnight so overnight I'll be doing all the work I only drink water at work and then I'll be trying to eat vegan meals when I go to work that's my plan so that can burn a lot of calories doing that and then on the weekdays I decided I'd do school and I'm gonna try to figure out if I can like go through the track and something and like run after class every day after my last class well after in my class cuz my class is from like 9 or 12 something so I'm gonna do that too I think I'll do really good next week my problem again is binge eating so if I can stay on that I think I would really be fine we'll see and I don't really care much for how much I weigh I don't care how much I weigh but next week I will weigh myself for my second week mark I weigh myself I don't wanna wear myself all the time it's like every two weeks I weigh myself but measurements are really care about my mom it's a whole lot I think I'm gonna measure myself to you next week I joined a binge eating group on Facebook and I took a lot of tips from a weight loss journey um group I was in a lot of weight loss groups because I need as much information as I could possibly get right now is really good because I can stick to where my journey was and I can like leave little teen captions like I don't have to write a whole journal entry about there's too much pressure mai-chan I don't think it looks to do it's not skinny I mean I'm go stick to that I'm gonna go with my son to the part and I'm gonna um ride his bike while I run next to him so before it rains this morning and no no I might update you guys Oh something um we're also said I'm gonna work on is my posture just practicing pushing my back up like some vacuum in my stomach like sucking in my stomach for at least a minute really my town and I'm just gonna continue to like do it when I'm watching TV I'll probably lay down and hold my stomach um that's pretty much that I just want to keep practicing it because I know I lost so much strength in my ABS because when I was pregnant like the lady was like your abs are so strong and then afterwards yeah so I'm gonna get that back up just real powerful and strong again this summer I'm gonna get it done at least 20 pounds my goal is 30 but it leaves 420 pounds so we just got back and we aren't exhausted um man it's so exhausting he was throwing a tantrum the entire time afterwards like he couldn't handle the bike the whole way through so I was like running with the handlebar in my hand and people staring I was just hard I was just we took a shower cleaned up so now he wanted some cereal I really didn't see nobody I need be quiet and calm down cuz I was so exhausted for that screaming I got a salad from the grocery store if this thing is it is 570 calories so I split it in half because that's a lot of calories people always think Sally it's like why have a salad sauce it's healthy your saw one has like six hundred plus calories in it sir so yeah even one split my ranch too because I don't know chug some water down with this and we're gonna take a nap cuz I am so exhausted it's like it's 1251 p.m. our day hadn't even started yet oh yeah we gotta restart cuz this is too much this is prob like that's pretty much it you guys for this week this week I think it was just learning about my body about my patterns my triggers just gonna work on the nose next week I can actually you know work on it more like actually practice it more I think this one got learned next week I can practice what I'm like learning I'm gonna lose at least at least 10 pounds like so Jun 10 pounds let's see if I can do it I'm also trying to practice eating without the TV because I feel like I've made that a comfort thing for me I said I was gonna do like two days something deal like two days ago and job still being with the TV while watch like one show the TV I do not want to make that I had but like I'm gonna mindfully eat take my time finish what I got you know and then going with my life even like with my style is how I wait to get out of there yeah I take it out of the container and split it in putting Tiger usually I would just eat half of it out of there but I know if I did that I wouldn't just eat half I'd go way over that feel like I just was like alright I'm not gonna be a big person anymore I just want to lose the weight but you have to be a fit person if you want to lose the weight you have to like Shane gonna try a lifestyle it's not just oh yeah I'm doing this challenge or something and I'm gonna lose weight and I'm gonna go back on with my life no your whole life is gonna be different which we lose that weight so if your life is gonna be different you like has to start off different if that make any sense I don't know cuz I'm there but yeah like I'm a sec ting that I am a big girl that has to learn how to how to do all this stuff I'm learning that I have two other news like uh before it was always maintaining weight before I had all the way but now I have all the way is actually learning to lose it so yeah practicing that it's scary and hard alright thank you guys love you you don't forget to subscribe

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