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don't try to my jokes guys so that's my wait water muscle fat bone density all that fun stuff so alright okay so and then my measurements are 41 and a half for my hips 37 and a half I probably not right but I'm pretty sure it's 37 and a half for my waist and 31 and a half for my chest no switch those switch those yeah so not horrible actually it's pretty similar to what I was pre pregnancy but it's just a lot different now it's not as tighter or is not as tight I'm so tired we're outside all day in the Sun yesterday so should be an interesting workout Jay's feeding and Jamie downstairs I'm gonna go eat something thinking about doing intermittent fasting but not this week and then I also have no groceries in the house I'm also going to a brand new gym so should be very interesting first day probably gonna pick up some groceries I'm definitely going to the gym and I'm gonna try and eat as healthy as I can with what we have in the house until I go grocery shopping I'm not gonna show you guys what I eat every morning because it's basically the exact same thing so I have coffee with ice I put in the soap and oil almond creamer and then I put in a little bit of milk usually and these stevia sweet drops so sweet leaf sweet drops vanilla flavoring so it's like a vanilla iced coffee that's what I have every morning or a hot coffee with basically this exact same ingredients and then I have oatmeal every morning so I used to have the packet of instant oatmeal mixed with the large flaked Quaker but I'm trying not to eat the instinct because it's not good for you so having the large flake Quaker Oats flax seed which is almost empty but I have a refill temp arts I have this vanilla coconut it's like a yogurt every morning with it and then I do usually put a fruit in it but I don't have any fruit that I like like you know we have strawberries right now and I'm a big fan of strawberries so I'm gonna put some coconut slices in it instead and because I'm not using the packet I'm gonna put a tiny bit of raw brown sugar in there as well so that's what I'm having for breakfast and yeah then I'm gonna head over to the gym all right guys it is the end of day one Monday and I went to the gym I eat relatively okay like I ate healthy but I just didn't meet my like goal it's probably cuz I had a protein bar while I was eight so I'm like recording on my fitness pal just makes it a little easier for me and I've been using it for a really long time so my goal was fifteen hundred and twenty calories not including like when I exercise that kind of gives me more calories so my goal would have been 2100 with the exercise that I did today but I went over by 70 calories I can't really show you guys anyways that was day one that's Monday and I will see you guys morning guys at this day – Tuesday and I just woke up my whole body is so sore I really went like ham yesterday at the body pump class and now my body's paying for it so um we're gonna see how well I can recover in the next few hours cuz I wanted to go to another class today there is a yoga class I like the further away gym so we'll see maybe I'll go do that instead just go to my relaxing recovery-oriented and if not then we'll just do some stretching at home some night stretches and light yoga and then maybe go for a walk like go back get active outside so I don't think today it's going to be like a Jim and Jim day which I have to keep reminding myself that like I don't have like the body and the strength and the stamina and all that stuff that I used to have so I go into the gym five days a week was probably like a pretty far-fetched dream for me but I'm gonna try and at least stay active every day this week so if I give my body time to rest today hopefully by tomorrow it's better although usually in my like history it is usually the second day after working out that is the worst so we'll see but I just want to check in with you guys I had breakfast same as yesterday except for no coconut slices and I added blueberries and then I still haven't made of meal plan so I guess we're just winging it again today but yeah last may be a like top chicken tacos they were delicious and yeah yes I will either check in with you guys later or tonight all right guys it is the end of day two of my first week of working out I'm getting healthy and all that jazz and today was somewhat of a failure so we had a doctor's equipment today I was planning on going to a yoga class to help stretch out my body just because I am in so much pain from pushing it way too hard yesterday on my first day so getting up and down my stairs has been a real pain in the butt all day long but I was going to go to a yoga class and we had a doctor's appointment me and Jaime so I couldn't go because it was at exactly the like exact same time so we skipped the gym but I did go for a very long walk Jaime I think we were out for probably almost an hour walking this was not horrible I did obviously like keep my body active today I stuck mostly to my diet I'm not done putting in all the food into My Fitness Pal but I feel like I'll be a little bit over but pretty close I did change my macros because I wasn't factoring in that I am still breastfeeding and that you do burn calories while breastfeeding I'm not breastfeeding obviously as much as I was when he was little so I'm not burning as much in life in terms of calories but I am burning some so I just sort of gave myself a little bit more in terms of what I was eating throughout the day someone make sure I keep my milk supply up so I'm keeping my macros for my my calorie intake anyways at around 1900 and that's still like I mean that's what I would have if I was just trying to keep my body the exact same like that's sort of my baseline and I would reduce that if I was trying to lose weight which I am but because I'm burning calories for breastfeeding as well as working out I needed to give myself a little bit of extra calorie intake so didn't lose my breast milk anyways it's the end of day two it was someone successful we went for a walk I see it active I stuck mostly to my macros I did have a cookie because they made a fatal error in dieting and this week I just sort of cold turkey cut out sugar besides like I had some blueberries this morning but basically I've cut up sugar the last two days and I've had a migraine basically all day to go along with my very sore body so and he's just getting you guys all cut up on Tuesday hopefully this video isn't too long because I ramble and I'm gonna be doing this all week but hey I'll see you guys tomorrow alright guys I hope it's not too loud my husband is just taking a shower but I wanted to share with you this is the first time that I've put on a bikini since since I was pregnant so since last summer I'm not loving yet I'm gonna show you guys but hopefully by the end of the summer I fit in this the way that I used to fit in it or at least like not I know my body's not gonna become what it used to be but at least maybe all feel more comfortable in it like I used to so this particular reading so used to be actually pretty big on me and I kept it in case I needed it for you know when I gained weight because I do fluctuate weight just normally um but it's just sort of tight in areas that it didn't used to be so anyways I'll just show you guys all right yeah I just wanted to share with you guys because I'm feeling confident today so I decided to put on a bikini we'll see if I actually take off my shirt once we get to the splash pad all right I did not bring my like big camera with me because I felt like that was overkill good Jim but I'm right into the gym with me I'm not doing it class unfortunately which was something I really wanted to do this because you can make a lot of classes but I couldn't make one today so we are do some light working out cuz I'm still in a lot of pain from Monday and this Wednesday but yeah I'm gonna bring you guys up and forgot what I wanted to mention before this but okay so I just finished my first workout at the gym like without a classic me and it went pretty well I know that I'm going to be sore tomorrow you know what's safe for breastfeeding so we're gonna do some research on that so tonight but anyway hey guys so I just realized that it is now almost 8 o'clock at night and I have not checked in with you guys today but that's probably fine because honestly it was a very uneventful day I took a nap for like an hour and a half this morning while Jamie took a nap and I just I never take naps so clearly my body is exhausted and I needed it because I even went to bed last night at like 10 no it was like 10:30 when I went to bed last night so I'm obviously pretty exhausted from this first week and the heat is not helping so anyways today I put on workout clothing as you guys can see but I decided and I made like a conscious decision not to go to the gym today I did go for a walk with a little stroller walk with Jay and the dog and Jameson and just nice little family walk something to get me outside and active today but other than that I didn't really do anything plus I also kind of I didn't like eat bad today but I didn't eat great today like I ate a lot of carbs today I've just been starving all day long and I don't want to starve myself so my body's saying it's hungry and it's hungry and it's gonna eat no anyways just me checking in with you guys yeah I kind of stuck to my diet and went for a light walk that's it that's all you can do somedays body's too tired and you're too hungry to worry about your waistline so that's how to do you weigh okay so I don't think there's any huge difference it is lower by two pounds but I don't really remember the rest of the stats there's all have to go back and take a look when I have it but I don't think there's any drastic change in my body this week so good morning guys it is Friday morning and this is my third time trying to film this because every time like I parked in the back corner near the dumpsters so I was like oh nobody will come over here and I've had two cars pull away and one car pull in while trying to film and talk to you guys so I just wanted to do a quick check-in with you guys it is my last day of my first week of doing like check-ins and my last day of this video with you guys and I wanted to say that I feel like it was a complete success this week I went to the gym three times which is pretty big for my first time going back to the gym in almost two years I feel like I usually need a lot of outside motivation and this week I really just like dug deep and like I think doing this video also helped keep me accountable and Ana and Morgan also kept me accountable I don't know if I've mentioned yet but Morgan from life with Lily is going to be joining us on this collab so I'm not sure if she's putting up a video this week or next week I know that she sort of kind of joined in with us throughout the week and so I'm not sure if she's ready this week to put up a video but she will be joining this collab so definitely go check out her channel subscribe and turn the notification bell on for her channel so that you don't miss when she does upload for fitness Friday but anyways back to what I was saying I think all those things kept me accountable but I really feel like there was a lot of self motivation this week and I'm super proud of myself so I went to the gym three times I stayed active all five days I went for a walk those other two days one was a very long walk it was a really short walk but it was extremely hot out yesterday so um and I really wanted ice cream yesterday and I didn't get any not in a self depriving kind of way but just an a do I need this probably not it's just really hot go back to your air condition I was kind of way so um yeah I stuck to my diet pretty well I did actually think I went over yesterday but then I put in most of my food there's a few things that I couldn't find on My Fitness Pal so I'll have to go scan them in but there's a few things that I didn't put in but I was under so we'll see I'll probably be around my my calorie goal may be just over somewhere around there I will definitely be over my macros for carbs I can tell you that I went heavy on the carbs yesterday but I feel like my body needed it cuz I feel so much better today but yeah this week went really well and a few things I didn't share with you guys are I take a multivitamin every morning the gummy all e vitamins I got them from Target when we went over to the States but I usually take a prenatal vitamin just cuz I am still breastfeeding my milk spray supply hasn't seemed to drop drastically this week like it did last time I tried to work out it did drop a tiny bit I can tell just because I'm just under that six ounce mark now when I pump and I was just at that six ounce mark so not a big difference but just a very minor one and I do drink BCAAs every time I go to the gym or work out I don't know what's safe for breastfeeding so I'm just sticking to that right now but usually I'd be drinking pre-workout protein and my BCAAs so those are what I would normally take but we'll see I'm drinking coffee as my pre-workout and yeah I'm gonna be heading into a class so I kind of have to wrap this up this isn't how I wanted to do my review of the week I wanted to sit down with you and go over each day and all that jazz but that's kind of actually the point is that we don't always have time to squeeze everything in and so cut yourself a break if you're on a weight-loss journey if you're on a healthy journey if you're on any sort of you know fitness journey then cut yourself a break life gets busy don't use it as an excuse but just know that life is busy and you can't always make it to the gym or you know make to the gym and do a YouTube video all in the same day it's just not gonna work so of course my video my camera stopped recording last minute as I was saying if you guys enjoy this video give it a thumbs up for me if you have any encouragement for me leave it down below in the comments leave me a comment question or query about this week about what you liked you didn't like what you want to see for next Fitness Friday I have some ideas me and Anna and Morgan will be working on some more cohesive stuff in the future but for now we're all on a different journey so we wanted to show you all the different perspectives of all different types of journeys so we're just sort of all over the spectrum of what it's like to be a mom going on a fitness journey so check out their channels definitely subscribe to all of us turn our notification bells on and we will see you next week bye guys

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  1. Barre workouts on YouTube are great for the days when I skip the gym…..I mean, when I actually try to be active….like the 2 months out of the year that I actually get motivated 😂

  2. 👏 2lbs less 👏
    The struggles of a breastfeeding mom!
    Every time I try to workout /dieting I stop after a week or so cuz my supply will just dip. But! Ethan is already over 1 so I think now it's the time to start again! Ahhh ladies wait for me, I'm coming to workout too!! Lol 🖐💙

  3. So excited to be on this journey with you ladies! Love the support system we have in place already 💖🙂.

  4. Girl 😍😍😍😍 seriously that bikini looks amazing on you! I’m so excited to see what your results will be at the end if that’s what you look like now. Like how?! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Cutting sugar is sooooo hard 🙈. You deserve that cookie. Small adjustments one day at a time 💪🏻.

  6. Good for you for listening to your body. I mean workouts are few and far in between (working on changing that) but like you said it’s better to make reachable and realistic goals at first!

  7. You got this! You should be proud of all that you did today!! I love myfitnesspal I use it all the time!

  8. Keep it up! I’m always so sore I can barely move after I start working out again after a long break too 🤣

  9. This video has inspired me to start my fitness journey also! Waiting until the long weekend is over and will start on Tuesday 😏 what scale is that btw?! Love how it calculates more than just your weight!!

  10. So many of you mamas reached out last week after my first Fitness Friday post about my journey so far and I was incredibly touched by your encouragement as well as the fact that many of you said Anna and I were motivating you to start your postpartum fitness journey. Let me know if you started this week, if you have a plan or goal in mind, and what was the health highlight of your week!! xoxox

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