hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be doing a weight loss update for you guys and like more so like a what I eat in a day and like what I've been doing for like my like daily routine things like that so I'm just gonna kind of like show you guys what I've done so in the past like we care really kicked it up decided to go like full keto full low carb I've kind of like been mixing it in here and there until like slowly lose my baby weight as you guys know I lost all of my baby weight in the first two weeks after having rayker and I attest a lot of that to breastfeeding kaya's destroying things in the background anyway so I had to test like a lot of that like actual baby weight from Ryker from breastfeeding but from there on out so everything I've lost from there on out has been purely just me dieting and like low carb keto and when I say like I really kicked it up a notch as I started working out a lot more than I was previously and I just been more active in general so 10 pounds in the first week in the first nine days I lost 10 pounds so whoa did you see that did you guys just hear that oh my gosh Mike did you just hear that did you see the lightning yes yeah that was crazy before I was rudely interrupted by that lightning bolt just showing you guys what I've been eating and like doing to lose those 10 pounds all right so I have actually been doing a lot of like these egg muffins in the morning because they're low carb they're delicious I've got some in here for kaya I was getting the Jimmy Dean frittata I'll leave a picture up here somewhere for you guys to see what I was me or what I was um I'll leave a picture up here for you guys somewhere so that you can see exactly what I had been buying decided to make them myself so that they were preservative free and they're cheaper this way so I made a ton with jalapenos it's got bacon a little bit of bacon I don't like to overdo it on the bacon I know like monkey no you can have bacon but I don't think pounds and pounds of bacon it's necessarily the best for you so anyways I've got some bacon in here a little bit of mozzarella seasonings and then jalapenos and those of jalapenos are for Mike and I in the morning and then the ones of just bacon will be for kaya because she loves these so the Jimmy Dean ones come in a two-pack and then you just heat him up in the microwave and kaya would have one and then I would have one so I know that she loves these these were an absolute hit with her make counters are all greasy because they just got them cooking these but generally this is what I've been having for breakfast in the morning it's just like a little card like an egg option and then along with it I will have some unsweetened vanilla almond milk this is just like the Walmart version the Walmart brand I've been getting my groceries via Walmart pickup lately cause it is so convenient and then also I will have this iced coffee I showed you guys this a million times and all of my dating life since I started doing them I've been showing you guys these and I really or I've been showing you guys like this combo right here these two things so that is what I have for breakfast every single day Nia and then also I've been having lemon in my water I just I feel like it just makes me feel better when I have lemon in my water plus it's really good for your kidneys and I struggle with kidney stones and like kidney infections so I like to introduce a little bit of lemon into my diet once in a while just to like keep my kidneys healthy and then for like a lot of lunches and stuff I've been using this it's just like a green leaf lettuce it's a butter lettuce and I've been using this along with some deli meats this is just like oven roasted turkey breast or whatever I have in here we did have like pulled pork as well did I put in there that was really good but if you later layer it with okay like so much just along to taste good in there but if you layer it with have already a little bit of like a tiny bit of mayo I do like a homemade Mayo with avocado oil and that I will also do tomatoes sometimes I feel like a cucumber in there too but basically just like a low-carb sandwich another thing that's the staple on our house when we're doing keto chicken thighs and chicken drum ease because they're just so easy to toss on the gorillas quick he does a lot easier to do in the summer time I will say that but definitely a staple as well as actually these were these are not mine these were like these were picked up by mistake as well as like some salad so this mixed green whatever stuff mix I'll do that along with some of my homemade ranch which I will leave like a general recipe down below I do the whole 30 ranch super super good and you can add whatever kind of herbs you want in there and then I mean some days I go a little bit more dairy free than others today was not one of them I went pretty heavy on the on the cheese today so my stomach will be hurting later but if I'm doing like a low dairy day I won't put cheese on this otherwise I'll do like a shredded cheese with my homemade ranch some red onions so chopped cucumbers and it's super refreshing and super yummy and then I'll also do I have a huge bag of jalapenos in here which we already had a ton tonight but um we'll do stuffed jalapeno like poppers so I'll cut these in half and I'll scoop up the seeds and then I'll add cream cheese mixed with bacon bits or just plain cream cheese and then stick those in the oven until the peppers are soft that is delicious this is one of my favorite things that my favorite like meals to make is the jalapeno poppers with like stuffed chicken and then I get this top the tater this is a really good with potato chips but and I'm like such a chips and dip person but um I will have this with like sliced cucumbers and that does the job for snacking I have a bubbly which is its caffeine for you which is like the only downside because for me if I'm going to drink something I like it for it to have caffeine in it but if I'm craving something sweet this does the trick this is sugar free and I believe it just has like natural flavors in it zero carbs no sugars the mango is my favorite and then I just in the fridge right now I've got like random things from camping but and like Momo's I've got these these dill pickle chips are these like hamburger dill chips I guess it's what they would be those are really good for snacking as well as you can tell we're smackers these is another really good keto snack so I've got like pepper jack and sharp cheddar in here and I do like to have some fruit on hand so like right now I've got some leftover watermelon from the weekend I need to refill on my fruit though because we just got home from a long week of camping some of my favorite things to like top my stuff with when I'm going keto or low carb or just like in general trying to watch what I'm eating more like cutting out more of the processed foods which is why I'll do like homemade Mayo and I'll do homemade ranch is I try to just cut out some of the processed foods I know the stuff off the shelf is good and it's technically keto friendly but there are added sugars and there and preservatives and just things that aren't good for your body so sriracha I don't know how to make homemade sriracha so that is one thing that I do keep on hand as well as red hot um I love red hot on my stuff and there are zero carbs in there I still need to look up like a low carb barbecue recipe because they're like a barbecue sauce recipe I haven't gotten that far yet and then on top of that I went super easy this time and got some lunches so I got these are my go-to is these healthy choice again like I try to stay away from preservatives and like creep like made meals did you have one of these for lunch today we told me Apple pork anyway so Mike and I are doing this together it's just easier when we both are eating the same thing but this is just chicken broccoli and alfredo and it's only 190 calories that's like the only downside in each meal which to me is like not enough but I always make sure that i recoup with like cut up calories at night because just because like even though I'm going keto I don't necessarily want to cut too much on my calories kai is trying to run outside and run away right now hence the Mel tone but in here I've got let's see there's two here there are two grams of sugar which isn't too bad considering that it's like a pre-made meal okay so the other frozen meal that I get again it's 190 calories this is the simply steamed where's chicken and vegetable stir-fry it's really good it's got like peas and broccoli chicken peppers then it comes in like a light sauce in here there are a little bit more added sugars this one has six grams of total added sugars and then the net carbs would be at sea about 1010 net carbs and I try to stick to around 20 to 30 net carbs a day so this is a little bit higher but if I know I'm having zero cars for breakfast then I will squeeze this and for my lunch plus it's just easy it's easy it's pretty little carb and yeah it's really good so I've got lots of chicken breasts right now chicken breast is with people without the bacon I've got two packages here and we rock fests on the weekend and then last but not least I've got a keg of beef burgers just like the pre-made fine because we're super crazy busy as you guys know but yeah that is what I keep in the house for snacks and then if I do need something like a dessert don't make me like sitting on the floor if I need something like sweet like a dessert I'll do whipped cream because you can make your own whip cream pretty easily and like add some stevia or some a respite all which are both keto friendly sweeteners and I believe they're fairly like natural they're much better for you than any other like the aspartame like the stevia or what do they call the aspartame the Splenda much better for you than that but alright so that is like in a gist what I have in the house when I'm going keto on there might be some other miscellaneous things that I keep on him but I will keep you guys updated I'll do a couple more videos like in this style where I just kind of like show you what I keep in the house while I'm losing weight talk to you guys about like my weight loss progress and like what my workout routine is and I'll show you guys here in a clip but typically what I'll do is I'll go for a run on the elliptical when I was on vacation I went for like a run on the road and I went swimming and I just like Maitre saying when they active just whatever make sure that you're like off your bomb you're doing some stuff you're like making an actual effort to be active I've been kind of at the past couple days because I've been super tired since getting back from vacation you want some juice and anyways but I think I'm gonna have to start implementing a morning run because after work I'm just like so crazy insane yourself anyways alright I will show you guys what my workout routine is and show you guys what I have for at lunch tomorrow like show you guys like what it looks like I'll heat it up and stuff so alright okay guys so this is what I was doing for dinner tonight I have like hamburger with no fun it's just like ketchup and ranch I've got jalapeno poppers that I made which inside of here is just like cream cheese and then cheese on top and then I also have the peppers are spicy honey and then I've got some asparagus as well kind of made a mess it was like mixing the ketchup from the ranch over here but that is what I'm having for dinner and then this is butter lettuce underneath and a Roma tomato so like a little bit of carbs in this meal but not too bad but and then the ketchup – ketchup – I did a tablespoon and that has 5 grams of carbs so because I didn't get the sugar free ketchup this time they do have keto friendly ketchup but I just did the regular ketchup for now I will show you guys what my macros ended up looking like with my lunch which I just grabbed one of those healthy choice things for lunch and then they also had a benefit today for her somebody at work and I ended up having a hotdog and then I did have a bite of a cupcake but oops anyways so I will show you guys what my macros look like for the day okay guys so for the day today I ended up at 1659 I just like to set like a 1,500 calorie in there but I just try to say anywhere between 15 and like like 17 1800 it just depends on how many carbs I'm having that day and I do try and work out every single day at least go for like a run I have not been very good for the past few days I've mostly just been focusing on what I've been eating but after this after my food settles I will workout on the elliptical for 20 minutes so that will add to my exercise but breakfast I had my paleo egg muffin and then my iced coffee lunch I had this healthy choice I did have a hot dog now I don't know if this is accurate I just put in a hot dog I don't necessarily know where the hot dogs from it's probably not as much as this big Kirkland Costco hot dog but anyways and then I put in a half of a chocolate cupcake because I eat the top of a chocolate cupcake and then pickles and this was for that benefit that I went to so my lunch was only 480 calories it wasn't much but dinner I was starving tonight I had almost 1,100 calories for dinner I had two burger patties like on the lettuce which I actually forgot to add the lettuce and tomato but those aren't very many calories it'll just affect my carbs a little bit so I'll show you guys the nutrition info after I get those in but calorie-wise this is pretty accurate I've got the Havarti the one size I have RDS but between the two burgers I've got some asparagus my homemade jalapeno poppers I had four of those and that is what I have for the day I don't mark my water in here at all but yeah total I had 1659 for the day so I am over a little bit but like I said I just put 15 in 1500 in there as like a general guideline but I'm like anywhere between 15 and 17 hundred calories just her reference I am just her reference I am like five foot nine and a half so I'm pretty tall so my caloric needs are going to be much different than say like somebody who's five five but anyways this is what I'm sitting at right now and then I'll add these tomatoes and lettuce and then show you the nutrition info okay so this is where I wound up for the day I'm sitting at 93 for my protein 50 for my carbs which I knew today was gonna be a little bit higher because I obviously I had a cupcake or like I have a cupcake but I'm at 50 minus 11 spent 39 grams of carbs and like I told you guys I like to typically keep that between 20 and 30 so but 39s not bad for like having a little bit of a cheat the sugar that's mostly from the cupcake I had my fat I went well over today which is good you actually when you're on keto you want to see this fat higher so protein I need to work on a little bit but yeah not too too bad considering that I cheated a tiny bit today so I just wanted to include that little cheat in there for you guys I could have left off that cupcake but decided to leave it in there I had like a half a cupcake so it wasn't really much but I just wanted to show you guys that as long as you're you know making sure that it fits into your macros you can have a treat once in a while keto would the only downfall with keto is that once your body gets into ketosis you can be thrown out of ketosis really easily if you have a treat like that but anyways today like I said I went to a benefit it was kind of a it was like an exception because I was going to that benefit today and I just don't want to seem rude and like only take off him a hotdog with no bun so anyways the cupcakes it was really good I believe it's gluten free but it was super yummy anyways yeah so sitting pretty good for the day considering that I had a little bit of a cheat and now I'm gonna go and run it on the elliptical for 20 minutes and I will bring you guys along for that like for a little bit of it so I can like kind of show you guys it's kind of boring just cardio but I'm gonna go help the bee because he is waking up but I will check in with you guys when I go to work out okay guys I was gonna go and work out tonight but I ended up doing a bunch of yard work instead it was like outside taking care of the dogs both my dogs that kind of sick right now so I been taking care of them I was running around and now I'm just kind of running out of time I think I'm just gonna have to go and workout tomorrow morning at like 4 a.m. 5 a.m. which is fine because I plan on going to bed early tonight so that should work out perfect but I'm gonna end the vlog there for today I'm trying to sneak in an episode of stranger things 3 maybe do some like leg lifts and some ab exercises while I'm laying in bed that what I've been doing to lose my weight I've just been watching my carbs I've been much more active I've been working out almost every single day the past few days like I said I've been like less like elliptical and more like just staying active and like being outside and running around and cleaning and things like that so I do plan to implement a weight routine here very soon I've thought about like implementing some like cycling things like that I've looked at like some cycle bars I never thought it would be like a cycler but I have a good friend at work and she mentioned that maybe we should try it because like you lose a lot of weight you're always some really good shape when you cycle so anyways if you guys enjoy my weight loss stuff and you want to follow me on my weight loss journey or just want to stay tuned for my day in the life vlogs follow me on my motherhood motherhood journey I've got a few travel vlogs coming in the very near future we've got some trips planned it's gonna be a lot of fun our life is never lacking chaos and excitement so make sure you hit that big thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on any other craziness and I'll see you guys on Sunday I'll see you in Sunday for another really fun video okay [Applause] [Laughter]


  1. Finally! I'm catching up on these amazing videos/vlogs in between my family summer travel. It's truly motivational to see you taking care of yourself as well – I need this kind of inspirational motivation anywhere I can find it. There are the dark days, after work, when my mind and emotions tell me that there is no more steam left in my body to go further. And, I get the aphorism that energy begets energy, but still!! So then the first thing to go is my workout. I've gone from hardcore gym rat to tapped out mom. And this is hard to accept sometimes too, because it was a part of my identity…..But, I do not give up so easily, and am also – like you said – trying to find more moments in the day to get off my bum. Kuddos to you!!

  2. I love making egg bites for the week. I just made some with chorizo, spinach and cheddar cheese. I eat 3 of them with 1/2 an avocado for breakfast! So good!

  3. Check out les mills body pump! It’s my favorite workout and I saw great results when I did it 3x a week. I was even able to do it during pregnancy.

  4. I did low carb and lost 75 pounds but I remember standing in the grocery aisle staring at a Sara Lee coffee cake with tears running down my cheeks…… temporary meltdown but the diet works! Good luck, you're doing great.

  5. Loved the video Morgan always such great info! Wish me luck I'm due with my first this Saturday 💙 definitely scared but excited! Hoping he comes soon

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