Postpartum Wellness

okay I am Rosalie's Danica and postpartum wellness in McLean Virginia I wanted to introduce myself to you I also want to talk a little bit about the transition into motherhood it's certainly one of the most challenging events in that life and there is a lot of attention that's given to preparing for the birth of your baby but there is rarely any attention that given to what happens once you return home from the hospital with your baby I want to acknowledge that there definitely are a lot of changes that occur for example learning how to feed the physical pain that you experience changes in your relationships with your partner or your relatives and then of course the emotional roller coaster that that occurs and often times it's very hard to know whether all these changes are normal and I often hear from moms that describe themselves feeling guilty or embarrassed about the thoughts that they're having because they feel like they should be happy or they shouldn't be having such a hard time taking care of their baby and what I do want you to come away with today is knowing that there are so many unfair and on a realistic expectations that are placed on moms so I don't want you to wait too long to reach out for help there are so many resources throughout Northern Virginia that I can share with you I am also available for counseling services where I can teach you techniques and strategies to learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings and I know that together we can get you feeling better really soon so reach out and email or call me and I will definitely be able to provide you with some information take care

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