1. Please remember: this does not happen to everyone and no two people have the exact same experience. None of this happens all at once either, so keep that in mind. This video would have been helpful for me and that is my intention in sharing it with you. Everyone knows babies are cute and worth every bit of pain. But not everyone talks about the not-so-glamorous part. I promise you all that having a baby is more than worth it. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! Without question! Love you guys!

  2. This makes me wanna cry. I’m 37w 3d and I’m more terrified for the postpartum then actual child birth. I have endometriosis, so I’m used to heavy bleeding and pain with periods but the fact that I’ll be a stay at home mom pretty much doing it by myself while having to cope with my body healing scares me. (my partner works 40+ hours a week, early mornings to late afternoons outside in the heat so I can’t expect him to be up all night with me when he goes to work at 6am and does physical labor in 100°+ weather.) just want to skip to feeling somewhat like my normal self again.

  3. Crooked pelvis? That's sacro-illiac dysfunction. See a chiropractor who can deal with that. It works. Otherwise expect your gait, posture and everything else to get messed up. Physio? Pft. Totally inadequate. Get your hips reefed on by a chiro who knows their shit.

  4. I also had a hemorrhoid that wouldn't go away for months, until I changed what I was doing to take care of the downstairs area. I changed what wipe I was using. Started using this wipe for sensitive skin with aloe in it. That seemed to take the irritation WAY down, but it was still taking a while for it to go away. I also changed how I was washing myself. One soap is from Dr. Bronner's(the bar) and the other is from Desert Essence(Thoroughly Clean)that I've been using for my face for years. I figured if it's safe for my face, it'll be safe for my butthole. I started mixing the two(because the Dr. Bronner's one wasn't cleaning as well anymore) and that did the trick for both my butthole and the downstairs area, which started to smell more the closer I got to my third trimester. Hemorrhoid has now 100% cleared up and my downstairs area also doesn't smell anymore. I've also started using coconut oil down there with the occasional rose water/witch hazel spray(because I'm a bit extra like that). Not only have all my problems gone away, but my downstairs area has never felt so clean/moisturized and healthy. So, if you ladies are struggling with your bits downstairs, change your routine. Use wipes that don't irritate the skin and aid with skin irritation; and also use soaps that contain tea tree oil in it. I believe the coconut oil and witch hazel helps a lot also.

  5. Thank you for all the info girl and I really appreciate the REALNESS🙌 us future momma need to know this shit

  6. 38 weeks pregnant and I’m terrified 💔 very informative video thank you so much 😭 I wish I could just fast forward through the pain

  7. I’m glad I’m not too terrified of blood being everywhere. I’m really trying to stay calm considering I could go into labor at any time. Congratulations on your handsome son.

  8. Ah crap… due date is in 11 days with my first and I just hit the part in the video about the tailbone thing. I cracked my tailbone in 4 different spots about 3 years ago AND I also have scoliosis (it's slight and mostly in the lumbar region)… RIP my back and pelvis.

  9. Tail bone pain, especially as you described with your pelvis being out of place sounds like SI joint pain (sacroiliac). Chiropractic care and massage therapy (medical massage) can also help relieve and correct that.

  10. Thank you for this information. FYI – when you started the video I immediately thought “Her hair is beautiful!” 💜

  11. Me and my fiancé are having our first child. We are having a baby boy💙 I’m due very early July. I’m not gonna lie this video scares me but I know everything is gonna be okay. I’m willing to deal with the pain and bleeding and stitches. All I care about is our son being born healthy and happy. I see it as going threw the pain only makes you stronger and the pain is worth it.

  12. I clicked the video stopped it to read the comments….nd i dont think i wil watch t sinc am prego nd its the first prego…so thanks for the comment

  13. hi, congrats and welcome to mom's world..first of all, I'm so sorry to hear about you experienced .. like you said , others might not have the same experienced as yours ,but just be alert right.. I'm a mother of 7 coming to eight this end of March, insha'Allah.
    the things tht your sister in law did , pressing below your navel, was to make the blood and blood clots out..but here ( im from Malaysia) from my experiences so far..the ners didn't press it tht hard and you are not supposed to felt pain only slight discomfort, because some mother could have internal bleeding from tht,but the blood clots must be discharged, here we drink some traditional herbs , i read somewhere even eating dates also help..
    and popping after childbirth is scary..so thts y the traditional ways is to eats poridge and drinks lot of chicken soup..only for a week..and i used water from soaked betel leaves to wash my stitches from the tear.. insha'Allah it heals faster and not painful as the salt water..i hope my info could be helpful

  14. He pushing on the uterus after birth is definitely not necessary and I‘m sorry you had to go through this..the most natural way to help your uterus contracting is nursing..

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