and I even like taking photos of it because I was trying to like see exactly what's happening down there maybe I wish I hadn't found out hi guys welcome back to my channel today it's gonna be a very interesting topic this is something I've been really wanting to put out there because when I was pregnant about the last three months I got obsessed with birthing videos and postpartum videos and postpartum things no one tells you and this is gonna be the video about postpartum things that I wish I had known and this is considering that I pretty much watched every single postpartum video probably there is hope you enjoyed this video and let's get started so I'm really sweaty and just came back from a walk I took some notes here so if you see me looking down that's because I'm checking with my notes so a major thing that nobody talks about really and it's kind of like you know not a lot of people want to discuss and it's gonna be a little TMI so if you don't feel comfortable hearing this please click off I just want to be real and I want this information to be out there for women to be aware of this so um this was my first child and one of the things that has happened to me it was prolapse TMI warning so before birth my vagina was really small and it was closed and like a hole and basically looked kind of like this like it was you know it was like a closed opening basically that's what it looked like now after giving birth to my nine pound baby pushing her out my vagina is like a rose you can see everything that's inside and I even like taken of it because I was trying to like see exactly what's happening down there and so yeah basically like you can see the insides like through my vagina you can see what's like coming down from there so the things that happened to me was actually rectal prolapse and bladder prolapse the bladder prolapse is not as terrible but the rectal prolapse it's very visible for a long time like I'm eight months postpartum for a long time I felt like heaviness down there and that's one of the symptoms even when you talk with your doctor sometimes they can't diagnose you because the way they test you is you're laying back down and so your insides are basically like kind of sucked back in a little bit so the way to actually get tested for it is you need to be standing so when you feel discomfort and you're standing that could be a sign that you have prolapse so anyways this is one of the things that nobody really talked about I really wish I had known about this I mean I don't know guys ignorance is bliss me next thing is actually this happened at three months and actually a lot of the people like older women who have given birth in my family or extended family have said that this also happened to them at three months and that was postpartum hair loss and yeah that was not fun basically half of my hair fell out from about three to five months I could just like go like this and like a whole bunch of hair would just come out of my head and yeah that was not fun now it's regrowing I can actually show you the regrowth that's happening there's like a whole bunch of tiny little hairs on my head that are like coming through I don't know if I will show that people do talk about it but I don't think they talk about it as much I mean I know it doesn't happen to everybody but it was really severe and I do have to mention that I was taking prenatal vitamins after birth and I'm still taking them because I'm breastfeeding so I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins so it was something probably hormonal vitamin related now the next few things are the things that will happen closer to a right after giving birth so the one thing is that when you go to the bathroom probably like first few weeks after giving birth it's gonna hurt like I had cried on the toilet trying to poop after giving birth and it wasn't the first pope and I was taking stool softener but it was like the next few books you know once you start eating like more regular foods so I had once the milk came in and about one week I had a rash like hives welts like itchy bumps all over my breasts down here under my breasts a little bit on my arms and all around here that's look like two weeks to get rid of nothing was helping I went to urgency care twice for this thing they gave me a shot they gave me prescription drugs and it still was not really going away I was using natural remedies it just took time I think it was I'm actually not sure what caused it to this day some say was peps or pups so like when you get stretch marks it will happen like in the stretch marks kinda you will get these like painful red itchy horribly itchy bumps but what happened was actually like I don't have any new stretch marks I didn't have stretch marks on my chest here like where the bones are that was not stretched out and on my like wrists I had it all so I didn't have any stretch marks so I'm not sure if that was because of that I suspect was that because I was given so many different drugs in the hospital maybe my body was like reacting to them or cleansing or hormones or something I don't know but something caused a really horrible rush rash so that was another thing that I never heard anybody talk about until it happened to me and I was like what the heck is going on another thing was that breastfeeding I mean a lot of people say that breastfeeding will be really difficult and honestly it was basically impossible two days in the hospital I thought she was eating and I was putting her in my breast and I thought she was eating and I didn't feel any pain I just felt like a little like he was not painful and then day three she started eating she started sucking and it was so painful it was excruciating pain I could not take it for longer than like two seconds like I'm not joking because it was so so extremely painful no surprise I couldn't actually nurse her directly at all even we went to an ENT they cut her lip tie they cut her tongue tied she had tons a issues with that and then basically we never figured out breasts like nursing and so I ended up breastfeeding her by exclusively pumping and so that's another thing nobody talked about I heard about the exclusively pumping but when it came to that I had no idea that I would be doing it for basically eight eight and a half months and that it would be pretty successful and that it's something that I could do nursing did not work out and I'm still I still kind of have regrets about it now because now my supply is going down and I mean I don't want to be pumping all day long anymore I pump only twice a day for like short periods of time and I'm fine with that but my milk supply is going down obviously because I'm only coming twice a day so I kind of wish I could directly nurse her being one last thing that nobody really talked about it extensively was the back pain so I started having like lower back issues pretty much right after birth I'm not sure if it's because I had an epidural I actually had a walk in Equador if I wake up in the morning I feel really stiff some mornings and I have to do these exercises to like loosen up my back okay guys I really hope you find this information helpful it helps you to prepare mentally for postpartum or just at least know what to expect I really hope you enjoyed this video I'm sorry for the TMI but I really want to be honest and this is just stuff that I wish I had heard somebody mentioned please subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and also please like this video thank you so much have a nice day bye

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