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hey guys welcome back to my channel today is Fitness Friday hope you guys are all amped and pumped up for it and that you crushed your goals this week today I'm gonna talk to you guys about my meal plan but I'm also just gonna kind of chitchat with you guys and my meal plan I have no actual plan in place for my meals I just try to eat healthy and I guess it's called intuitive eating but honestly I probably ignore a lot of the intuition of my body telling me when to stop because I like food I just like to eat until I am grossly full so I've been trying to cut back on that obviously and one of the ways that I do that is just by portioning things out properly and giving myself healthy alternatives instead of having a bunch of RO chips and chocolate and junk food in my fridge freezer cupboards wherever I decide to stash it in my kitchen so basically I just like to keep the options as healthy as possible and then by pushing them off and pre cooking a few things I keep myself accountable for what I'm eating rather than over eating so I find dinnertime to probably be the hardest time for me to stay on track because I just make a big dinner so that way there's enough for me and Jay and Jamie and for Jay to bring to work and then there just ends up being too much and I end up over indulging so that would be my one weakness is dinner time but for breakfast I know usually specifically what I'm gonna have unless I wake up late and tired and I just need to eat something quickly and in that case I like to have some of these pre-portioned pre-made meals ready anyways this is gonna be a bit of a casual chitchat with you guys while I prep some of my food I'm not a culinary genius by any means these are just a few things that I do to keep breakfast and lunch very easy for both me and jaimé okay so if you've watched any of my other videos you know that I'm not supposed to be showing off my kitchen which makes a meal plan video kind of difficult for me so I apologize for the weird angle of seeing my unfinished coke closet and the basement stairs and just sort of a weird background here but the background is not the point so I mean the first thing that I make and I make sure that I have these just because it's the easiest thing to have for both me and Jamie I usually try to reserve them for Jamie just so that way they'll last a bit longer and I have breakfast ready to go for him but I occasionally eat them as well so I make eight cups so basically I'm just gonna get a muffin pan some egg whites and then whatever I decide to throw in them but I'm gonna go ahead and grab that stuff and then I'm gonna come back and chitchat with you guys okay so first I'm just going to spray my pan down which this is not working very well it's like a little mister I just put coconut oil in there instead of using like olive oil or vegetable oil or anything like that okay that's probably too much um anyways so I wanted to chat with you guys a little bit about like my struggles with going to the gym because this week I've actually only been to the gym one time um which is sort of pathetic but it's just so it seems like the daycare is only available from nine I believe 9:00 or 9:30 until 11:30 and there's a class that starts at 9:30 and then there's one that starts at 10:30 however Jamie's nap is at 9:30 and he will sleep anywhere from an hour to two hours so that kind of takes out the morning classes altogether and then in the afternoon they are open again I don't remember the specific time I think it's like from like 1:00 or 1:30 until like 4:30 maybe something like that but anyways I know that it works out to be that again he is napping during the time in which they have daycare available for me so the only option I have is to go when Jane is home it's not working on the house and he's not just coming off of midnight so he actually is like awake and wanting to go like take care of Jamie and like watch him also I usually use fresh spinach for this but I just forgot to grab some then we're gonna add feta I believe from what I remember from the recipe you want to put the like heaviest stuff on the bottom because it's just gonna sink down anyways but maybe I'm wrong we'll see um anyways so that's like one of my biggest challenges and then the other big challenge that I have is that I have myofascial pain in my right upper pectoralis is what my diagnosis is I also have trigger thumb and carpal tunnel so just sort of a mess and I think because I used to work out pretty hardcore my mind isn't my mind doesn't quite understand that my body can't do certain things anymore so I go in with the intention of doing like a full leg workout where I do squats and deadlifts and all kinds of like compound big movements and then I get there and I try to do these things and I can't do the weight that I used to do or I can't do the exercise at all and I get super frustrated and angry and I just move on to like a different exercise or I just go over to the treadmill and give up and that's that's a horrible attitude to have and I know that so that's just something that I am personally struggling with as well I'm gonna need a cloth and yeah so I guess mostly just day care and the pain thing are like my biggest concerns and then just eating right so that is why I like to make these things in advance this is the first thing that I made this one's a little shallow so I did buy eggs I'm just going to I'm also gonna make boiled eggs that's why I brought alright bought these as well these eggs but this is the first recipe so basically for you're gonna put them in the oven 350 I believe it's like 20 or 25 minutes and we'll look up the recipe before I cook them just to make sure but these were what that took me maybe two minutes to do my camera says three minutes but I also jelly dabbled a little bit all right so the next thing that I'm preparing and I'm not actually preparing at all are these morning rounds I just have them in the fridge and every morning I put one into the toaster or the microwave and they're good to go for Jamie in the morning they're also pretty good for me they're not the best morning meal for me but they're not that bad either so they are called morning rounds from a Zuri bakery and they have 200 calories 1 gram of fat that's it 2 grams of fiber 7 grams of sugar which is a little bit high but really not not high and 6 grams of protein so really they have great macros on them the very low in fat so through keto or keto or however you say it these aren't the guys for you obviously their bread but they are great for protein and for low fat so I think these are awesome I have them in blueberry as well as cranberry orange so that's them we're just gonna take half of this one and put it into one container and then half of the other one and put it into the other container and I know this is like fitness stuff for me but I mean if you can get a meal plan that includes a healthy food for both you and your baby isn't that sort of the goal the like mom fitness goal so I'm putting them into these containers and then I'm going to put one egg white egg white bite into each of these as well I can just pop this right into the microwave and warm both up at the same time and then it's good to go for a full breakfast work so I'm just gonna cut up all of my veggies now and then I'll check back in with you guys all right so what's going to make zucchini bread but then I remembered that I made all of these muffins earlier this week so I'm just going to take a couple of these and throw them into a baggie all right so the egg whites are in I've cut up strawberries I've cut up carrots I've cut up morning rounds and packaged some muffins away so we are set for snacks and breakfast I think so I chitchat it with you guys a little bit about my dilemmas and struggles of getting to the gym but I do want to talk on a more positive note about the different things that you can do instead of going to the gym so for instance if I can't make it to the gym at all so there's no daycare running Jake can't watch him I'm not going at 2:00 a.m. when everybody is asleep then I will try and find some alternative thing to do so whether that's going swimming or even if you just go exploring you are getting exercise of some form because most likely you'll have to walk wherever you're going or at the place that you go if I don't go exploring or go somewhere new then I'll just go for a walk around town and make sure to give myself at least an hour to two hours to walk around bring lots of water and snacks for your baby for the most part Jamie doesn't nap on walks anymore which is a real shame because I have to make sure he's entertained but for the most part that's oh he's fine with it he's basically entertained by the world around him which is great for now but yeah we will go for a nice long walk and the heat right now helps me to sweat off an extra ten pounds if we can't go for a walk say it's raining or say that it's you know just dead heat outside and we just can't stomach the heat then I will find a mall or a Costco because they are also very large and I will walk around there the other option that I have I am very lucky to have a completely full basically full gym in my basement so we have a rack we have lots of different weights we have a pull-up bar we have a treadmill we basically have a full gym in our basement and so I'm very lucky to have that however the basements very gloomy and it doesn't inspire me to work out so it's a very low on the totem pole of options that I like to choose something I do really like to do is a workout on YouTube so there's all kinds of different workouts you can do there's dance workouts like Zumba or just Katy Perry's Dark Horse workout if you guys haven't seen that definitely google it it is an awesome workout plus it's a lot of fun to do and there's more like it you can also do a carry carry fit I believe it's what it's called a link it down below but you can do a carry fit exercise which is basically you put your baby in a carrier and you do squats and whatever other things that you can do while holding your baby I actually think one of the women I'm collabing with this week is also putting together a baby me exercise video for this week correct me if I'm wrong Morgan but you guys should definitely head over and check out her channel life with Lily and see if she's got anything that you guys can do over there because YouTube is just full of free motivational exercises and if you can't find anything on YouTube you can't go for a walk you can't go to the gym whatever then just do something to exercise your mind do some yoga do some stretches just make sure your body is either active or your mind is getting some activity and your body is resting also something you guys should remember to do is rest make sure to take your days off I've taken way too many off this week but they are important if you don't rest your body doesn't have time to rebuild the muscles so basically when you're working out you're tearing apart the muscles in your body so that they can regrow stronger and larger and so if you don't give your body time to rest then doesn't have time to recover and build stronger and you end up just exhausting yourself so make sure to rest this turned into more of a less casual chitchat that I wanted but I am just waiting for the oven to finish so I'm going on a little bit of a rant I am just trying to get my ducks in a row with eating because that has been my biggest challenge so far along with the pain in my shoulder and day care situation but getting my eating on track has been probably the hardest thing for me I have a sweet tooth and I love junk food and summertime is the worst for me because all I want is ice cream so I'm really working on that but I wanted to share some places you guys can get some motivational inspirational fitness exercise stuff so you to go to the gym even Pinterest is a great source to have resource to have to find workouts on but yeah YouTube is probably my main source for that kind of stuff you can also find really great recipes on youtube or on Pinterest or just Google in general I just I'm trying to remember what else I wanted to go over with you guys and I can't so I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel and don't forget to check out my collab partners Anna champagne as well as Morgan Schneider from life with Lily go check them out they're amazing and they have weekly videos for fitness Friday as well so head on over there channel channels and check them out I'm getting tongue-tied and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. I love food to much! 😞🤦🏽‍♀️😭 I have to not buy junk food to keep myself from eating bad stuff…but then the hubs will make a grocery run and game over.

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