POSTPARTUM WORKOUT – Baby Sage & Dairy Free

guys it's been a minute I finally put together a workout video for you guys so we had a little baby girl her name is sage she's almost three months old and she's napping but when she wakes up I'm gonna pop her in the video really quick and give you guys a glimpse look I went back to the gym at 6 weeks postpartum and I am back to pre pregnancy weight and also a little bit lighter not that that matters because my muscle mass is gone so I'm trying to get my muscle back I recently had to go dairy-free for her because she doesn't like it in my breast milk there is dairy and everything ok there is dairy and everything it's not just yogurt and milk guys my protein powder my freakin protein bars my freakin ice cream and I want to eat my cookies and my milk and did you know what butter like well let me tell you butter is dairy if you didn't already know and butter is so amazing and everything is cooked in butter she's been so much better since I cut it out whatever maybe it's a blessing in disguise and if it got me losing these lids yeah quickly work oh I hope you enjoy the video game on you want my kind classic mind and you look so fine loving the coals all the rosy fingers shake and get in through your heart break some kind of freeze same for me don't know what I need I can when you say like that right back get in the door silent war was the first to speak speaking like a real freak boys in my head in my bed there with you instead taking your time they pretended so true follow me down this around you the deep dark side we baby make me wanna change break my bed we wanna stay break thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to mummys channels and share below that's right it's

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