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hi guys it's raining today no makeup or anything because we're gonna do my workout so I do 20 of each thing I started with squats benevolent like it'll have to ship things and in fire agents 500 okay donkey kicks but reason is intermittent button losses I'll say did the butteriness with one leg I didn't like this Barbie Lakes inner thigh and I did my arm workouts I don't know what they're called if you bend your elbow so I know well city but I'm gonna move a camera sneaking through this doorway I have this little pull-up bar that I haven't used a long time but he sees it when I used to rock climb a lot I just want to you feel – I don't know worried about my weight this whole time because I am having a baby a big weight I need weight on me to breastfeed and so I do this pretty much I really did not never dating I did try to do this everyday but then my milk supply went down and that's it niggas impatient so everything but definitely like two or three days out of the week I'm trying I just feel better and more energy that way and Lord knows it's there any any mom knows anything or I can't even drink coffee cuz this one won't go to sleep but yeah so this is a good workout for anybody it's like an over whole body workout do it I'm gonna do flips one forward and then holding a little side things and their inner bars that is thank you for watching I hope you got a bazooka and but really it only takes probably if you're not recording you're probably good climber if you don't have a little one it's probably gonna be a lot faster because I stopped to you feeding this little organic like food puffs things I do highly recommend this all you need is like a yoga mat I have a plot bar but you can forego that I haven't used it a long time and I feel big good so right remember to like and subscribe and I'm posting every Friday and Saturday Sunday's it some weeks it might be one video a week but I'm doing pretty dang good about getting on the schedule so Fridays and Saturdays be uploading about easy self-care animals activism or ecotourism so I hope you enjoy the videos also gonna know that I'm using a little step stool to help me gain strength so I'm not lifting my whole body right now eventually I'll get there but not yet I just don't want to make you look all like oh so good right now I haven't no missing long

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