Postpartum workout for strength and fat loss- full workout at home

hey they fit moms and busy bees welcome
back to my channel this is Mandy here with MandyTibbsFit and today I have for
you ladies a postpartum workout it’s gonna be a circuit training workout so
first of all I want to make sure that you all have the approval from your
doctor to work out again and then second of all if anything doesn’t really feel
right then you should stop doing it this isn’t the time to push yourself past
your limit so your body is already going through so much trying to get your
organs back where they belong and so it’s not really the time to push it but
this workout is going to be really great to go ahead and burn some of those
little fats that are trying to linger around and get you out of your pregnancy
stretchy pants and back into your pre-pregnancy pants so what we have is a
circuit we’re gonna be working our bum our legs our arms and our core today so
remember to drink lots of water and don’t go past the point of no return my
first workout after I had my baby I was so sore I totally pushed it past my
limit so anyways try not to push it past your limit and
this is gonna be a fun quick workout like usual so that you can get back to
your mommy and napping and all the fun things so stay with me okay so circuit one we have two
exercises we’re gonna be doing bridges and fire hydrants so we’re gonna be
doing 20 bridges 20 fire hydrants then 20 bridges again and 20 fire hydrants
again and then we’ll take a little break and go to the our next circuit so with
your bridges you want your heels to be as close to your bum as you can possibly
do and hands at your side and then you’re just gonna lift up and make a
good squeeze at the top you want squeeze your butt at the top so there’s 1 2 3 4
5 try not to actually let your butt rest
on the ground as you come down let it just hover 13 14 15 really squeeze it 16 17 18 19
last one 20 hold it for justice I can’t squeeze all right let’s switch over get
on all fours we’re gonna do 20 on each side
start with the left legs how to keep your back straight you don’t want to be
you don’t want to see in your back see shape
all right left leg it’s gonna lift up like this like you’re a dog peeing on a
fire hydrant so we’re gonna do 20 of these 7 8 10 11 12 15 19 last 120 right side begin 1 five six seven eight remember to breathe 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 last 120 and right come back
down on your back we’re gonna do 20 more bridges heels tucked into your butt nice
and close and begin lifting squeezing at the top 10 11 12 13 15 Brees at the top 16 17 18
19 last one hold it squeeze and release all right 20 more of those hot fire
hydrants start on the right side this time
and lift your leg up four one two three get up as high as you can 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 last one 20 next
side lift 1 2 3 hope you’re feeling your bum by now a
little bit talking to you 11 12 13 sixteen 18 19:20 all right good job
sit back into your heels for just a second hey take just a little break
we’ll be back for the next second okay I hope you all had a time to take a little
break and get a drink of water our next portion is gonna be for our
arms so we have Pike push-ups as well as tricep dips we’re gonna be doing 10 Pike
push-ups and 20 tricep dips I don’t have any elevation so according to your
levels of your upper body you can incline to make it a little bit harder
but I’m just gonna be doing off the ground
so our Pike push-ups you’re gonna want to come down angle your body and kind of
like a a V I guess or the letter A and you’re gonna have your hands flat on the
ground and you’re gonna come and you’re gonna almost touch your head to the
ground this is gonna really work our shoulders so let’s do 10 of these eight nine ten all right and
let’s get into our position for doing tricep dips alright are you doing 20 of
these so make sure your hips you’re trying to keep your hips up high and
your arms you want them to be fairly close to your body so that when you dip
down you’re really wanting to put emphasis on your triceps alright Brees at the top seven 12 16 17 18 19 last one alright and we’re
gonna come back up to do 10 more Pike push-ups the feet are about shoulder
width apart lock it down alright 10 Hey 10 all right 20 more tie set dips then
we have one more little break it’s yourself position hips up high let’s
begin three four five ten halfway fifteen oh all right
that’s all good all right take just a little break and we’ll be back for our
next circuit all right this next circuit is gonna be for our legs so we’re going
to have a deep squat you’re gonna touch your hands to the ground so a nice wide
deep squat and then you’re gonna come up if you can get on your tippy toes and
come up and go to touch the sky and that’s what we’re gonna do so you’re
gonna put your hands to the ground tippy toes come up and we’re gonna do 20 of
those and then after that are in that same circuit we’re going to do a reverse
lunge with a forward lunge we’re gonna do all one side and then all the other
side so let’s do 20 of our deep squats a good stretch at the top there six tighten your whole body at the top get a
good butt squeeze 12 14 15 16 19:20 all right
do those at your own pace if you’re doing them a little quicker that’s fine
you’re doing them a little bit slower let’s fine too you can catch up as I’m
telling you about the next exercise so our next one is gonna be you’re gonna
lunge backward and then forward we’re gonna do 10 on each side so go ahead and
get ready and begin lunge backward with your right leg and then forward with
your right leg two three for five six seven eight nine ten all right as you could tell I’m
not counting each time we go down I’m counting each time we make a whole
circle of those lunges all right with the left leg back one about mess by
himself too six 9 ten all right just be patient with
yourself probably gonna be trying to get your balance back I’m gonna have an
entire workout that I’m gonna do coming up on just balance strengthening so
that’ll be really good for after you’ve had your baby to just regain those
balancing muscles all right let’s go back into our deep squat we have 20 of
these keep your core tight thirteen 14 fifteen sixteen 18 nineteen hospital who squeeze at the top
all right shake that out get yourself in position for your lunges if you’re still
catching up to get your 20 squats in you can just pause the video or catch it up
alright we’re gonna start out again on our right leg we have 10 each side then
we’re gonna switch to our core one seven eight line ten who feel that one bird in a little
bit all right shake it out let’s begin on the left side left leg back one I gotta get out of this little pit that
I’m in three alright that was a good leg circuit alright I hope you all had a little
break in between from that last leg circuit now we’re gonna head into core
and then we’ll be finished so let’s come down into a plank we’re gonna do plank
knee taps I’m getting into a low plank and the easier version is to tap one
knee at a time and the harder version will be to tap both knees at a time so
we’re gonna do 20 of these I’m gonna start out with both my knees tapping
one two three four five six seven eight keep your core tight 17 18 19 20
all right we’re gonna come down onto our backs for the next exercise we’re gonna
do I guess these are called maybe clams crunches you’re gonna put your feet
together and you’re gonna come lay down on your back and you’re gonna put your
hands in front my left hand is on top of my right hand but if the other way is
more comfortable for you then do that and you’re just gonna come up do a nice
crunch at the top I like these cuz you’re not really straining your neck as
much by pulling on your neck you’re pulling through with your hands so we
have 20 of these for
five breathe at the top nine ten nice tight creatures 16 17 18 19 last one hold it breathe out
and release all right back into our today position come down into your low
plank we have 20 more plank knee taps 1 2 3 4 5 dad halfway 17:18 last one all right awesome work
just these last 20 clam crunches clam crunches clam crunches that’s kind of
hard to say all right beat together come down on your backs one hand on top of
the other hand breathe at the top and keep your core sucked in and tight let’s
begin four five ten halfway fifteen what hold it alright give yourself a
nice feel good full body stretch oh all right
y’all can keep stretching out I recommend you do a little stretching routine after that to keep your muscles healing nicely and let me know what kind of workouts
you all want to see easier harder full-body more strength training
whatever you want I can bring those to you so have a great day and we’ll see
you guys next time

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