Postpartum Workout: Pilates For New Moms (part 1)

hello everyone this is part one of the noodle mom exercise series I'm going to do for you today I'm just going to focus on about five exercises that will be helpful and releasing some of the tension that you are carrying around in your body right now so I'm inspired to create this because of my sister-in-law who just had a baby and she is feeling the effects of pregnancy but also beginning to feel the effects of nursing and carrying the baby around and all the things that come with motherhood in addition to pregnancy so these five exercises are meant to just help you ease back into an exercise routine there's something you can do when you only have a couple minutes between feedings or between naps to kind of take care of your body so we're gonna pay special attention to how to engage the core in a way that is healthy for new moms one thing you want to think about is that it's not always appropriate to go right back into basic abdominal work sometimes that can make your situation worse so going into basic crunches that are bulging your stomach forward and pushing forward can actually make the problem progress so especially if you have diastasis recti which that's something you want to ask your doctor about you can email me if you have questions but if you tend to notice a separation down the middle of your body that's more than a couple fingers apart so it's pretty extreme then you're going to have some special exercises to help you recover so this is for new moms who do not have a diastasis recti and are able to ease into an exercise program so use this five minutes to relax we're going to start seated tall and all you want to do here is find your sit bones so right underneath you stacking your spine nice and tall let's have our knees bent feet flat on the floor resting your hands right on your knees so in this first exercise I just want you to begin to loosen up your low back so you're going to just tuck your pelvis back slightly and just roll just to the point of where your arms are straight now draw your shoulders down away from your ears and then draw your belly in to roll back up nice and easy here tuck and roll back now here's the trick pull your belly button towards your spine then inspect your spine back up that may be hard to feel after just having a baby it takes time to reconnect your abdominal muscles so you might not feel that sensation of drawing it in but just keep practicing it and it will become more natural to you as you get in to regain your strength one more time really rounding through the back now pull the belly button in and then scoop the belly to come up to see the top from here hands on your knees a little tiny back extension lifting up drawing your shoulders down and back and gazing up not extreme but just kind of on the day I'm aligned to open your chest and roll it back down so this is going to help you open up your chest muscles your shoulder muscles from holding baby and nursing baby feel your shoulders drop back and your chest lift up towards the ceiling and then nice and easy roll back remember nothing should hurt so go to the point that feels good to you rolling back up opening your chest slide your shoulders away from your ears okay and release back to neutral from here take your right arm and place it on the outside of your left thigh take your left arm in place I do now sitting up as straight as you can just give yourself the gentle twist to one side so this is going to help loosen up through the mid-back and then let's go to the other side pushing gently it gets that outside of your left thigh sitting up as tall as you can and not going to be hard here in the beginning try to watch up to the slack chain sit up tall lifting up in your joints and bring it back to your Center from here we're gonna roll our self all the way down then go into a few pelvic curls so you're resting on your back your feet are flat on the floor knees bent now the dip the thing we want to think about here is a neutral spine so in neutral spine means I can slide my hand just barely under the small of my low back so that's where you want to be to begin with eventually we will flatten our back into the mat so you can feel the difference there but I want you to start with that little natural curve now resting your arms down by your side just take a big inhale as you exhale move nothing in your body but try to draw your bellybutton in towards your spine without flattening your low back so check yourself there did you flatten your low back you want to avoid that for this exercise inhale release this is helping you connect to your abdominals again so I just want you to focus as you exhale draw the belly button in towards the spine feel the belly draw in and again release nothing is happening in my body except for my abdominals coming in cinching the waist and release now I'll do as I told you not to do now let's flatten the low back this is a good release to stretch the spine take an inhale and an exhale to draw the belly in but flatten your low back tuck your pelvis tip your pubic bone up the ceiling stretching down through the low back inhale release to neutral that should feel good and I want to get that sensation of pulling the abdominals in and as you stretch so that you can begin to rebuild your strength through your core you're doing a little bit of a Kegel type exercise here because you're pulling up on your pelvic floor but go ahead and release it as you go down so it's going to be very important for us to focus on strengthening the pelvic floor again – which can be that's replaced exhale flatten them and release to neutral we're going to take it into the full pelvic curl so inhale to prepare exhale to start with that same motion flatten the low back but peel your hips up off of the mat you're trying to roll through your back one bone at a time you might feel very stiff take it easy work with your body and be patient keep your knees reaching straight out over your toes and your abdominals should be still drawing in if you can again it's gonna take time from here soften your chest roll your back down one bone at a time rolling through the low back and then release to your neutral spine position inhale again exhale to peel it pushing it down into the feet and you know at the top exhale to articulate back down so the good news is here I'd also want you to focus on deep breathing to help you get energy help you relieve stress inhale big exhale tuck your pelvis and pilla inhale and exhale think of this is just 5 to 10 minutes of rejuvenation to help you go on with the rest of the des inhale and exhale inhale exhale roll down we're gonna go one more time inhale to prepare exhale good hopefully feeling a little bit looser as you roll down this time we're going to take both knees hug them in towards your chest so this is a great stretch for your low back as well can rock side to side and start to massage your low back take one big inhale here and the big exhale blow all the air back out from here we're going to take the knees to tabletop this is going to be to help you regain some abdominal strength it's going to be a gentle exercise we'll do more of these types of things in part two but all what I want you to do is rotate over to the side with both knees and as you exhale Oh scuse me try to use your abdominals to pull those legs back to Center going to the other side exhale pull in it might be helpful to take your arms out a little bit wider for support but there's a couple of things you're thinking about here you want to keep both shoulders glued to the ground and you want to keep your knees stuck right on top of one another so don't let them slide back and forth it's not a contest to see how far you can go you want to keep this controlled so it's more of an exercise to begin to use your belly button to pull the unit back to Center so your legs aren't doing your the work but your abdominals are but it's also a nice little stretch for the low back inhale over last one to pull back through Center place both feet down on the mat and keep your arms out in a tee position so both arms are not allowed your needs to drop over to one side and look towards the opposite arm so this is a really good back stretch if you've got low back pain which I know a lot of you probably do take an inhale and as you exhale release a little bit more tension in your low back let it go drop to the floor inhale again exhale release the last bit of tension you're holding in your shoulder inhale again exhale pull the belly button in to draw the unit back through Center and carefully drop in to the other side knees stretch away and look towards your opposite arms you're twisting through your spine take a great big inhale as you exhale drop your knees a little more release your low back inhale again and exhale release your shoulder relax into the mat a little bit more and let's roll all the way back through Center we're going to do two more stretches here take your right knee hug it in towards your chest as you stretch your left leg long down the floor now another low back twist here so take your same arm as knee stretch it out to the side as you draw your knee across your body letting your hips lift and stretching into this is just another way to get the low back it's up inhale exhale release that last little bit of tension you're holding on to I know you're holding on to some let it go and roll back to Center let's do the other side drawing the opposite knee in towards you pull it all the way in to release your hip flexors extend your arm rotate with the knee and relax into the stretch opening up chess this is also great from holding baby from nursing baby your pecs are gonna get very tight so let this part of your shoulder open up and stretch good roll back through Center one last exercise stretch here crossing your right leg over your left thigh then try to pull yourself in so you look like a figure four kind of those the idea so you're stretching down through the back of your hip pulling it in take a few big breaths your hips will probably feel tight here breathe into it and carefully unwind props your opposite leg over and then you can reach through and pull your thigh in towards you or if you're plenty tight and that's too much for you just rest your foot on the ground everybody's going to be a little bit different here good and from here I'm gonna have you rock yourself up to seated we're gonna sit in a quick yzi position here so one leg folded in front of you again this is gonna help open up your chest and stretch your body so reach one arm out and find this nice long they add no line from here and I want you to twist over so both hands are flat on the ground and you're rotating towards your opposite arm nice healthy stretch for the back now open up to a diagonal lift up and this again is good clear it's just good for the pets that are going to getting tight and bring it back through let's switch our legs easy position in opposite directions taking your arm little ways out so you can find this nice long diagonal line now try to keep your top hip reaching towards the floor as you rotate and stretch drawing your belly button in and open back up full lifting yourself up stretch over on the opposite direct and release so there you go there's a couple exercises to help you ease back into your routine remember to be patient with yourself remember to breathe deeply and if you have any questions feel free to stop by my blog and post them and I'll get right back to you

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