[Applause] good morning it is 8:30 love so late you wouldn't come over here come on already throwing balls is early huh he's got his milk it's got a waffle he's in a better mood huh doesn't want to go potty yet though I haven't seen his pull-up it's probably like seriously drenched but it's okay yeah all right it's official he's woken up he's himself again you ready go potty okay let's go potty break let's go potty okay he's very full you are very cool nothing even came out you goofball okay good you knew I'm right you're in your shirt now see how he does today there was no poo so he didn't go poo at all yesterday I'm wondering if we'll go today in the potty let's hope so all right he just told me he hurts it was holding his butt and then he farted so um I just asked if you need to go poo poo hey come on quit digging into the cookies come on yeah come on let's try to go poo poo I really think he needs to go I think you needed to go yesterday you excited okay no let's try to go poo poo come on don't bend over too far you fallen before try to go potty you don't need to go poo poo I really think you do push it where are you going let's get out dude all right he has to go potty let's see if he goes no leave that down no it sounds like you need to go poo poo I heard it get the poo poo out no are you afraid to go you went like on Friday when we hadn't even started yet y'all I'm telling you I know this kid music Oh poo but he's not going he keeps holding his butt and just is making it like acting like he needs to go and I know he needs to I have a feeling he's gonna go and his pull up at the doctor or I really hope he's not gonna do it Hank did last year Hank held it for the longest time and then he just started pooping on the floor I pray that doesn't happen this time with with Colt but we'll see I'd rather him poop in his in his pull-up then on the floor but I just really think and Nona needs to go he's just it's so weird because this past weekend before I even started officially potty training he went pee and poo in the potty so I don't know no no I don't know why he's not doing it now but I hope he goes soon because I'm sure it doesn't feel good hey guys so I'm currently playing on bed relaxing I just got back from well not really just got back probably like 30 minutes ago we bought got back from my doctor appointment today my 26th week I don't know it was just it was just a drop meant to just check how I am and stuff anyways umm Colt fell asleep on the way home so put him in his bed right when we got home and now he's sleeping he'll probably sleep for like two to three hours again um he had a pull-up on and he has one on right now he peed in it because and I know that because I took him to the bathroom when I went to the bathroom at the doctor's and he had had it was I mean it was a little bit wet but he also went in the on the potty when we were in there um he still hadn't gone number two so who knows when he'll do that maybe fall he sleeps I don't know but I mean he's still doing pretty well I didn't want to put him in like actual underwear for the doctors because I knew he would probably pee in it because he's still not like ready yet but yeah it's still going alright it's kind of slow moving but it's moving so that's the best that's you know best I guess I don't know anyway so I'm just hanging out right now I'm exporting my video from yesterday and hopefully that'll be up today and then this one will be up probably Friday so yeah um he's doing good but I'll let y'all know continue to let you know how it goes throughout the day somebody finally woke up yep that's rivers water good yeah so I'm making him some lunch well sort of and I kind of cleaned up the place a little bit um I'm making him I mean it's already four o'clock so I'm making him some lunch / dinner I'll probably give him more later if he's hungry but yeah it's got his juice you want to go potty let's go no are you sure all right we're pausing lunch to go party yeah you're not going no no you're going potty he was looking at his self down there and I was like I asked him if he needed to go before he had an accident because I did not want him to not have an accident on the carpet hey let's go party hey Cup peace good job that was a steady stream man ah died sorry it's like only his head I don't want it to get you know it's other parts inside of the video so but I sound let me push toilet good job puppies yeah all sit okay go sit and eat you're gonna play outside okay okay go play ball he plays outside I'm gonna clean these nasty windows see if I can get them all nice and clear again without all these handprints it's so gross always I swear all right so he just went pee a lot he was sitting on me and he told me potty and so we went party and he got a lot out so that's good he hasn't had oh you dropped ramen him he hasn't had an accident besides like his pull-ups but like in the apartment at all today so that's good he's good about telling me needs to go party I mean sometimes it's just because he wants to sit on it but oh no it's better than nothing right go cold yeah that's your shirt and I got most of the window clean except down here I have to close this in order to get the backside of it cleaned because this part right here is dirty but every time I try to close it cult freaks out so I'll have to do it when he's not here and they painted the outside of our apartments this blue but they also had to do a touch-up on the white when they did that and when they did it they got it all over the window I don't think you can see but it's like you see that like speckled white all over like there's a white spot right there so if I get in trouble because of all that will be mad cuz that's not my fault they got white not me but me all right you just paid a teeny teeny teeny bit on the floor but he noticed it and he told me party so I really think he has to go number two but he's not doing it no why because like I think he's trying to no but look at that face that looks like a poopface huh Oh coming out you're going boo me good job puppies oh look at that poop face I don't you good job yay you've been holding that in forever out you you will get them you're gonna get like a handful yeah are you was that all you needed okay okay yeah give me high fives first whoo boo boo boo good job oh you don't have any more poopy no more compete you're gonna wipe it wipe yourself I know what you've got a wide butt oh you got more coming out I knew it I knew you better keep going yeah you do so good damn three went poopy hi guys yeah hey oh here we go for the 12th time in the last five minutes oh my gosh exhausting you haven't even gone yet you don't need to wallpaper go go party I mean like he goes but barely I really don't get it and he stares at it every single time he like a watches himself go are you okay well I'm sure we'll be back in here in the next ten seconds so if I videoed every single time we went in here it would be so annoyed yeah we'll get a snack come on all right this is the last party of the night I think and then it's time to go night-night apiece mom he always goes in front of toy finds a toy before then he picked it in on and then he started so well I guess wow that's a lot good job good job he's still going Wow look at my big boy I cannot believe he's already being potty trained yeah look at that smile what's up with that face you silly you're so silly are you so going wow he's still though him I mean he like pauses and then he goes again and they pauses you are not camera-shy like your brother is that's for sure oh are you going poopoo oh you are oh my goodness – and one day Wow look at you go okay I'm done good job Wow you want eminence man Hank last year he would have been so mad at me if I hadn't gotten his and M&Ms after he peed this one doesn't ever even remember he just goes cuz he goes you get a lot because you sir went peepee and poopoo wow your brother would be jealous it's crazy how different personalities they have oh my god dude calm down Wow you want to get your PJs let's get in your PJs I promise I clean this place like I don't know four hours ago some day then she's like a dog I swear but this how am I ever supposed to keep anything clean this is just with one kid imagine if Hank was still here all right you all so colt is asleep I just put him down he I put him in his pj's after he went poop again and he kind of just sat with me for a little bit bit and played with this little toy and then he was telling me 9 night so he was ready to go night-night and he hasn't told me 9 night and forever it's been so hard to put him down to sleep lately but I think he's slowly starting to like sleep again so um yeah I just put him down he will probably sleep until like 8:00 tomorrow morning which is amazing but anyways today was a really good day um he went poop twice and like it was big good poops sorry if that's TMI but I mean it's true um and he peed a lot you told me what a anything to go potty he didn't really have an accident at all like in the apartment or anything besides like that tiny little bit that he did like right before he had to go for his first poop but he like noticed like right away like oh I can't do that and then he told me potty and then he went I mean he wasn't a pool up at the doctor appointment and obviously you know went pee and stuff but I mean that's expected it's the third day Hank's still sometimes dosa but I am so proud of him he's doing so good and tomorrow's a busy day I mean it's not really busy but I need to go grocery shopping and we're going over to my friends house one of one of the girls that I've met through like an army Facebook page her husband is in the same basic training as Henry and in the same company so we've connected and then so I'm going over to her house and then another one of our friends is coming too and she's her husband's also in the same basic training and company and all that so we're gonna be going over there so I'll see how he does over at somebody else's house if he like tells me he needs to go party and all that stuff so we'll see about that but that will all be tomorrow so um today went really well and I am feeling pretty hopeful so yeah stay tuned for tomorrow good morning everyone so I just put some muffins in the oven they should be ready in the next 20 minutes and I think I hear cold awake he's not crying so that's good usually he wakes up crying but he's not crying so hopefully he's in a good mood today um cuz we have a lot to do today not really a lot but sort of so let's go listen and see if he is awake good morning are you just talking to yourself hi oh you're so wet you're all wet Oh what hey good morning like good morning you're all wet misters I lay it down baby no but you're so wet there's show what sure strip jeez I'm gonna put some underwear on today I think it's underwear time I think we need to start right anywhere Yeah right yeah you're wet let me go get you a some other work my shirt all what you wha why are you so wet stretch Ted geez why are you so wet are you in a big-boy underwear Hey and go potty why not okay I will play with your cars then y'all look at this mess this is Hanks room oh there's no point in even trying to clean it up cuz it just gets messed up anyways so kind of just leave it no one goes in here but then huh I hear the muffins are they ready let's go look oh it's hard for this pregnant mama to get up sometimes they smell good that's for sure uh-huh it's gonna cool off though okay they're hot hold on let me get him out you didn't go potty let's go come on yeah colt let's go potty you'll get M&M you gotta go potty first you gotta go potty first come on that worked no quit following Remy okay and these are still dry that is good okay that's it that's all you have to do okay put your underwear on hold on ciao can you relax we're gonna try to wear underwear all day today yeah oh yeah yeah all day come on M&M since I promised even though it was like the smallest pea imaginable he calls them num nums there you go yep Kolkata num nums paper plates for the win who has time to clean all right i'm only giving him one right now just in case he doesn't like it yeah eat your food hmm y'all look at the old they're so cute you love RAM RAM huh okay and I'm on Facebook and look this was a year ago my cult oh look at him and look at him now crazy he was seven months old last year he had 14 and he was just starting to crawl now look at him run oh how time flies okay we had to take one gamer bunnies off cuz this he's in it a little bit just a little bit so he went and he went a lot so I think he knows when he has accidents cuz he doesn't like being wet or he knows he's what and he's not supposed to be so that's good okay outside time look how clean my window is yay now when I look out the window it won't be sick and disgusting you're welcome so polite all right it's about 10:30 you get all the doors closed and he's gotta go potty it's been a while not a while kind of a while since his last one and this might be the last time until we go he needs a nap so that we can go to school all right I could have always staring at it like dude good job nigga – smile you're so handsome looking like your daddy good job keep going keep going oh I'm done okay hold on don't go forward hold on yeah let me put let me put your don't touch don't touch alright got the same pair of underwear since the first accident so that's good huh see ya go get em that something I don't want inside no let's get round my mind side note we're not going outside for a while until that wasp herb whatever it looked like loss goes away come on REM room come on inside you go come on okay doors closed until oh there is that little demon goes away hey it is 11:40 and Colt is down for a nap right before he went down for a nap he got in trouble so I put him in timeout and I think just being so upset he peed a little bit so a little bit got on the floor unfortunately and I brought him to the bathroom so he could finish in there and he did a little bit but then it was just like it was time it was time for a nap so he's in a pull-up now and he is sleeping and again he'll probably sleep for like two to three hours so after he wakes up we'll probably go to the store get some groceries and then be home for a little bit and then it'll be time to go over to our friends house somebody's away from their nap let's go you just lay anything down you probably could've laid there for another while huh hi hello you ready get out Oh baby we need to go to the store yeah yeah yeah war mommy needs to go grocery shopping yeah don't say grocery shopping yeah Shelley good job alright so we just left the apartment I'm having a total potty training mom failed because I did not make him go potty before we left but I tried and he's refusing so I'm not gonna force him to go if he doesn't want to go so maybe he'll go at the store who knows but we are on our way through the store right now to get some groceries so was just that Alright unloaded all the groceries he played for a little bit and now now I'm asking if he needs to go potty so yeah fail on my part alright let's see let's see how much sure oh look is wet yep take your shoes off oh thanks pretty wet oopsies Hey oopsies alright Wow that's a lot of heat you know dad are you all done right sure wow that was a lot of BPI five odd done okay well go and watch so that's good I try not to distract him like while he's going so like when he's going if he goes a lot I don't want to be like oh yeah because it kind of distracts him and makes him stop but um yeah he went a lot so that's good alright so this little one had a minor accident and I'm gonna blame it on myself because we are playing in in the boys room and he started like holding himself and kind of making like like a squeeze like he's trying to squeeze something out face her just like a concentrating face anyway so like I was watching him doing it and I didn't do anything I kind of just stood there and watched him and then I slowly started seeing stuff come out of him and so I was like oh no no no no no no we went to the bathroom real quick and he got the rest out in the bathroom which was a lot and he kept peeing like a lot a lot and then he got like three teeny tiny pebbles of poop out there probably like this big like seriously small um but he said what poop so that was good so we went pee and poo just now had a minor accident but I'm gonna blame that one on me and not him so yeah another potty training mom feel whatever it's all good it's about five o'clock we're probably gonna leave here in the next 45 minutes to go over to our friends house and eat there and just hang out so we'll see how he does there I'm gonna haven't been to pull up over there cuz I don't why I'm having accidents well at somebody else's house so he will be in and pull up but I'll try and continually ask him if he needs to go potty or not alright we are on our way or about to be on our way to my friends house not sure how long we'll be there probably only a few hours three four hours but yeah so I'm still gonna be like video ain't cold like when he does party and like I guess trying to document it trying to see if he'll go and actually tell me he needs to go while he's there but we'll see I mean I wouldn't say he's potty-trained I would definitely not say that but he does get the concept he doesn't stand it he does go he does tell me he needs to go and when he does he tells me he knew there when he does something he needs to go he goes but what I say he's completely potty trained no it's not a work in progress it took half a year to get potty trained yeah I mean I'll just keep him in pull-ups we'll go out and then underwear whatever but it's going alright alright out okay we're add they're our friends and almost let's go potty here look hot easy for ya Louie's dry look at you being dry are you going pop yay go potty I somebody else's house good job you just love watching yourself pee huh again I'm done okay it's not hot [Applause] yeah she's going nothing are you still trouble oh my god he's dry don't pee on your hand Wow yeah okay good morning guys so yesterday I did not end the vlog we got home really late and I put it cold straight to sleep because he was asleep in the car and I wrote my letter to Henry and then I pretty much passed out Oh yesterday was the last day of day four he did so well when we went over to our friends house I kept asking her I didn't ask him that much I asked him maybe like three four times if he needed to go potty and every time I did he would say potty and then we would go and his pulip was dry every single time and he went every single time the only time he didn't go was like after dinner before we are gonna leave I asked if he needed to go but he was already ready and tired so he was saying no so I didn't force him to go or anything so I'm not sure if he peed or not but before that his pull-up was dry the whole time and I don't I mean I'm sure he peed he's probably got a really full pull-up on right now that I'm gonna change but other than that he did so well and I am very confident that he will not take a full year like Hank did to continue to potty train I think he'll actually catch on to it pretty quickly he's already caught on to it pretty quickly but like I mean like officially officially potty trained so yeah I would say this was a success I would continue to vlog his potty training for the weekend but he may not even be with me this weekend he may be with his grandparents and I just I won't I won't know and I won't be around to vlog him but you know like he has progressed way more than Hank did so I mean I really don't think there's much more to to video I think he's doing pretty well and he is pretty much got the got the idea of partying in the party down so I'm just gonna continue it and I'll update y'all you know every now and then with my um with my other vlogs with him in there all update and let y'all know how he's doing but other than that he's done really well so pretty much you know just give them rewards whenever they go party whether it's stickers M&Ms toys whatever that they feel like they would want in order to go party continually ask them if they need to go party like every 30 minutes or so maybe in the beginning every 15 minutes but every 30 minutes through an hour like later on bring them to the party every time they ask even if it's just a tinkle just let them go okay I know it's annoying and it's annoying me because he loves to go party but you know just let them go okay um let's see and just be consistent with it don't like put on a diaper just because you're tired and you don't you just done just continue to try and get him and/or her and underwear or pull-ups and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna keep him in underwear throughout the day when we're at home but when we go out or to somebody else's house I'm gonna have him gonna pull up that way if he does have an accident it's not all over their carpet I'd rather I'll be over my carpet than their carpet so I'm gonna try and keep him in underwear at home but pull-ups throughout the day like if we go anywhere but yeah and keep asking them if they need to go to the party even out other people's houses and like if you go out to the store because if you just completely don't ask them anymore and you just let them go and do whatever and then pull up then it's kind of like it's kind of not helping so um yeah that's about all the tips that I have if you all have any comments questions concerns anything just comment below or DM me on any of my social media sites and I will definitely talk to you and help you and let you know anything and try and answer any of your questions if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you're not already please subscribe and make sure your Bell notification is on because I post I try to post a video every week I'm gonna try to do it even more now that I'm no longer teaching but we shall see about that but I hope you all enjoy this video and I will see y'all into my next one bye

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