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If you’re feeling symptoms of postpartum depression
or you’re wondering do I have postpartum depression, postpartum depression screens can be a really
good tool. To tease out whether or not you meet the criteria for postpartum depression.
They are readily available on the internet and the most common and validated postpartum
depression screens are the EPDS which stands for the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
and the PHQ-9 which stands for the Patient Health. Questionnaire you can easily find
a post partum depression screen online a really good resource is post partum support international
some examples of questions on the screening items for post partum depression for example
on the PHQ 9 include in the last two weeks have you been feeling depressed. Have you
been having a difficult time enjoying things that you typically enjoy? And have you been
having any thoughts of not wanting to be alive or any suicidal thoughts? And, obviously,
some of the symptoms overlap with just simply being a new mom like not getting enough sleep.
But one of the real indicators is that if you’re having trouble sleeping, even when
your baby is fast asleep. That’s a hallmark of postpartum depression. Talking to your
medical provider, whether it’s your obstetrician or gynecologist, your baby’s pediatrician,
your midwife, a lactation consultant,. All of these providers can connect you to a mental
health clinician to really make a good evaluation, and come up with a treatment plan.

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