Practical tips for csection

so early postnatally when you have a cesarean scar it's very common for women to adopt slumped and hunched postures which takes the pressure of the scar but doing that for too long can really hinder the scars hearing and hinder its mobility so as early as you can postnatal it's important to lift your chest up and stand as tall as you can like someone's pulling you up through the crown of the head another time where your c-section scar can bother you is getting in and out of the bed so the best way to support your scar is when getting out of the bed to place one hand firmly on the scar and create a gentle inwards pressure also engaging your pelvic floor gently can help as you push through the elbow strongly to get out of the bed using your arm as much as you can then what we want to do is get the c-section scar moving early postnatally so lying back onto your back the way to move this guy is to gently start with some pelvic tilts so you can flatten your back and tack your bottom under and then slowly arch your back and create a bit of a tilt this will feel like it's gently stretching and it's best not to start this until your c-section scar has closed and the scab is fully formed you can then progress the pelvic tilts into a sitting position and then once you feel comfortable in a sitting position you can progress it on to 4-point kneeling and your hands and knees

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