1. Oh Elle everything will go well the twins are in Gods hands & he knows what he is doing.. You are in my prayers always!!

  2. My mum said the highten smell is for smelling dirty nappies, old wives tale ?
    May everything go well for you and the twins. Xx

  3. 🙌🏽💜💜inshallah ❤️❤️ we be here for your journey!! Twins will b perfect in gods name Amen 🙏🏽 I feel like it’s 2 boys 😁

  4. Thoughts and prayers for the whole family. Our God is an awesome God. Trust him, even through hard times 😘

  5. I l prayed as soon as I saw this video. You are my favourite youtubers so I will and I do anything for you.❤️❤️

  6. Hello👋Ella and Tim. From your neighbor in the U.S. Ella I think that what you are feeling and the different emotions are quite natural. With Halle's twin not making it to full term, that has to be very difficult for both you and Tim even the other siblings as well.

    May I suggest that you speak with someone (professional) If you haven't already or find a support group for mum's that have lost a baby. You seem really upset about this pregnancy (naturally) however for the fetuses sake and your own sanity you should seek support as soon as possible.

  7. I just was checking in and see you are still beautiful and don’t worry 😉 Jehovah God see you so dont worry please well try to stay as calm as you can love you All tell your mom I said hello 👋 Mrs coffee ☕️

  8. God created the universe out of nothing,
    Sarah gave birth to Isaac at 90,
    Moses parted the Red Sea,
    Joseph was sold into slavery and and rose to become vizier, the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh,
    Daniel escapes a lion's den,
    Esther becomes queen and saves her people,
    … These don't even begin to scratch the surface of all the miracles God has done for humanity and continues to do for us since the beginning of time.

    You felt it in your very being that you were carrying twins. Your precious souls have been waiting to come and now the divine time has come where God has put His breath and given life into them. God uniquely and with purpose and intention chose your womb to carry these children to term and your family to raise them and surround them with love to fulfill their divine mission.

    You will give birth to two healthy, beautiful babies. God has entrusted you and your husband with seven precious souls. He's given you these babies, they are coming in full health.


    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    2 Timothy 1:7 King James Version (KJV)

    Praying for you during this time. Know that your family has an army of prayer warriors wrapping you and the babies during this pregnancy!

  9. Everything youre experiencing is all i experienced my whole 1st trimester 3 years ago. The WORST TIME EVER but Im actually glad u came across this vid because 2 days ago i was contemplating having another one and this had refreshed my memory😂 #NAAAAH🛑✋ Hang in there gurl ❤

  10. Try chewing fennel seeds for your sickness and stay away from McDonalds. Hope all is well with you and your family!

  11. The trust you have in the Lord will be your testimony….God bless them both…There's power in everything you say in the name of Jesus…please be vocally positive….The twins Will Be Healthy…The babies are blessed….My twins are doing good…I am not myself but I am going to get through this…in the name of the LORD!…..the Lord always Is in Control of my Life…Thank you God in advanced for letting me going through this ordeal….We covered with the blood of Jesus,Amen….girl things like that is what HE needs to hear! 💔💖💖💖😎nyc

  12. May God give you and your family peace and encouragement that your feeling better and that all is well🙏🏼in Jesus name!💐❤✝️God Bless👶🏼👶🏼

  13. 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 praying for your family and that you receive the comfort needed come what may 🙏🏾🤗

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