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at least the headbands this video is for anybody who might be pregnant might be in the same boat as I am I don't know if you can relate I thought I would grab out my bin of clothes that I put away a few months ago I'm just gonna try some of these things on I know a lot of them have like a little bit of stretch in them so they might work they might die I did pull this little guy out I bought this a while ago thinking I would use it I actually haven't used it at all and some things that you like are supposed to put around your belly and it's supposed to help with like jeans or something I've never actually used it so I thought that I would use it for this video just to keep things modest I know I do have some clothes that were my like non pregnancy clothes that still fit just because there's so many things that have stretch in them or they're loose fit so if you are pregnant or thinking about being pregnant or maybe just became pregnant hopefully this video will have some tips as far as like clothes that still work like throughout your pregnancy too without further ado let's just get right into the video I'll stick with my maternity jeans or it's the next few months I'm to number two I've worn this in so many videos this is just like a stretch of cotton denim pencil skirt I love this one because it's how we sit and they start the cute little pockets in the back this skirt actually works but it works a lot higher than it did before yeah and it just looks the same especially with the pocket basically on my back so does this skirt work for a maternity skirt no I don't think it does but if it didn't have pockets I might I might make it work it it doesn't work with the back pockets on it this one's gonna be a fun one because this is my Gucci sweater that i softened and I've learned with tops and pregnancy is that sometimes if you just like knot it up and you have something super high-waisted you can get away with any shirt that you had before this one doesn't feel as bad as I thought it was gonna be it actually looks pretty cute I just don't want to stretch it out if I continue to wear it plus it's the middle of summer and I'm not writing turtlenecks at all next I think these slightly cropped sweaters would do really well with like a stretch skirt kind of like this one that I have on being pulled up and worn over opens up I'd grade this one probably at like a five because it falls in a weird spot these crops sweaters like slightly cropped sweaters don't work very well if it's like super cropped I think it would work better or if it's just like long fitting this top is a pretty basic top from Target it's one of their like longer fitting tops just gonna try that in I didn't love actually how this fits I put it away in my like put away with it but I'm gonna pull it back out because it seems like it is working pretty well I'm going to show you some pieces that aren't pregnancy clothes but I think they work so well for maternity clothes and even just maybe like after maternity I just really love the way that they fit and the materials and some things about them that I really love I'm gonna grab those and show you Weyden's I love here I grab three pieces that I have been living in during this pregnancy three pieces have worked so well during a changing baby bump and they're not maternity clothes so let's try them on and I love these ones I know they're gonna fit stuff so this first piece is a MIDI type of a stretch pencil skirt this one is just from forever 21 I have this in a few different colors because I absolutely love it it has a lot of stretch to it so that's kind of nice and because it is a little bit of a longer length I can wear it up high I usually put it just over my bump and that way my bump can kind of be right in this area where it's super stretchy I seem to be wearing this every day it looks really cute tied up with like a shirt you can kind of like tie a shirt up and wear this underneath or you can wear like a button-down and tuck it in if you're looking for some clothes to transition from maybe like 9 Maternity to Maternity back to after the baby is born something like it's really great to have because it has a lot of stretch and you can wear it up high if you need to and it's just really comfortable and versatile you can dress it up or dress it down the next non-pregnancy top that has been working really well for me throughout my pregnancy is ribbed or waffle knit shirts I've been wearing this shirt a lot recently because it is like that really comfortable stretch material this one is just a Calvin Klein stretch I think it is a size small but because it is that stretch waffle knit ribbed type of a top it has a lot of stretch in it and I can easily put it over the baby bump and this type of material has just been so wonderful for this pregnancy thing that is ribbed and kind of long works really well for a baby bump whether it's a vertical rib or if it's a waffle knit definitely think you should get these ribbed vertical tops or waffle knit tops if you're pregnant and you don't necessarily want to buy maternity clothes these shirts work really well and I've been loving them the final top style I recommend isn't necessarily like a peplum style but just kind of like a really loose fit top this one is a loose fit top this one's from Anthropologie I've been loving this shirt especially just because I think it has some nice detail I don't know about you guys but a lot of the maternity clothes that I've looked at like they just seem to be like missing something sometimes there they just don't fit very right and sometimes just regular clothes it can fit better especially if it's more of a stretch material or if it's a loose fitting material like this one if the ones that are the longer fitting more of a stretch style just because I can pull those over the baby bones and their long fitting this one isn't necessarily long fitting I actually got this before I knew I was pregnant so it's been working really well just having a loose fit shirt like this and if you have any other types of clothing that you've learned while being pregnant please let me know those down in the comments below I'd love to know what type of pregnancy clothing tax that you've learned please give this video a like down below I hope y'all have a wonderful day bye friends you

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  1. Hello 🙂 I enjoyed watching your video! I’m a new blogger & just uploaded the Baby Momma Dance Challenge! Check it out here:

  2. I can't physically get pregnant with a baby inside me because I am of the boy gender. However your video tips are great, especially since I am a fatty.

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