Preachers confront cops with abortion victim imagery and Nazi Germany at Planned Parenthood

my god you see one thing about the neutral position the devil sits on neutrality the devil sits on neutrality neutral is not the place to be how could you be neutral Nazi Germany this is not to Germany right here right now so we're being put to death and you're not particular that's for sure there's no neutral I know one thing about that neutrality what say no the lowest not neutral you know what's right what's wrong pretending to the law you imagine if we said that about every wall just doing my job let's do my job I'll get that one right there I'm letting this thing right now that's neutral I imagined Adolf Hitler said hey go out to your job man this is neutral this is what happens when they've done that's been a great job that they're doing but we come neutral this is what happens yeah right there yeah he looks clear to go y'all get all y'all gonna be out there lunch yeah I know they're doing something I'm gonna be handing out literature that includes children when you're out here like animals like animals it's clear in my mind without dog they become like animals like animals for once it got born again you realize the answer for that reason you to know that human ladies please depend on you right now love you but you God is a holy God holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty that means he's just not

3 Replies to “Preachers confront cops with abortion victim imagery and Nazi Germany at Planned Parenthood”

  1. No neutrality indeed. Reason enough to toss the fundamentalist extremists in jail.

    I wouldn't recommend it for you Nicky. You have no contact with any women (except female guards). It gets lonely being a religious fanatic stuck in jail. There's also the risk of sexual assault from other male inmates; and for a 35-year-old virgin, that would not be good for you.

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