Preeclampsia (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension)

this topic is Priya games here or the high blood pressure hypertension during the pregnancy also known as against induced hypertension so the hybrid pressure during pregnancy can be dangerous for both for the mother and the baby as well and the effects of high blood pressure during the density range from mild to severe and preeclampsia which means the high blood pressure during the veins it generally begins the water 20th week of the pregnancy and there is related to increased blood pressure and protein in the mothers uranium approximately six to eight percent of the women experience high blood pressure linked pregnancy and the risk factors for preeclampsia include like chronic high blood pressure before becoming pregnant we cleanse she ate the previous pregnancies and then in Co praying under the age of 20 or after the age of 40 and the medical gas station which means multiple maybe Asian and previous conditions such as the lupus or skirt or more deities kidney diseases and other factors these are the common respect to him and the symptoms of the preeclampsia include like persistent headaches blurred ven abdominal pain and sensitivity to light with other common symptoms and there is no single test to diagnose the preeclampsia and if you have hybrid rationale and are thinking to become pregnant you should keep your pressure under control with the lifestyle changes and you should consult your doctor and discuss about your hybrid fish problem and if you are taking any bad blood pressure medication which should also discuss with your doctor that this medication may have a negative effect on your baby and yourself as we did in the pregnancy and when you are pregnant white smoking or alcohol you know and make sure that you receive regular prenatal medical care you know and if you're taking any kind of over-the-counter medication you should also discuss this video doctor and there is no proven way to prevent prelims so you should be very careful booked an appointment with your doctor and discuss all the questions you have before getting pregnant or if you're pregnant try to contact your doctor as soon as possible I think you're watching this video if you need more information wordplay glides here already the medical condition you've managed to our website under interviewed or diseases intercom and please do not forget to subscribe this channel for more informative videos every day thank you

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