Preeclampsia research for a cure

having a baby is one of the most celebrated times in the life of the law but for some it can quickly become overshadowed by a rapid and sometimes without a warning condition called preeclampsia it's a leading cause of maternal and infant deaths one in 12 pregnant women get preeclampsia about 76,000 women and 500,000 infants die each year from the disease with african-american women being three times at a greater risk despite research efforts the cause and cure are still unknown and our goal at the preeclampsia foundation is to get the answers we need by advancing research we need you to stand with us in the fight to save lives and here's how you can help join our registry at preeclampsia registry org by providing your information on our registry website you can help researchers find ways to prevent diagnose treat and cure preeclampsia you have become part of the solution and we need your help to save the lives of moms and babies if you've experienced preeclampsia if your family has experienced preeclampsia or if you've never had it you can enroll in the preeclampsia registry visit preeclampsia registry Tork today to get started pass the word your voice your experience can save lives

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