Pregnancy 1- Hour Glucose Test| Gestational Diabetes Results

hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is shadi and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant today so I'm actually gonna be doing my glucose test right now and I wanted to have you guys follow along kind of to get an idea of what you do for the glucose test I remember doing it for my first pregnancy with Mila my daughter who's currently two years and three months from what I remember is you're supposed to have like a little snack before you go in and then you take like this drink that they give you mine was orange I don't know I've heard that some people's is clear but it's like an orange drink that's sugary some people say it tastes nasty but I actually thought it was pretty tasty cuz I don't really drink sugar so it or anything so it kind of tasted like a flat orange soda from what I remember and then you have to wait around in the office at the doctor's for an hour they don't let you leave and then they do a blood test on you so that's what I remember I'm gonna go ahead and try to videotape as much of it as I can I know at Kaiser they don't really let you tape that much from my understanding but I don't know if they don't say anything I'm not gonna not tape so anyways thank you guys for following along and I'll see you guys inside yeah check it out I don't remember it being that sweet it's like burning my throat but it didn't taste bad you're not allowed to eat anything or drink anything and you have to wait in the office for an hour so here I wait with a magazine and a movie and my phone okay so I just finished the testing basically they told me I can't record I wanted to record getting like my blood work done and everything but they said that I can't I basically stopped there for an hour after drinking my drink they told me that I can't walk around too much because like the sugar metabolizes in your body so they don't want you to walk around too much they do allow you to go to the bathroom if you need to go which I didn't need to go you know how to drink anything or eat anything while you're waiting there so it was pretty dang boring I just sat there and I was actually looking on Pinterest for ideas of like what to do with the baby's nursery so I did kind of like get some ideas in that sense but nothing has really sold me like a set style for the nursery I'm kind of looking for like a rustic like earthy look for the nursery but I haven't really found anything that's like caught my attention like I knew with Milla's nursery what I wanted it to look like as soon as I like had the idea but this time around I'm still deciding anyways basically I just sat in the office for an hour and then they called me up and I went and I got my blood work done and then they told me that I get my results in 24 hours so that I can check online in 24 hours to see if I passed or failed the test and then depending on the results if I fail then I have to do another test so I anticipate that I'm not going to fail the test I think I'll pass it I did with my first so I don't think I have the gestational diabetes but then again you never know each pregnancy is so different so we'll figure it out as we go along and I'll let you guys know my results as soon as I find out alright guys so it is the next day and I actually got the results of my 1-hour glucose test back I am within normal range so I don't have the I don't have the gestational diabetes at this time they did also run like a full blood work on me and everything is in what within normal limits except my red blood count is a little bit low which basically indicates that I have like slight anemia which is something I also had with my daughter causes you to feel tired and sluggish during pregnancy and I only have it when I'm pregnant I don't have it typically so one thing that they suggested to me during my last pregnancy was to take iron pills or eat foods that are high rigor like in iron like red meats and things like that liver things of that sort last time I decided not to take the iron pills because one of the side effects that my doctor had told me was that it can cause constipation and I'm just like one of those people if I'm not regular like it affects my entire mood I don't know if that's like too much information for you guys but if I don't go to the bathroom regularly like I'm like a different person so that was like out of the question for me so I just made sure to eat foods that were higher in iron red meats spinach things like that so I think I'm gonna do the same I don't know how severe my anemia is I'm not really sure what my numbers were last time versus this like compared to this time but I do have a doctor's appointment coming up in a few days so I'm gonna be asking my doctor and I'm sure she'll talk to me about it a little bit but at this time it's nothing that I'm concerned with and I'm glad that I passed that one our glucose test because that drink was sweet and when I was talking to the lady at the injection clinic who was drawing my blood for the test I was telling I was like that drink is really sweet and she's she was kind of shocked because she's like oh really because it's only the 50 milligrams I think if you have to retest the like amount of sweetness is doubled so I'm really glad I didn't have to do that because it burned my throat and I'm not typically the type of person who eats like too many carbs or sweets I try to stay away from it as much as I can I definitely have a huge sweet tooth so I do enjoy sweets but that was just like on a different level for me and I'm sorry like please don't mind this mess right now like my hair is a frizz like frizz ball and then I have a cold sore here I get Cole I've been getting cold sores since I was a little kid and I hadn't gotten one for the longest time and I just happened to get one like with it like I saw you guys yesterday or I taped yesterday and I got one like overnight I could feel it coming out so I did check to see if it's okay and I have Abreva on it so I've been applying Abreva on it over and over so it hopefully dries out sooner and just kind of like falls off but I typically you get them on your lips or like under your lips I don't know why this time it just appeared like pretty much close to my chin I have gotten them like in my like nose and those ones are really painful but this is the first time I've had a cold sore in a really really long time anyways I will give you guys an update after I go to the doctor in my next video so I'll just do like a combination of my pregnancy update with my doctor's appointment update just to kind of give you guys a little bit more information on how things are going how the baby's developing like things with me as far as like weight gain which I feel like I am I don't know like how I'm going with it some days I feel really good in some days I feel like I'm swollen and big even though I know I'm not really that swollen for a most like compared to most women who are pregnant just because I'm extremely not extremely active but I'm fairly active throughout my job requires me to walk around a lot and then I do try to exercise five times a week too so I do try to stay active but which I know helps with like swelling and stuff but some days I just don't feel so great I have like major down days I have days where I feel like I've looked so big but I know it's like typical with pregnancy but anyways I'll give you guys an update in my next video with my doctor's appointment and my pregnancy update but I just wanted to have you guys follow along on the glucose 1-hour glucose test just in case you guys are curious what you have to do for it I mean it's nothing really crazy but those were my results and that was my experience in my opinion if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I'll catch you guys in my next video take care [Applause]

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