Pregnancy and baby Q & A with midwife and chiropractor

hi guys thanks for tuning in today and today we're gonna do a Q&A with my and for those of you who don't know I'm a pregnancy chiropractor and treat babies as well and so we've asked you guys questions and we're gonna and like so why don't you tell us what it is that you do so I'm a midwife in Hong Kong and in Australia I'm an I'm a perinatal mental health specialist and the creator of bumpin bum as well so I asked you guys as well and they've got loads of awesome questions so we will dive in yeah okay so the first question is do you recommend that every woman sees the chiropractor yes so it's a good question I believe in so everyone is a little bit different I believe in wellness I believe in optimizing your health not so much symptom treating so that's where I'm a little bit different so yeah definitely get a get an adjustment or just have an examination done see if there's anything out of alignment especially if you're thinking about having kids because if you have any imbalance in your spine which most of us does most people have a short leg or a pelvis that is a little bit out of whack or we sit in an office like that posture so most of us have more boobs we give a little bit of tension in the middle back so there can be lots of reasons or walking in heels jerk that kind of stuff like you know things can just make you a little bit out of alignment and yeah you just feel so much better we get everything and when you become pregnant if that's in your plans and if you have a little misalignment it always gets a little bit accentuated when you have the belly pushing you forward oh yeah always a good idea to see a chiropractor you don't need to be in pain just get it checked so the next question is can a chiropractor turn a breech baby yes okay so that when I get a lot so um as a pregnancy chiropractor so what we don't do is we don't grab the baby and turn this is something you do in a hospital with an ultrasound and local anesthesia okay so that's a different kind of turning of a breech baby it's which TV yes easy be so that's a different option which is what we do if it doesn't work so we try Chiropractic first and we use something called Webster's technique so basically it's an analysis of the sacrum which is the lower bone so we analyze the position off the sacrum so this is your pelvic here this is the sacrum this bone here so we analyze how the position is here and in the pelvic bones which consists of three bones here 1 2 and thus enthusiasts publius on the front so we analyze that see if anything is out and then what we do is we adjust any misalignment and then we also go in and we look at the annular ligament so that's a Webster technique and when you do this you can even do it proactively throughout pregnancy then the risk of breach gets even less but I've had for the last ten years about three cases where no matter how much manipulation we did nothing happened and it turned out the baby had the cord around the neck and one had a leg like stuck in the public so if they don't turn there's always a reason yeah these babies are clever so no forcing but you can totally do non-invasive manipulation and most of the time they do turn because we do create more space so it's all about creating the space for them to naturally move around yeah that's so called here because I think most people think there's two options have an elective caesarean or do an e CV which people know can be quite painful and is frightening okay the next question is how did you meet in Hong Kong so and I have I've run bumpy pub as you guys know and one day in one of my news feeds Camilla popped up and I saw that she did pregnancy and baby chiropractics now so intrigued so I sent her a message and asked to meet up for coffee which I never would have done six months ago I'm living in Australia but Hong Kong is like a small world for expats and pregnancy and birth and all of that kind of thing so everyone kind of knows each other in this industry so it's awesome and like social media is such a good way it's not that's I found that the last couple of years yes it's you can make really good friends on Instagram cool right so the next one is how do I find a car it is actually qualified to do prenatal work yes so that's a very good question as well also there's so many chiropractic universities around the world they all have their different schools and what they learn is different and but when I was just talking about before the Webster technique so you can always first of all at word-of-mouth ask your friends thanks to you were they happy to see ya always a good idea second of all if you call them booked appointment always ask is the chiropractor using web search technique if they go what don't see them yeah so web search technique is a specific prenatal certification that you do when you're a chiropractor or you can just train so I trained with a mentor for four years I literally learned by doing and you had six kids so that's how I learned just by doing and yeah just copying and just getting my hands in there so yeah there's there's so many different universities and degrees but just ask if they do Webster's technique is there any actual clicking or just manipulation of joints for babies yes so that's a good question so most of the time I will see the mom throughout pregnancy and then after birth I see the baby yeah and they always ask hope we said is it the same are you gonna crack the baby and the answer is no I do not at all very gentle and I use this little thing so it sounds like a click it's called an activator you can hear like that so what it does is make a little impulse instead of the cracking because it's a baby we don't need to do that we just do a little impulse like this to activate the little nerves in the system after birth so yeah so no actual cracking manipulation just and some massage yeah okay the best way to birth a baby after a feed so we don't have a doll a way that I find really good is to put baby baby's bottom on your leg hold baby upright kind of stretch their back and their chest upright and kind of just bomb your knee a little bit and rub them so you basically trying to open up this whole area for air to come up and out and when they're very little a newborn putting them on your shoulder they often like curl up just come out of the womb and so they're kind of curl up and it's hard to get their back straight but as they're older you can definitely put them up on their back but yeah definitely like this to start with and so why do babies actually need to see a chiropractor okay so most of the time it's after next so yeah through the birth canal which is a bit tight you should be first time around and they're sometimes they get stuck in the pelvic so head down for a long time long duration of labor can create some birth trauma ending they say it's up to 70 percent of all they also have a little bit of a birth trauma whether it's the neck or the lower back can also be twins but even even after cesarean there's a lot of cesarean sphere so even after cesarean sometimes when it's an emergency c-section it has to happen fast and it's not gentle it's not good angle whites and that can any life-saving yeah it is so you've gotta do ain't gonna make best yeah so about 70 percent has a bit of birth trauma and usually babies respond quite well so they don't need a lot of treatment but just to be straight now afterwards after they've been like this for a while it's always a good idea and as a midwife would you recommend a chiropractor definitely I think since also I've met Camila I've kind of my eyes are kind of opened a little bit as well – how you know just exactly what I was saying 70% of all babies have some kind of birth trauma whereas before I would normally only say it to patients who had had a Vaughn – so the vacuum Cup on baby's head or a forceps just because if you've seen one you can see how odd their necks get and it's quite a rough process sometimes when it's life-saving and so I would always head to those moms like try and take your baby and to a chiropractor but now I would hundred percent off every month to take a baby Proctor absolutely okay so was it hard becoming a midwife in a car I got one of these curds because I know there's a lot of students watching it I was an athlete before so I kind of liked challenges so I literally looked at what is the most difficult education to enter yeah just for the fun it's like a game so yeah I applied and had to fly in from London and do multiple choices and like an interview and all this stuff but it just made it more fun to try and see if you could get accepted because where I'm from in Denmark it's are very small we don't have a lot of spots for chiropractors because we studied together with the space of you medical school and chiropractic in the same school studied together for three years and there's a very limited seats for Danish people because we share it with all the other Scandinavian countries so yeah it was like extra hard yeah to get into chiropractic I was quite shocked and then that's when the real hard stuff started I would say the first three years because there was medical school plus extra courses on top I literally had no life yeah but it's so worth it now and then the master is two years and that was a little bit better because it was more specialized it got more fun more and clinicals have more patience all that kind of stuff so yeah the master was better so then that's already five years then you had one year where you had to be in a private clinic with another Cairo and they had tonight give you all these check check check check so it's like six years so yeah not easy but also if you're passionate about what you study it's gonna go like this and you're gonna miss it yeah totally worth it yeah so midwifery wise is not that long but it was also hard to I was 17 when I went into university so I was always young for my year so it's definitely the youngest by a lot in my course which was a pivot and then also you know walking into a room and saying I'm gonna deliver your baby yes I'm 18 now but you know that was challenging but minimum the mood with free course itself was amazing so it's three years full time if you do a Bachelor of midwifery as I studied in Sydney and we have to follow 20 or 30 women from conception until two weeks after birth so that was phenomenal like you make such good relationships I still hear about you know their second and third fourth fifth birthdays it's awesome but it's challenging so you're basically on call for three years of your life so you know someone will go into labor at 30 weeks and there goes your weekend plans or you know so it's challenging but it was also awesome and then I did a one-year course to do a postgraduate degree in prenatal mental health which was great but again very challenging can you actually tell me more about that yeah perinatal is it yeah so it's mental health issues from pregnancy you know up to one year after birth pregnancy and postnatal depression OCD anxiety psychosis all that kind of stuff because people are so focused on the postnatal depression not so much yeah I'm fine oh yes yeah I mean I've it's all about postnatal and depression but like curing pregnancy that's also a challenging time so and you know even people that have wanted their babies for soso so long or that they often you know mental health issues can kick in and can kind of hold of anyone and I think that's the hard thing because we don't what we personnel depression we kind of all know about but we don't talk about exactly what using like antenatal depression all those kind of things are also psychosis which is a very hectic one and do you know much about psychosis oh I used to work in the psychic ward for two very schools yeah we're like an alarm button if someone attacked you so it was all kinds of schizophrenic and yeah suicide but yeah psychosis as well I remember when they but that was like guys and stay away because they could get a bit violent yeah but it's like a different person they're just commonly different person yeah I know it's terrible bit scary it is I want to make a whole separate video on that yes yeah alright the next question is how do you help a baby with colic yeah so how I help as a chiropractor I will go in so a lot of babies have it especially the first time I run in five yeah and they can be fine and then all of a sudden if you start like screaming and no matter what you do you can't settle them yeah specially when they're on their back or so it's literally just gas in the stomach yeah also when they induce or just all the drugs that they use so a lot of women comes in with colicky babies yeah and what I do for them is not only do I open up the spine around like the lower back and sacrum where the nerves go to their intestine I also do massage of the abdomen and you can actually check out one of the one of my videos where I show how you can do a baby because that works wonders not the hips but just like moving the press out before yeah exactly that smooth that even if this screaming just try and do it yeah for a minute or two I said that is all yeah but also I find that if you try and get less air in yeah there's less air for them to have to get rid of so that's pretty important too to instruct what you can talk about yeah but yeah I just do massage and then I do foot massage like refix because that can also just activate the sigh sister yeah but are you sure you teach the patients to do it them salsa can do it so they do everyday yeah that works yeah and then I give I prescribed the infant probiotics just helped us and also the mom both family and mom just got so my kind of suggestions would be so everything that Camila said as well as so if you're breastfeeding sometimes it's worth looking at your diet so a lot of babies have become really gassy and unhappy from mom eating say garlic and onions is like two of the main kind of trigger ones if you're formula-feeding it might be worth looking at a low allergenic one or one of the more sensitive stomachs an organic one it's definitely worth kind of exploring the foot there's so many formulas out there and so if baby's not reacting well to it that's probably one of the first things you could do and warm baths so hot water over baby's tummy helps to settle at the same as us I mean we get into a hot bath and a stomach pains disappear same verses baby and swaddling so tight swaddle in and really hops as well so when baby is a babies have a reflux called the startle reflex so they throw their hands up and they scare themselves so often when they're crying and in pain and they're startling themselves it just gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse which obviously triggers their pain as well because when they're stressed their pains worse so if you swaddle them you keep them warm and you're kind of just keeping them close to you as well there's another good one and maybe massage and then if those kind of things don't work I mean if you ever worried definitely go to a pediatrician hundred percent by often a pediatrician will also say gripe water how do you do a grant water do you I'm not experienced of them not really so a gripe water is something that our lactation consultants back in the show often tell mums to give their babies and it does work well but like you said as well with the less air in less it needs to come out so when you're breastfeeding make sure there's a really good attachment after you finish one breast hold baby up burp baby and then go to the other side saying with bottle feeding make sure that when you're feeding baby's not sucking in air so the teacher always been full of milk and so you're holding it like that there's obviously half air half milk to you making sure there's all milk and there's less going into baby and the same suburb halfway through a bottle and then keep feeding and when you mix the bottle yeah yeah yes yes not about air in there yeah okay the next question do we have more how long does it take to you study already so for me it took three years specialer two years master and then one year in private practice so that I earned my right to go international and pranced which is what I'm doing now in Hong Kong yes six years I think I already answered it as well at three is midwifery one year perinatal mental health so next what country did you study in we've kind of covered that as well but mark yeah I trained in Sydney in distress hmm I was so lucky though because I actually lived in England and they have a Chiropractic College and someone offered to pay it for me and I was like you know what I'm just gonna go back home and be with my family and they again there's such a great day they pay for the students to study so you don't alone so when you're finished you don't have to start by paying off the loan like a mentor that is so nice you can just yeah so yeah I decided to go back home and study anew it's amazing okay at Birth who actually delivers the baby and so it depends what country you're in and it depends what model of care you go into in Hong Kong primarily obstetricians in private practice hospitals and in Australia both public and private it really really really differs ideally Midwife says me who is very biased so midwives kind of look after low-risk women and low-risk babies and doctors and obstetricians come in for high-risk babies or babies that an emergency case has unfolded so in Australia our delivery Ward they'll be say ten midwives every woman comes in every woman's assigned a midwife and unless that woman becomes high-risk or unless she has a private obstetrician she midwife will deliver her baby we deliver the babies unless we need the help of a doctor or unless she's paying someone privately to come in at the very end yeah midwife's the way to go whereas some places like Hong Kong or South Africa I've spent a lot of time in South Africa I'm 90 percent cesarean right so all oxygens which could a woman have adjustments during labor yeah it could relieve but that again in Hong Kong they're very restrictive about gets into the ward sometime they can only have one practitioner there and you have to choose or your husband so it's very restricted here yeah in Denmark we have home births water birth all that and you can have whoever you want to relieve your pain and as we know pain from uterus pain from all this can go and refer to honorable backs so it definitely helps getting adjusted massaging reflexology anything to relieve the pain of a neighboring women but it depends on your country and the rules in that country yeah and just a quick add on from that I haven't seen a chiropractor work with him in in labour but I've seen someone doing acupressure who was an acupuncturist as well and she was incredible was her sister having a baby and she kind of pushed all these points and you have a dream labor oh it's so lovely my dad did that with my sister that's alright that's the end of our questions but thank you so much and yeah thank you remember to like and subscribe yes a new channel and if you have any further questions you can always comment below and we'll try and get back to you as soon as we can Thanks

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