PREGNANCY AND NUTRITION (Best Diet for Pregnant Women)

– The best thing you can do for your child is to start them off right, by eating real food, drinking
water and getting sleep. I understand why you
would think the opposite because the food industry has perpetuated that a balanced diet
includes unnecessary carbs. But that is simply not the case. I have two free resources for you to help you get started
on the right track. Download the 3 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Weight Loss, and the Code Red Lifestyle
Guide in the link below. (inspiring music) Of course, you always want
to follow what your OB says. But let me just tell you,
and I know that any OB is probably gonna agree with me on this. Just because you’re pregnant
does not give you a free ticket to shove anything and everything in your mouth that you want. “Well, I’m eating for two.” Look, you did not wanna start
your baby off on this foot. If I was gonna get
pregnant, I would absolutely make sure that every single
thing that came into my mouth, every second of every day was good, and pure, and whole, and real. Why would I want to
take that innocent child that did not ask to be born and put them in a spot
that they didn’t ask for? You have got to start this baby off right. Make sure that your pregnancy is good. And that you don’t have excess chemicals coming into your body, and soda and juice, and wine, and blows of sugar. You don’t need that, you
don’t need to eat that. You don’t need massive weight gain. You don’t wanna be responsible for that child starting off on that foot. Give your child a good pure start with real food, water and sleep. Everybody can agree on this. Pregnant women benefit
from nutrient dense diets and naturally, that is
with lower carbohydrates. There is nothing wrong with
eating a lot of vegetables while you’re pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with
foods that are real, nuts and eggs, and seeds, and
foods that give you nutrients. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you get your
nutrients from whole foods, foods that haven’t been
bastardized by the food industry. Don’t forget that you
are getting carbohydrates with vegetables, but it’s a very good, clean source of carbohydrates, which are what we call
complex carbs, high in fiber, high in nutrients, high
in vitamins, minerals, all the things that you need. So you wanna opt for meats,
vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds, healthy fats, drink enough
water, get enough sleep. These are things that can
start your fetus off right. These are things that are gonna help your pregnancy, go better. We have seen women who eat a
whole foods diet like this one, have a better delivery,
have better placenta and have overall better recovery. So get yourself on the right
track, on the right foot and above all else, protect
your innocent child. I do wanna add that if you
have had a custom program in the past with us and
you are now pregnant, I don’t want you to cut
your carbs really low. I don’t want you to follow the
macronutrient recommendations that we put in your
program for weight loss. What I do want you to do is eat real food, drink water and sleep,
everybody can agree on this. And above all else,
take your custom program to your OB and have him or her look at it and tell you what to do from there. Don’t forget that Code Red
is a weight loss program. Yeah, we get the weight off of you and we are focused on keeping the weight off of you long-term. But understand that if you are pregnant, we’re not gonna let you go through our weight loss program, why? Because we don’t want you losing weight while you’re pregnant. What we do want is we
want you eating real food, we want you drinking water
and we want you sleeping, so always consult with your physician, with your OB before doing anything. While you’re pregnant or breastfeeding is not about cutting calories. We don’t want you in weight loss mode. We don’t want you to get really low on those calories or those macros. So, forget that concept if
you’re pregnant or nursing, okay? What we do wanna see is we want you to cut
out the unnecessary sugar that is doing your health no good. That is nothing, there’s
nothing good that can come from loads of sugar, okay? So, let’s focus on eating real food, drinking water and sleeping. Don’t cut low on your calories. Don’t cut your carbs too low. Always check with your physician. When you’re pregnant, it’s not
necessary or even recommended to be on a nutritional plan for the purpose of losing weight. Instead, you want to be on
the best nutritional plan for you and your baby that will limit the amount of sugar and junk carbs you eat and provide nutrient dense foods. The Code Red lifestyle is
all about eating real food that will regulate your insulin levels and balance your hormones. To learn more and set yourself
up for a healthy pregnancy, download my free resource today. If you liked this video,
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drinking water and sleeping? Have you noticed the difference? Did you think it was easier? Did things go better? Comment below and I’ll
see you in the next video. (inspiring music)

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  1. CRSITY, this is spot on, thank you for addressing this. I am a mother/baby nurse and a lactation consultant and I saw a lot of questions on the FB page and not the best advice so thank you for taking this on and setting a foundation. Your the BEST.

  2. Amazing vids. You deserve more subscribers. 😊 Go and search for 300promo”dot”com! It’s a handy tool to have when your trying to grow your social media, YouTube videos, website etc!!

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