29 Replies to “Pregnancy Announcement After Miscarriage”

  1. Omg. Idk how I never watched the is video but it gave me the chills and I cried. ♡ So happy for you still and forever will be!

  2. Hi Lex! A little late to the game on all your videos but I came across them when I first became pregnant with our first child due March 14th 2019. Unfortunately, at our 8 week appointment, our little bean did not have a heartbeat. I was devastated, have been devastated and riding the emotional train. Your videos have been an inspiration and helped me through this horrible event from watching you receive the positive test around the same time I had, to receiving the terrible news and unplugging to serve you. Then, bouncing back with this beautiful video that give me strength and hope we will too have our rainbow baby! Thank you for being so open and venerable during your journey. Knowing you're not alone makes the difference I think we all need. I've never subscribed to a channel on YouTube however, yours will be my first.

  3. Beautiful! I had miscarriage last year July 2017 and now I’m pregnant! It’s beautiful to have a rainbow baby❤️❤️❤️

  4. I don't know how I came to this, I just had a miscarriage after trying for almost a year, and it makes me happy to see the reactions and results and gives me hope. I am so very happy you got your rainbow

  5. YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE IT MAKES ME SOB NY EYES OUT. My fiance is playing Xbox and he just looks back and sees me covered in tears lol. Our son turns two next month and my pregnancy was NOT the way I had hoped it would go. I was so excited, but I had to be excited for the both of us. He wasn't ready, to him it wasn't real. He never touched my belly (maybe like a total of 3 times when I had to physically place his hand on my bump to get him to feel the baby kick). The only times he would express any sort of emotion was when he was there for the appointments (once for the first dating scan and again when we went for the gender/anatomy scan), otherwise I went to all my appointments alone. I loved my baby the second I saw the word "pregnant", but for guys it is a little different. He feels guilty and always says that the next time will be different. But the baby fever is SO real some days (even though I have an IUD I still test at least 2X a month just to be safe). I'm resisting my baby fever by watching videos like these, but it's only making it worse lol. But I am so happy I found you guys tonight! I am so excited for you!!!! ❤❤❤

  6. I've recently started following you guys regularly…so happy for you ❤️ I'm still waiting for mine! TTC cycle 5 after MMC . Please hold us in your prayers !!

  7. i just discovered you about a month ago and ive been watching all your vlogs from the beginning and this made me cry! im pregnant with my first and you are due a week before me, so excited to be going through almost the same thing as you! i love you guys and so happy for your family 😀

  8. What a beautiful way to celebrate your 🌈 Such a clever idea to put the rainbow on the pumpkin in another pumpkin. 💜

  9. I can finally subscribe it was hard for me to watch your videos at first because the first one I watched was your miscarriage and I had just found out I was pregnant and I was so sad for you guys like literally hurt my heart for y'all !!! But you guys are strong and I am excited to watch the journey this is very amazing ❤️

  10. That's beautiful. I'm so happy for you. We had a miscarriage in April and just found out we are pregnant with our #2. Our son is almost 14 months. We are super excited for our rainbow. It will be fun to follow your pregnancy as we are only a month apart. Congratulations!!!

  11. So so Happy for you guys congratulations 😀so happy for me that I get to watch pregnancy vlogs from you ❣

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