you say we're pregnant oh all right here we are I like that guy we're gonna do we're gonna announce everything okay the way it's building up it's been like I'm very nervous but I've also been just wanted to let it out so you say we're pregnant you're pregnant I've been trying for like over a year and um it's been very important to us because this is something we've been like trying to do so if it just happens on accident you know it's always like a surprise like a surprise we're pregnant so we've never had it like surprise she's pregnant we've been together five years I almost say oh yeah we're coming up on six oh we got married in February and we did try last year and some of you guys are watching this may or may not know some people don't know because I still get messages about our pregnancy announcement last year that you guys saw and everyone is like oh where's the baby is she pregnant or not and you know no hard feelings we don't we didn't take anything personal we did announce we it was really sad time for us when we lost the baby at twelve ten weeks we had announced it was all complicated but what-what happened with that again so the baby was missing an X chromosome it was a girl and she had Turner syndrome so the doctor just kind of explained it as a bad sperm and a bag egg that met in you know it wasn't a healthy baby so we just thank God that he took her away in didn't let me proceed on into the pregnancy so I was still pretty early his she would have had yeah she would had a rough life you know maybe maybe even had a stillborn baby so you know everything's meant to be and you know yeah like I said it was hard for us but we appreciated everyone's support because we opened up about the miscarriage we got so many just kind messages from strangers people we don't know and it really did make us feel better it did it helped me a lot because I was very very sad very emotional in y'all kind words and private messages and comments and everything it really helped me get through a very hard time so I just want to thank y'all for that yeah and we got through it we got the week there was times we didn't think we were going to get through it we were just like oh this end of the world but here we are today and now we've got this awesome announcement and we're very excited and you know the bigger news I don't do we even say it yet yeah what's the what's the bigger it is twin yeah twins Twinkies twinning oh my gosh so like this is a dream come true for me and I never thought ever I would have twins I dreamed about it as a boy I always dreamed about my family the house I want the wife I want I was always like this is the life that I want I never thought it would be possible but could you don't have any twins in your family I do yeah my mom's mom my grandmother has a twin brother my aunt has a set of twins and my cousin has a set of twins so twins running my family so it's normal for me his family was completely shocked yeah very shocked I was shocked the moment it happened oh my gosh we brought the camera but the camera were filling with it what happens it was the old camera oh yeah is my last camera the battery died or the memory cards memory cards although oh my gosh saw the whole thing but I'll never forget that moment we do have it on iPhone video we do have it on iPhone you recorded me with your iPhone and both of us were just like what that little sonogram came up and their babies are on this screen and I was like they look well yeah it's a they I said I said the baby looks bigger last time and then she was like hold that thought she's like because there's two I was like I got a little teary eyed and I got emotional well I'm just looking at ultrasound so as soon as she moved the camera I was like I can tell but he didn't really realize at first so yeah we're super excited ones are just perfect for us we have two chihuahuas we have two bullies they're twins technically both brother and sister and now we'll have two little little twinsies so what do you think they're gonna be I am dead set I know it technically I don't know I it's a boy and a girl that's what I'm willing I'm just oh I just want a boy and a girl that's it well that would be absolutely perfect who doesn't want a boy and a girl but I had a feeling that we're having two girls yeah could be two girls but I think it's gonna be boring a girl I think one of those little girls is gonna have a pee-pee I would prefer two little boys on it whatever god bless us with as long as they're healthy and we did your genetic blood testing so the last time the baby was missing an X chromosome so when we did genetic blood testing it came back not normal so we knew something was wrong but this time about a week ago we got a phone call we were in the car looking at houses because we're in the process of buying our first house we got to get in this house now that we've got kids in the way not one – we've got to get a debt so that's another thing I'm working on your house we live in Uptown but yeah so what happened with the so that call we were looking at houses up in Frisco and we got a phone call from the fertility office saying they got the results back from the genetic blood testing and that both babies were low risk for everything they were both healthy and they asked if we wanted to know the gender and I'm like no no no so they put a gender in the envelope for us and we picked it up from the front desks and we're actually doing a gender reveal party this Sunday yeah that my mom and my best friend is throwing for us in new or so we've wanted to look in that envelope so many times we finally hit it over here somewhere all of our families bothering us all of our family friends everyone wants to know ahead of time and help plan nobody knows there's only one only the ultrasound tech that I work with and the person making these cakes so we have the gender reveal this Sunday and a lot is happening in one week so you guys definitely stay tuned there's a lot coming up with these little babies you want to show them your stomach well I'm just gonna explain to him really quick just the process that we went through to get pregnant oh yeah that's the process yes so Jason and I tried for a little over a year we never did get pregnant on our own I did tests on me everything came back completely normal we did tests on him everything was completely normal his sperm count was through the roof everything was fine with both of us so we've seen a fertility doctor so we did a procedure called IUI so it's just pretty much artificial insemination which means I did injections into my thigh artificially inseminate a cow one dog oh it's white is that what they did to you no that's disgusting so I didn't Jackson's into my stomach and took klomega and then you go in for ultrasound every two to three days make sure the follicles are where they need to be my doctor wanted him at 25 doctor dr. mica Thomas yes she's a native of you CSW fertility great person the best so once the follicles reach a certain point that she wants him to he goes in those is what a sperm sample which he was not happy yeah you have to go into a room and have good I didn't do it just once I've done it like five times oh you got to go into a room and got kids my watches I don't know you you got it I got to get my sperm into a little cup in this weird little room and of course you've got magazines or TV with porn playing – I called you most inspire all her it was not in and then I found out after the fact that I could have done it at home which I did do at home that one time and we actually froze it like to get it there so that's what it's like really important you need to get it there at a certain time if you do it at home but so he gave it rent give his sample and then two days later you go into the doctor's office and she just takes this long syringe fills the sperm up in the syringe and that has this long tube that she inserts in you be careful worth it yeah so we're happy that whole process is over but we wanted just to be very transparent with you guys and telling you about this because there might be some people out there like us that we think we don't have any option to have kids and we were heartbroken and I was like listen we'll the worgen adopt and Sheena was like no let's try a few other things so there is different levels of fertility we did IUI which cost us about 1,500 every round there is a procedure called IVF that we were actually talking about we were gonna do but that one's like twenty to twenty five thousand so if anyone is having trouble getting pregnant and you can afford it I know Walgreens CVS Starbucks Target they a hundred percent cover IVF but luckily we didn't have to go that route we got pregnant with just I you I so we're very very blessed and we're super excited and nervous yeah we're very very excited I mean literally it's it almost feels like too good to be true because everything just going perfect and you know but we're just enjoying every day I pray for these little babies show them the belly 14 weeks my babies well I pray from every single night it's like they're already here they're gonna be healthy reelect mm-hmm so you guys gonna see more of everything we're going through I'm going to of course be still doing all my fitness and she's gonna be doing her fitness a little different showing you how she exercises and how she eats and everything during the pregnancy and after because I'm have to lose this baby weight yeah thank God I have the best dream I like yeah but I like the thickness I don't know you need to lose whatever happens everything I just want you to be healthy on the inside you know that's all that matters to me but at the same time you know I want to just enjoy this whole process I want to like you know it's how many times you have twins pictures of the baby and then this is baby B which is at the top we always get amazing pictures I love this honor it's like my favorite thing to do is it go see the babies my tummy I'm not hearing you cuz I'm like something here Oh cuz baby B's right on top of it yeah and then this is a picture of the little spine that's where that right now thirteen and a half weeks got all the little thick she kept every one of these things she peed on I never knew she was taking pregnancy tests every single time she surprised me all right but we're gonna we're gonna get on and get some rest for the night thank you guys for watching anything else when I say been like and subscribe if y'all like for something yeah yeah you'll see more all right guys thanks for watching love y'all

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  1. Happy for you two bro, I’ve followed you on IG for a while and your story with diabetes has helped me inspire my nephew as he deals with some of the same difficulties. But this story is also inspiring, the way you stayed positive and diligent in prayer says a lot about yals faith and character. Congrats and I pray you are blessed with two amazingly healthy and beautiful babies! 🙏🏾

  2. Jason , I want to thank you , for my diet plan you gave me months ago. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and all the great things happening for you guys. My wife and i recently had our first child. It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s definitely hard work , and will change your life for the better. My life is so much better now. Best wishes to you and your wife. I’m happy for you.

  3. They basically had a retarded baby and they still thanked their imaginary friend for ending it? Oh god how i love retarded religious people…

  4. My English is bad (I'm Russian), so I'll bring my thoughts with the help of Google's translator. I also have type 1 diabetes, so I'm also worried about the question, as well as maybe you. Is the inheritance of diabetes? If so, how did you make that decision?

  5. Congratulations Jason & Sheena!!! What a huge blessing! Regardless of gender, you will both have two beautifully blessed babies and I can’t wait to see them! You will be amazing parents!

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