Pregnancy Announcement On Mother’s Day! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’

[Music] – sausages for Sony Elias incomplete because of accessibility we got your library books back and they were positive congratulations [Music] I’ve had one cycle 130 [Music] [Music] her engine estrogen see haha I don’t you have five I needed to pee you’ve been holding it for a long time and I’m very impressed oh my goodness so first off happy mother’s day yeah Mother’s Day well thank you we’ve had to see you really fun Mother’s Day hexing Jersey here that’s so hilarious so if you guys have been following us for a little bit you will know that several weeks ago I got a positive ovulation test and we were so excited and like after I go weak I was like I feel pregnant like just everything that was happening to me happened with my other two pregnancies and then we took a few tests quite a few tests and they were negative and part of me thought well I’m not going to roll it out yet because I feel pregnant and then she was like two days ago we took a test right and we were just like really maybe it’s just nine and I think that was like the first point where like Molin I guess this is really we’re going to try again next time you know and last night as I was taking a shower I was looking at my belly my body I just like this does not look like me and so I thought I should take another test do you wanna go take one right now and now I really have to take a test yes I have to pee really bad you’re either going to be are you going to take a test I brought in a hurryin like guess I’m cooking down before I go to church so okay you ready well I’m not going to call you in all the way you just use so for it okay let me see that’s just like two seconds ago this is very fresh isn’t it this is very fresh Ellie’s does align so much better Ellie that is a line right there don’t you think I don’t think I see it and I feel like I feel like I’ve known for a long time because I have felt it but it’s been a emotional roller coaster if I see something that it’s not but I know that how I feel and so to finally just see I’m like yes we are compromise not just crazy oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s fun that you can kind of see last night’s a little bit but this is already darker than what that was last night like yeah it’s I mean let’s see let’s let’s show yes there is totally like you okay well it’s really hard to see is even me look in it but it’s definitely there yeah me too okay well I will let you know in the morning happy Mother’s Day to you it got a little darker as I was talking to it I can see a line I can see a line of faint but it’s there do you see that bottom one right there that vertical line so this was last night that’s kind of faded away and we could barely see you last night but it’s there you can still kind of see it I don’t know if the camera will pick it up but this is on that I just took and it’s that’s it done I don’t line up an online-only and it’s getting just a hair darker and I feel like this is feel like really fresh you know like you just like the sense yeah it has it mouthful two minutes bra it’s such a relief yeah like I’m so happy having Mother’s Day freaking Mother’s Day day why are kids acute sorry we found out we were pregnant with Jackson not that it goes really close to Mother’s Day yeah so it’s so crazy and I can feel it especially our attendant I’m very excited we are going to have a baby we’re gonna have a baby your family can you believe is know oh my god I really can’t just weird like you said this is just such a huge sense of relief yeah I can’t ever relief because I’m just like is going I can’t imagine how it feels in your body feeling those things and then seeing those negative pregnancy tests like that’s got to be so confusing and frustrating and then to finally have this is like just a huge weight off your shoulders like yes yes yes yes what a great Mother’s Day gift I just want to get that first ultrasound and I’ll really feel good but I’m very excited I love you love you kiss my mouth we’re gonna have a baby guys we’re gonna have a baby look at that oh my gosh my dad’s more obsessed hey there clean off right it is faint but it’s been noticeable it is there what do you think I think it so cool I’d better slice I’m not crazy for two weeks you find them like this girl crazy baby led thing about this like because every night like Jared this is not normal Jared this is not normal the thing about this is like no matter what happens we go through it together if we go down then we go down together this is close this is so stinking pool happy Mother’s Day happy Mother’s Day [Music] transformer surprise in here Wow Wow you know what Jackson I think we have a surprise for you let’s keep countin and we’ll tell you okay what’s this picture that’s it what surprise you know what you’re holding a surprise that’s right mom and daddy are going to have yeah and just where the baby is black babies are my tummy baby are you gently right now yeah once he it’s gonna take a minute for the baby to grow Calvin was in my times and you are my daddy do you remember when mommy’s tummy was big when problem inside and you gave mommy tell me a big kiss yeah guess what you’re gonna have a little brother or a little sister yeah I’m so excited yeah what do you think oh talking to smile you have to learn to share a little more you’re not gonna be the baby of a family anymore Jackson want a little brother or do you want a little sister I knew I was comin another Calvin you like telling a lot don’t you yeah and realize oh wow first go on now it’s like yeah now we’re even more question I’m excited too I feel it like and you have yeah [Music] I have spent my whole morning cooking so let me have a really yummy dinner so feast your eyes [Music] Oh Oh Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] today is a very enjoyable day spending time with family and our kids I think Calvin’s in denial I’ve met where’s the baby I don’t know no no no and Jackson several times today has come up and said happy Mother’s Day and kissed my belly which has been so so sweet we’ve had a wonderful day we’ve been on the phone for hours today calling family and friends and we’ve been messaging a lot of people a lot of our friends that are struggling right now and our IVF winners we have been messaging them telling them we want a lot of people to know before we announce announce that we are expecting our IVF couples have been on my mind a lot lately I mean ever since we’ve found out who they are of course they’ve been on my mind but especially on Mother’s Day because this can be a difficult holiday for a lot of people and you guys I’m talking to our IVF couples and all of those who are struggling right now you guys are in our thoughts and prayers especially during this time it can be difficult but we have talked about this from the beginning I feel like our channel is almost like a support group in at now I think we have this wonderful community of people who have gone through the same thing who are going through the same thing right now that a lot of you guys may have been or are are we it’s been a very fun night because we have been able to reconnect as a lot of our friends I told you we had a dinner with my with some of my friends the other night and I have talked to a few of my friends today that cannot have children two of my friends just yesterday miscarried two of them one of you guys I met at playlist I talked to yesterday and it’s just there any point in a pregnancy there’s not a safe point and a lot of times people like to wait a little bit till they’re a little further along and rightfully so if that is your decision I have always been one to want to be open and because I am great that I’m pregnant right now and I told Jared today I was like I hope that everything goes smooth like every time you like Calvin and Jackson I felt like things are really good we had a little scare with Calvin and it was so scary but I was grateful for I remember at the time I remember Jackson playing as a toy the night that we thought that maybe we were miscarrying and I was like I’m grateful for the time that I was pregnant and I am confident and I’m hopeful and I’m excited but part of me is also you always think of another side as well that could always happen and I am grateful for the changes that I’ve seen in my body the last few weeks it is crazy and amazing and I’ve gained six pounds this month like if any of you have followed our journey it also lasts almost four years I’ve always been the same way and I don’t gain weight unless I’m pregnant like since junior high have been the same way and when I’m pregnant I gain weight and then I nurse my babies and it goes fast so I just I’m very happy and grateful to see these changes and like we said before where we want to be open about this because we want to experience it as it happens and talk about it as it happens and to have that support group there’s some crazy last night I took a picture of my belly when I got out of the shower I was like this is insane I want to post this and ask people like have you experienced this crazy high throw I’m losing it because I’ve been talking so much to so many bees and excited for tomorrow today has been fun but crazy I’m excited for tomorrow to just like be together so get in Jaron has a huge net ahead of editing yes this is going to be fun guys we are about to experience a incredible journey and you guys are more than welcome to come along with us so if you guys are new to this channel hit the subscribe button because we’re going to make a video every single day about this pregnancy journey that Ellie and I and our two a credible kids are going to go through together a piece in then yeah they’re going to be big brothers like how exciting is that so thank you guys for watching baby daddy thank you maybe I love you hey I had fun had a mother at the optech Josh I had fun during our part and a happy like Mother’s Day like is because of you we have our kids and I love them I love you so ball I love you guys happy Mother’s Day to you guys and we will see you tomorrow but

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